Documentaries, I like them a lot but rarely watch them. This one caught my attention because I had seen a TV-show with the same theme. The show was very funny so I thought that I would give the documentary a shot.

In the documentary there are one-sided interviews about what it means to be a man. These things are usually really funny so I was extremely disappointed when it turned out to be a boring documentary with topics I have already seen.

They used the time badly and talked way too much on non-original topics. Since each topic were over 10 minutes long you became extremely bored while watching it. The people who were discussing the topics were also boring and their opinions brought nothing new.

The documentary even had a bad ending since it ended abruptly and by that making you realize that you had been wasting your time waiting for something great to happen that never came.

If you still like the concept of this as much as I do, then wait for a new movie, TV-show, documentary or perhaps a female version of it. Because Mansome might be the worst documentary I have seen in years. 1 / 10


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