Beautiful Creatures

I promised you guys some new movies, so her is one of them! It’s a novel adaption from the authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stoh. Unfortunately I have not read the book and I won’t be doing so after watching this movie.

We lay our scene in a small southern town. Ethan keeps having dreams about Lena, his classmate. Eventually he discovers that Lena is not normal and the rumors about her being a spell caster are true. The problem with falling for Lena is that on her sixteenth birthday she will be claimed to the good side or the evil one and together they have to make Lena be claimed to the light side, while having the town as their enemy.

With all the hype this movie had been getting I was immensely disappointed! The story did not connect with me and the characters did not do so either. Most of the characters seemed really fake and created. There was not a single character I liked throughout the entire movie. Combining that with a storyline that never caught my attention and there is a big problem.

I zoned out so much that I doubt I remember the entire movie which is extremely bad. I don’t really know what could have made the movie better but to be watching something for two hours that you want to forget seeing directly afterwards was not what I had planned at all.

I wanted to like the movie, I really did but in the end I felt nothing for it. I suppose I was in the wrong target audience with the completely wrong move. But if you like the book and think it’s a story for you, than go for it because I don’t think there are that many out there who became as disappointed as me. 2 / 10




Too Good To Die (För Bra För Att Dö)

The last review of the Swedish books I was talking about is here. As far as I now this book only exist in Swedish and Norwegian, tough I couldn’t find a cover for the Norwegian translation. The book is written by Christina Wahldén and the book is only about 150 pages long.

We read through a third person point of view and the protagonist we meet is Stella. She is in her senior high school years. She has been verbally threatened and physically harassed by a girl from her class. Stella hates herself and she finds her solace in the darkness of her room, the internet and two pet rats. One day it all goes a bit too far and Stella makes the split decision to kill herself…

The first time I read this book was when I was about thirteen. I realize now that back then I was in the right target audience. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore and I quickly noticed and immense amount of flaws. Right from the beginning the book used very harsh and rough words to portray the darkness of the situation. The problem was that the rough words did not convince me and that made the writing style unfitting.

There was also not really anything special about the storyline. Since it was not that special it went really bad if you combined it with the poor writing style and the short length. The younger version of me did not notice that. In fact I did not even notice how fake the ending seemed. It was one of those endings that a too surreal and they have no validity in a real life situation.

So if you are about 13-years of age, knock yourself out. I for one loved it at that age, but if you are older and have developed a better critical thinking than you should probably avoid the story and search for a similar one. 5 / 10

A New Life For Free (Ett nytt liv på köpet)

Technically”på köpet” is used in buy one and get one for free, but it would be hard to translate that into a sensible book title translation. So I just loosely translated it to A New Life For Free. The book is written by Emma Granholm and so far it only exists in Swedish and Danish.

The protagonist in the book is Sanna. She is just starting her senior years in high school, which means that she will go to a new school in a completely new city where she does not know anyone. Sounds like normal story? The problem for Sanna is that she has only had one friend in her entire life and that friendship was over years ago. The only numbers she has in her cell is the ones to her family and the phone operator number. No one had ever talked to Sanna and since the last three years all she has been is alone. If no teacher talked to her Sanna never opened her mouth in school as no one would talk to her.

As she starts her new school she fears that the same thing will happen to her. Luckily she is wrong. She becomes friends with everyone from her class. But is being friends with everyone a good thing, especially when you never had a friend before? Everything seems to be fine until her life takes a dramatic turn and she learns a valuable lesson about friends.

This book never had the typical bulling story. Instead she is completely ignored and no one has ever said a harmful thing to her. Even her brother won’t really speak to her and her parents are powerless. It’s interesting to see how Sanna copes with her new life and being considered as a normal person again. She is so scared of being alone so she is willing to say any lie to make her friends happy and always be there for everyone even if that means that she gets no time for herself. The sharp plot twist towards the end was done stunningly. I don’t recall seeing anything like it before and even though I would hate a book with a similar ending it is fitted perfectly into the book.

What is more surprising is that it’s written in a third person point of view and you get five chapters from Rebecca’s (one of Sanna’s classmates) point of view in third person perspective. The extra point of view is done in a good way and even though it is from an outer perspective you get to see all thoughts and emotions very clear and overall it’s one of the most beautifully written Swedish books I have read.

If you can understand the language than you should not pass on the opportunity to read it. I loved every part of the book and I would not have wished for anything else. 10 / 10

Swedish cover

Dannish cover

Book update

Easter is closing in and I have not had the time to update that much (sorry) and even though I have a lot’s of books and movies I want to write about I obviously have o finish reading or watching them before I can say write about them. In the past couple of days I have not had much time for anything at all and therefore there have been no updates.

So I decided to make a post of what to expect in the future, as the new books I bought have arrived… The only problem is that I have two Swedish books I must finish before Easter ends (school deadline) so you might not get a review of the new books this week. I might publish a review of the Swedish YA books, but I will let you decide that in a poll as they are not translated to English and it might annoy you if you find them interesting but can’t read them. So let me know; comment and vote, I will really appreciate it!


I decided to edit the post and show you the Swedish books as well:  Ett nytt Liv På Köpet (by Emma Granholm) = A new life for free, it’s on the right side. För Bra För Att Dö (by Christina Wahldén) = Too good to die, on the left side of the picture. These books are both about bullying so I bet you can find some similar books in English. The first book is only available in Danish or Swedish and the second one is in Swedish and Norwegian.


These are the three books I brought. I have big expectations for all of them. Otherkin reminds me of a similar shape shifting book I read when I was about nine, so it will be interesting to see if I will like a (hopefully) similar concept as a YA book. I don’t recall ever reading about fairies and I read a good review about Ash that caught my attention. I have found many similar books to A Need So Beautiful but as this was the first one with that kind of storyline I wanted to read A Need So Beautiful before I go after something similar. The covers for the books are pretty different but I like all of them a lot and I hope the inside will match my opinions on the outside.

So, give me your opinions about if I should review the Swedish books, stay tuned and you will eventually find some reviews of some brand new movies and hopefully awesome books!

Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday the season finale of the best show for teens I have seen. The show is based from the novels by Sara Sheppard and so far there has been three seasons. The teen drama works a lot with mystery and suspense to capture the viewer’s attention.

The show is about four girls who have lost their friend Allison. In the first episode we see her disappear and one year later mysterious things are happening. The girls get’s threatening text messages about secrets that no one should know about. The text messages are from A, but if she is dead who are threatening the girls? Dramatic events will follow and the girls learn that you can’t trust anyone in their surroundings.

All the; “who threatens who” and “who will be the next victim” to A’s acts remind me of the Saw franchise. Just like A, Jigsaw has all the information and even though it’s mainly psychological threats set into action we see in Pretty Little Liars it gives you the same suspense feeling. This is something that I find extremely important for the show as it would be quite plain without it.

At the end of each episode we also get to see A, or more like A’s hands planning who to attack next, which creates even more suspense and you know what to look out for in the next episode. The four girls are very different characteristic vise and even though you can recognize the characters from other shows they work exceptionally good in a thriller show like this. The background characters are also perfect for adding to the suspense, as you never know which one of them to trust.

The story in itself is also quite unique and I really like it, I have not really been a mystery person but this show really brings out the best from that genre. Sure, not all episodes are perfect but it really is the best teen show I have seen, and surprisingly most critics seem to agree with me. 9 / 10



I bet most have picked up a comic book once in their life, but I for one had never read an entire graphic novel. This political novel was written by Marjane Satrapi, it originally came out as four separate pieces but they were fused into one book in 2005. The novel is a political novel and also autobiographical.

We lay our scene in Iran, during the Islamic revolution. We get to follow a young girl during her upbringing and up to her twenties. We get to see the impact on the war in her life and the actual happenings are implanted in the girl’s surroundings to make it both a political novel, but also a normal novel with character development and a storyline.

I will quickly summaries what I thought about the different parts and then bee a bit more general. In the first part I did not connect with the main character at all. The book did its best tom make the reader think it was all normal, but I simply did not believe that I was reading from a 10-year-olds perspective at all, and she had many opinions that where unfitting for her age.

In the second part a lot happened and the main character’s opinions did not bother me in the same way. In the third part the decisions the character made did not appeal to me. It was a post war reaction and that is understandable. Still I resent reading about drugs and things like that and therefore the third part was pretty bad. The forth one was fine, but the ending was abrupt and the events in the last part did not capture my sympathies.

This seems pretty bad but the thing that mainly ruined the book for me was the graphical novel aspect. I never got into the drawing style. There were so many contrasts in the book, they were everywhere and as the book is only pitch black, or extremely white in its drawings all the conflicted parts became too much.

This is a pretty clear example of the contrasts, and the black and white style…

If this would have been written as a normal novel I would have liked it a lot more, the story line in graphic novels are usually short as there is not much room for text, but I would have needed it to be a normal novel to find the plot more believable. If you are interested in what happened during the revolution and the war between Iran and Iraq you might still like the book, but if graphical novels is not your thing it might be best to stay away and read a similar one. For me too much of the book was destroyed by the graphical aspect, which is a shame, because without it the plot had potential. 3 / 10


I hardly doubt most people have managed to escape the complaints about MTV. It is after all supposed to be music television but they only air music past midnight. This would not have been a problem for many if they did not include awkward shows such as… well Awkward. Was Underemployed the salvation for the channel? Not really, but it was one of the better shows I have seen on the channel during the 21th century.

A group of newly graduates from college go their separate ways and hope to achieve something in their lives. A few months later they are on the bottom of the food chain and they have come nowhere. The viewers follow the characters as they try to understand their newfound adulthood.

I don’t know why every single MTV show features a young mom, but I am getting tired of it. Combining that with unrealistic music dreams and it all feels way to artificial and overdone if you ask me.  Luckily there were better characters, but the problem with the better characters was that everyone has seen them in a different show before.

Another problem was that I only liked the storyline for about half of the characters and in order to really like a show there either must be something extremely special about the plot or a likability in most characters, but this show had neither.

There was one thing that I found immensely positive; colors!  It may sound strange but after many darker shows as The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars (reviews will be found in the future) it was nice to see as many vibrant colors as I did. I’m not sure if I’m alone with my opinions but it seems like there are less color in TV-shows these days? In Underemployed there was however loads of them. They were usually warm colors and that made it hard to look away from the screen. I’m not sure what it was with the colors but they made me happy, which made the bad parts of the plot easier to overlook.

Overall there was nothing groundbreaking with this show, but it was like I said one of the best shows I have seen on MTV for a while. If there is a new season coming out this year will I watch it? – No it was not good enough, but I might see an episode or two in boredom. 6 / 10