Theme Park World

Lately I have been in a nostalgic mode and therefore I have been playing some classic games. This one from 1999. It’s available on PlayStation 1, 2, PC and Mac. This is the ultimate game for kids ever made and playing it as an adult is fun, at least for an hour or two.

In the game you build your own theme park after different themes, like Halloween, Space and Wonderland. To get access to some of these parks you must win keys and collect golden tickets. The keys unlock a new level and the tickets can be used to buy special rides. With the help of an assistant you will hope to run a successful park, or it will all crash and you will go into bankruptcy.

This game was marvelous in the old days and it was everything a kid could dream of. Considering it’s age I think the game holds up fairly well even today. It can still be plays on your old PS1 or 2 and it works at least on the future versions of Windows. It looks good and the gameplay and atmosphere is perfect for kids. I would still say that this game can still be a six year olds dream even in 2013. But how is it for an adult?

I would say that it doesn’t quite succeed in being as fun there. Why? It is simply because we are to smart. The game gets repetitive and while it is great for kids it is just annoying for an adult. Some of those features can be turned off but that does not increase the playability by far. It does get boring after a an hour or two. So it is a fun nostalgic experience for a while before you never want to see the game ever again. It is also not challenging at all as a grown up and like I said, you are too smart and the game can be completed in a few hours.

Still I will judge this game through a kid’s eyes. If I would have been an adult, it would have been a five, but since I am that six-year-old again the game is actually a 9/10.


Amnesia a Machine for Pigs Release Date

Oh MY GOD! The new Amnesia game will be released on September the 10th. Its official and it will be the next game I will play. It’s time to get scared again!

Remember Me

Here we have a game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is set in future Paris  (Neo-Paris) and you play as Nilin, a woman with no memories who after escaping a facility must fight to get her memories back. The biggest thing this game got going for it is the originality. The plot very is different tough at times it can get confusing.


The gameplay usually have a great flow. Tough awkward camera angles are a reoccurring annoyance and even though the game is usually clear about where you are supposed to go the camera angles can sometimes make it hard to see these directions. Another thing that is quite of a struggle is the combat, I found it to be pretty hard and even though it looked good it was not so fun to play those sequences. The main reason is because of how much time it took, some boss fights lasted almost 30 minutes and I think that is a bit excessive.

The game does have originality and like I said it is the best thing about the game, the graphics are great, the setting for the game is marvelous and they manage to incorporate many different styles throughout the game. The highlights of the game are defeating the bosses in many different settings and the remixes you do on people’s memories in the game. Remixing a memory is a little bit like Surgeon Simulator except it is in someone’s mind. They look great and they effectively make you know more about the plot.

Memory remixing

So even though the game has its up’s and downs I think it is a must have and the game is a lot of fun, unless you get into that long time consuming fight… 8 / 10

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I finally feel that I have played the game enough to be able to review it. Tekken is a series of fighting games were different characters fight against each other to win a tournament. The game can be played by yourself or with up to four players at the same time. The game was released last year for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The game has a lot of plusses and minuses. The graphics look a lot better but I sometimes felt that the characters looked a bit to shiny. They managed to fit a lot of characters into the game but they were all unlocked from the beginning which I did not think was particularly fun. The gameplay is on a similar level to what it has always been, at least when you play the arcade mode. When you go online and play ghost battles here is a problem with the game. There are attacks that can drain over 50% of your characters health, but they you just get up again right? Wrong, characters can juggle you character countless of times meaning that you might never get a chance to fight pack and the “don’t kick someone who is already down” policy does not exist here.

Example of a character who looks a bit to shiny.

I can get that to a certain extent and it has been like this in many of the previous Tekken games as well, but I feel that its way more in this game and it kind of kills the feeling. In many modes one can learn about the basics of the game and it’s not impossible for a button masher to win some fights. Personally I have never really been a button masher; I don’t know all the moves the character has because I think that kills the feeling. If you have studied the combat styles so much that you know everything then I don’t think the game is so much fun, you have become more of a robot who plays the game automatically. I know some character moves, and I do my fair amount of strategical guesses when I play and don’t just press the buttons randomly. My style is a problem in this game as it wants you to learn more moves and it kind off pressures you to become a more advanced player than the previous games have been doing.

The customization is a lot of fun and you can give the characters you personal twist, but sometimes I am not so much of a fan. Sur it is fun to see the ridiculous outfits some have come up with but is sometimes feel like “let’s make the girls look like strippers and the guys look like pink fairies with wings, oh and why don’t we give the characters an ice-cream to hold in their hand as they perform an uppercut?!” You get the idea and sure I think it’s a nice addition but it gets a bit too much at times and the characters can look really tacky.

I’m not even sure who this character even is with all pinkness going on and turning a tough guy into this is just not a good match.

Panda usually wears nothing, but not anymore and he just looks sad…

I won’t bore you with my long rant so I guess you can say that I think the game contradicts itself many times. It has a bit of everything but I don’t think they mixed it in the best way they could. Still this is one of my favorite game series and I will love Namco forever for making it and just because of that this game might get a higher score than it actually deserves… 8 / 10

Topp 5 Games I want in 2013

Summer may not be the optimal time for gaming, but after just buying two games I instantly want more of them, but they are all new (or not even existing yet) well like I said games are not chap. So since I won’t buy them (yet) I’ll give you my wish lists of the games I look forward to most this year. (Click at the game titles to magically get a trailer of the games.) For some reason the number ranking refused to cooperate with me so I’ll just say that I begin with the number one and then it continues in a decreasing scale…

Mirror’s Edge 2: It is always hard to decide the first place but after the E3 announcement on the sequel to mirror’s edge I was sold. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed for a PC and/or PS3 version since I won’t be able to play it otherwise. But seriously, an innovative parkour game, where you don’t just shoot the first thing you see. All set in an awesome dystopian sci-fi environment, with a kick-ass character! –Well it’s not hard to see why I wouldn’t want it…

Amnesia a Machine for Pigs: The only reason to why this is not the number one is because one should not be so excited about screaming their lungs of… Well the survival horror game sequel to the first Amnesia is in the final tough ups before the releases, personally I hope Frictional Games will take as much time as they need to fix bugs and such before the release because that is what made the first game so awesome. The trailer looks great, I like that it is set in another era, with (hopefully) a different story. Well I’m almost sure that there was going to be a different story… Either way I look forward to having some nightmares now because this is going to be awesome.

Tomb Raider: I never played any of the previous games and I have shocked myself by adding this game to my list. It is all because of an awesome video review I found on YouTube that really showed off how visually stunning the game is. The gameplay also seems like a lot of fun and I really think that this adventure game could be my new thing!

Remember Me: No this is not the romance movie… This is an awesome mind-blowing sci-fi story about a girl who erases memories. It almost looks like a mesh of Mirror’s Edge, a sci-fi movie (namely I, Robot) and some fighting sequences that seems pretty similar to Tekken. Add a great soundtrack, outstanding visuals and a nice tough girl to be the main character an you got yourself a deal! Or at least in my world…

The Last of Us: Zoooooombies!!! I thought I was going to be completely sold on this game once I got a glimpse of how good it looked and the characters… Unfortunately when I dug a bit deeper I realized that the game might be too hard for me (hehe). But I still want to give this survival-horror and action game a shot… Who knows, with some training I might actually become good at defending myself from the zombies and concur the game.

Are any of these games the winners for you too or are you going in another direction?

Tekken Hybrid

It has been sooooo long since I wrote about a game, but games are expensive and I really do think that’s my main reason for so seldom updating the game category. Tekken has always been one of my favorite franchises, so when I heard that there was a new HD version of tekken tag tournament for ps3 I was instantly happy. Tekken Hybrid also features a movie (a review will come of that in the movie category sometime in the future) and a demo for tekken tag tournament 2. Since I have already bought tekken tag tournament  2 (review is coming soon) and will talk about the movie in the future as well this review will only be about the HD remake of tekken tag tournament.

Before I give you my opinions it would be good to know that tekken tag tournament is a fighting game where characters fight with each other to win a tournament. The game can be played alone but also with a friend and you can choose to have your friend on the same team as yourself or the opposite one. The game also features a bowling mode where you obviously enough play bowling with you characters.

I am honestly conflicted about this… I am glad to be able to play one of my favorite games again, but I am also disappointed for a lot of reasons. The HD version looks better than the original one for ps2, but I do feel that they could have done a lot more to improve the graphics if they had wanted to. The gameplay is still as fun as it used to be but the developers did one of the most awful things I have ever seen when it comes to releases… All the characters, gameplay modes and pretty much everything fun about playing the game was already unlocked! The basically ruined the entire experience and a game is supposed to be concurred and not handing you everything directly.

Where is the challenge, is what I ask myself now, and why take away all the joy from playing the game?! If your old playstation 2 is not working anymore and you really, really want to play the game (as I did) then go for it. You will like the nostalgia, but trust me, get the game cheap because this kind of disappointment is not worth spending your money one. Do I regret buying it? – No, it is still the fun game that I used to love, but I strongly advise you to think before you buy it. 6 / 10

My all-time top games

Playstation 4 was announced yesterday and the excitement is huge. Unfortunately it’s probably going to take a while before one can by it and therefore I decided to list my top games ever. They will be from my childhood and the present time though I won’t rank them since that would be way too hard and sure I have even more games that I love but including them would make the post ridiculously long.

SSX Tricky

The first game I ever got for my Playstation 2. I had seen others play it but never tried it myself. Once I got it I was about seven years old and did probably not know a single word in English. Somehow I managed to figure out how to get on the course and I started playing. I had no clue what I was doing, I was holding the jump button the entire run (slowing me down) and I had no idea that you were supposed to lean forward. Yet I won my first course and from that moment I loved the snowboard franchise. The character and the graphics of the game still looks great today and it was only a year ago since I last played it and their entire franchise have been extremely good.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Car games, I was never good at them but NFS MW changed that. I was finally good at a racing game and playing it on the computer was rather simple in the beginning and it turned out to be a great challenge towards the end. Even though it was released long ago it’s still very popular and prized by many.

Eyetoy Play 3

When Playstation 2 introduced motion technology I don’t really think the trend caught on. Still it is in a way a predecessor to Nitendo’s Wii and thorough a camera you controlled the game. You were able to play with up to four friends in various games mini-games. This was a blast and I can’t even count how many injuries I got from kicking furniture or accidentally hitting my friend.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This game came out in 2010 or something similar and therefore the graphics were exquisite. Everything was so improved from most wanted and you got new scenarios and a completely different gameplay. The controls were more sensitive and everything looked pretty realistic. The game was also fairly easy and I managed to conquer the game in some weeks.

Amnesia The Dark Decent

My current favorite. I have been playing the horror game like crazy these past two weeks and when I’m not playing I am watching the game with developer’s commentary on YouTube and I am going slightly paranoid. For one who never even flinches when watching horror movies it is quite hard to admit that a game made by 4 -6 guys has you terrified.  I am honestly scarred of playing their upcoming sequel but I will make it my mission to play the first game before the other one comes out. If you have missed my review of this game you can check it out here.