Caramel Caves

Sometimes simple is a good thing, this recipe might not be that innovative but it does have simplicity.

Oven temperature: 175°C Oven Time: 12 – 15 minutes


200 grams of butter

1 deciliter of sugar

1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar

4 ½ deciliters of wheat flour

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Filling ingredients:

200 grams of butter

1 deciliter of light syrup

2 deciliters of sugar

4 tablespoons of cocoa

  1. Mix the butter, sugar and the vanilla sugar. Then add the flour and the baking soda and mix again.
  2. Form small orbs from the dough that you put in paper liners. (Theoretically I think it might work with our paper liners tough I have never actually done so myself, so I’m not sure.) Use your thumb / small spoon or knuckle to make “road bumps” in the middle of the orbs.
  3. Put everything on a tray and then put the tray in the middle of the oven in 175°C  for about 12 – 15 minutes
  4. Let the cakes cool down and then make the filling. To make the filling just boil all the ingredients for about 2 minutes (stir properly during that time.)
  5. Then you play the waiting game again, the filling should be warm when you pour it over the rod bumps, but not too warm so it melts the cakes and not to cold so it becomes too solid.
They look a bit blue in this picture, but in real life that is obviously not the case…

They look a bit blue in this picture, but in real life that is obviously not the case…



I finally finished the last book of the matched series by Ally Condie. If you have missed my reviews of the previous books you will find them here: Matched, Crossed. As always I will try to keep my spoilers light from all previous books and this one tough some things from the past books will appear in my summary.

The chaos is a fact, the society is falling apart and people are deciding sides between the society and the rising. Then the unthinkable happens and a plague hits the dystopian world. Who will live who will die and how can the society be saved before it’s too late and most importantly, what will happened if the plague continues to spread.

I realize that this is not the summary most would give to this book, but I do always focus less on the romance parts and more on the action in itself. Now you might think that the book was a lot better than Crossed. Tough it wasn’t it was better, but not a lot.

There were a bit too much going on in the book. Even though the drastic happenings in the book are not really in your face it got a bit blurry when new things were introduced constantly. This time we got to read the from Cassia, Ky and Xander’s point of view. In the beginning I was not a fan of this since I only like Cassia, but I got used to it towards the end. This was particularly good since a certain thing happens to Cassia which made her point of view a bit less fun to read, tough I still like her as a character a lot.

I cannot really say the same for the plot. The conflict between the society and the rising was not something that I liked and that ruing a big part of the plot for me. The plague was a lot more fitting and it kept my interest along with the romance scenes that I thought I would not like. They did keep the romance on a low level like the first book and therefore the triangle drama did not bother me, as I hardly noticed it until the last part of the book.

Even though I may not have liked some parts of the plot and the point of view swaps that much the book got better and better. It did get so good that I was entirely content with the ending, I found it great for the book and it left me with a positive opinion on the book. It may not have been the best plotline for me but in the end the book was very good, tough I do still believe Matched is the best. 7 / 10

The covers for the series still look great; tough I did think that Cassia looks a bit animated and unrealistic in this cover.

About A boy (Novel)

Fever… it causes exhaustion and many other things, therefore my only plan was to finish Reached and relax. Sounds good? – Wrong, I realized that I have a school deadline on About A Boy and therefore I had to finish that one and there were pretty much all I had the energy to do this weekend.

So you will have to settle for this pretty famous book by Nick Hornby until I get a bit better… We lay our scene in London (1993) and we get to follow a coming of age story for a kid and an adult. We get to follow Marcus (the kid) and Will (the adult) and their unusual lives from their perspective in the book. Will is living the dream life with money to drown in and an obsession with getting the new things straight from the stores. Meanwhile Marcus is the introverted kid with a strange family and very strange personality.

The book started out slow… so slow that I missed the fact that there were two main characters for about 1/3 of the book. That was probably partly due to the fever but the book was really slow and I never really think that that changed. You got used to it and every once in a while something happened to make you keep you interest.

The genres in this book were not suitable for my taste at all, drama-comedy did not resemble the feeling I got from reading it at all. The drama was boring and the comedy aspects where no comedy at all in my eyes, it was just more dram and I can’t remember a single funny thing from the book.

The two characters were good in the beginning. It was a nice twist to the common story and I liked how their livers were described in the book. Tough I did not like many of the characters actions or thought and the writing techniques the author used did not capture me at all.

The book also had an ending that I like to believe most people are tired of today. It did fit the book and the purpose of it but that last thing I wanted the book to end with was the happily ever after scenario adapted in a real life situation.

I may have disliked this book a lot but I do think that the movie adaption will be better; this seems like the kind of story that should be in a movie to me. So I am looking forward to that at least. 3 / 10

I hate the cover, but there are better ones out there.

Sorry and my funny day! :)

I know I said that I would have had a Reached review uploaded today, but sometimes days don’t go as planned. Therefore I will provide you with the story of my day that you might find a bit comical. My new plan will be to upload a movie review tomorrow or on Sunday and you will get the Reached review on Monday, since most of my readers visit my blog during the week days.

Now the fun parts begin.

I never ever no which date it is and today is 22nd of February. Naturally I did not know this…
So I’m all alone in the house and the phone rings. It’s my mother’s friend. Summary of what she said: “I know Ann is at work but since I will be working all day I want you to congratulate her, since it’s her birthday and I will call her if I can.”
So it is my mother’s birthday and I had no clue that it was today! I did totally fake my way through the phone call, by telling her friend that I would forward her message and I tried to appear normal, haha! I should be given an academy award!

This is where things get even worse (or in your case funnier.) I = me and D = dad G = grandma

My father get’s home so I ask him:
I: “Did you know it’s mums birthday?”
D: No I had no idea, but I was calling to check up on your grandma and she said “Isn’t it Ann’s birthday today?” My father was not as good as faking things as me (no academy award for him) and said something like: yeaaahnnnnooo… I don’t know.

D: “So after the conversation with her, I realized that it is her birthday and before that I had no clue either.”
I: “Dou you have a gift?”
D: “No I don’t, how old is she now anyways?”
I: “I don’t know…”
I: “Well obviously don’t so don’t just blame me…”
D: “You don’t have a gift do you?”
I: “No.”

The weird part

In the end we decided to make a cake. We had a limited time since my mother was arriving sooner than we thought. We made the dough and once all the ingredients were added we realized that we did not have enough dough. Drunk as my dad was he starts to crack new eggs into the same dough! I realized that he was too stubborn reason with so I let him move on to making the same dough on top of the dough!

Meanwhile I decided to make some whipped cream with boysenberries in it. I poured up the cream and I realized that there was barely anything left! We did not have much of anything else left so we went with the cream anyways. In the end we ended up with a really ugly cake made from ingredients we almost didn’t have and I had just lighted the last candle on our kitchen table when my mother busted through the door.

My moron to a father…

Sure the cake was ugly but it tasted pretty good, a bit dry due to the lack of whip cream but my mother was happy. I thought that this was great because now my mother never needed to know how clueless we were. My drunken dad obviously forgot about that fact and as we are eating he says “It’s really good we have phones these days, otherwise we would have no idea that it was your birthday today!” My mother does not look entirely happy with this so my father tells her our story and ends on a very subtle note (sarcasm intended) Besides how was I supposed to know that it was you birthday today when you didn’t say anything this morning!”

Perhaps not the best thing to say but my mother was fine with it anyway because she had her cake. This day went from a normal day to a hectic birthday surprise and therefore I apologize for the fact that I have no real update and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my strange day.

The ugly cake!

The ugly cake!

Leibster award!

Today I got my first blog award nomination. I would like to thank What Danielle Did Next for nominating me. The Leibster blog award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers. I will first answer the 11 questions I got and then list the questions for the 11 people I choose to nominate. Therefore you will be spoiled with two blog posts today and learn a bit about how crazy I really am…

The questions I got from: What Danielle Did Next

1.       If you had to live anywhere in the world and never leave where would it be?

–          The never leave part is where it get’s hard, I would say Palau but since I can’t ever leave I guess it will be in Helsingborg (Sweden)

2.       Three things you can’t live without?

–          My imagination, my sight and my friends.

3.       Favorite Book Hero/Heroine?

–          Ping, from the Dragonkeeper trilogy.

4.       What did you want to be when you grew up at age five?

–          I don’t remember much of my childhood at all so I have no clue, tough I do think my mother mentioned something about a baker.

5.       What music do you like?

–          Anything goes, except classical music (have exceptions), jazz and gospel.

6.       What would be written on your tombstone?

–          I don’t really know what tombstones say but I guess I would want the “in memory of beginning” and some nice following words.

7.       What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

–          Avoid fainting… (Low blood pressure…)

8.       What’s your favourite part about blogging?

–          To be able to reflect over the things I write about.

9.       Are you a PC or a Mac?

–          Never had a Mac and I don’t even really know how they work and what is so different about them. So I’ll go with PC familiar and simple.

10.   If your BFF was down in the dumps, what would you do to cheer him/her up?

I have never really dealt with the sad friend scenario, tough I guess I would drag her to my house and figure something out from there…

11.   Do you believe we’re alone in the universe?

–          Firstly one must define universe… Is it the earth, earth and space, personal universe like you and the people surrounding you? Do I even exist? Hard question to answer and since I’m not sure of how I would define the universe yet because I don’t have an answer.

My questions

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. If you could immerse yourself in a different world, from a book, movie, game another person or something similar which world would you choose?
  3. Top three of your favorite worlds in books, movies, TV-shows and games?
  4. Choose three places where you would want to live (town / country / place (e.g. the white house)
  5. Something you appreciate that others don’t seem to appreciate? (E.g. Mondays, people who stops the elevator doors, a color most seem to dislike, personality trait and so on.)
  6. What is you dream profession?
  7. What are you top three favorite animals?
  8. A place you would want to see in real life?
  9. You can pick any time era you want to live in, which one would it be?
  10. If you could invent something what would it be?
  11. You have the option to be the world’s dictator for three weeks. The countries must obey you during that time but no more. What would you change in the world? (E.g. world peace, equality.)

The ones I nominate for the award:

52 Books Project

Hearts, Stars, and Happiness

Forever YA

Ravenous Biblioworm’s Book Spot

William Jepma

Geekery and Books

Kate Ormand

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Good luck folks! 🙂

My all-time top games

Playstation 4 was announced yesterday and the excitement is huge. Unfortunately it’s probably going to take a while before one can by it and therefore I decided to list my top games ever. They will be from my childhood and the present time though I won’t rank them since that would be way too hard and sure I have even more games that I love but including them would make the post ridiculously long.

SSX Tricky

The first game I ever got for my Playstation 2. I had seen others play it but never tried it myself. Once I got it I was about seven years old and did probably not know a single word in English. Somehow I managed to figure out how to get on the course and I started playing. I had no clue what I was doing, I was holding the jump button the entire run (slowing me down) and I had no idea that you were supposed to lean forward. Yet I won my first course and from that moment I loved the snowboard franchise. The character and the graphics of the game still looks great today and it was only a year ago since I last played it and their entire franchise have been extremely good.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Car games, I was never good at them but NFS MW changed that. I was finally good at a racing game and playing it on the computer was rather simple in the beginning and it turned out to be a great challenge towards the end. Even though it was released long ago it’s still very popular and prized by many.

Eyetoy Play 3

When Playstation 2 introduced motion technology I don’t really think the trend caught on. Still it is in a way a predecessor to Nitendo’s Wii and thorough a camera you controlled the game. You were able to play with up to four friends in various games mini-games. This was a blast and I can’t even count how many injuries I got from kicking furniture or accidentally hitting my friend.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This game came out in 2010 or something similar and therefore the graphics were exquisite. Everything was so improved from most wanted and you got new scenarios and a completely different gameplay. The controls were more sensitive and everything looked pretty realistic. The game was also fairly easy and I managed to conquer the game in some weeks.

Amnesia The Dark Decent

My current favorite. I have been playing the horror game like crazy these past two weeks and when I’m not playing I am watching the game with developer’s commentary on YouTube and I am going slightly paranoid. For one who never even flinches when watching horror movies it is quite hard to admit that a game made by 4 -6 guys has you terrified.  I am honestly scarred of playing their upcoming sequel but I will make it my mission to play the first game before the other one comes out. If you have missed my review of this game you can check it out here.



This is the second book in the Matched trilogy, by Ally Condie. I keep loving the covers for the series but this cover is my least favorite of the three. Why? Because this book is the in between book.

Light spoilers from Matched in the summary:

After the events of Matched, Caissas life is very different from she one she had in the first book… She has been moved to the outer parts of the society wherefrom she will escape and become an outcast Caissa must escape the society and making a journey as an outcast, to find one of the boy’s she loves (Ky) with some newfound friends.

I loved the first book but this one merely kept my interest. The plot was so slow and “going off on a journey to find and save the one you love” is hardly a new concept. Sure, I did expect it, but I did think that the book would have a bit more to offer than that.

The author also changed the point of view a bit. This time we get to read from both Caissa’s and Ky’s point of view. Since I did not care for either of the boys in the first book this was also a letdown. I loved Clarissa in Matched but with the point of view swap you lost her train of thoughts and I never really cared about Ky’s perspective when I was reading in it. Another problem with this was that both perspectives almost gave you the same story and I found that extremely annoying.

With a slow pace, what could drain down you energy even more? Poetry! It was everywhere, poetry, stories and more poetry. Like you can probably tell I am not a fan… Sure I appreciate the literature form in itself and I sometimes find a snippet of text that I like. I do however usually don’t appreciate it in books and this was the case here. It made you lose focus from the plot and the actual scene and they appeared so much that you just wanted to skip the lines with poetry in them completely.

The third book (Reached) came out in November this year but based on my experience with Crossed I am not sure is I will read it or not. While Matched got a 9 / 10 I am still so disappointed in crossed that it will only get a 2 / 10 which is extremely bad if you think about the fact that I loved the series two days ago and now it’s all destroyed.