Eld (Fire)

Fire is the sequel to The Circle and it begins during the second year during the survivals from the chosen one’s second year of senior high school. Even though they managed to kill the one the demons entered, the apocalypse is getting closer and the demons are controlling more people than ever. A new family also moves into the small town and they are aware of the girl’s powers. This year it’s harder to figure out whom to trust and more importantly who you can’t trust. In this book it’s a bit more action, many twists and the biggest twist of them all in the last chapter of the book.

This book was even better than the circle and now the expectations for Nyckeln (The Key) extremely high while you wait for its release in Swedish during 2013.

The tension was existing throughout the book and for making it even better than the first one I will rate it 10 / 10.


Cirkeln (The Circle)

The Circle is Swedish young adult book written by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren. The book is about 6 teenagers who discover that they are the chosen one who are supposed to stop the apocalypse.  They find out that they are witches and each of them has special powers that they need to save the world. Firstly they need to figure out what their powers are and try to get along since some of the chosen ones even are enemies. They get help by some other characters in the book who tries to tell them what to do, how to keep their identities as witches hidden, their relationships with each other hidden and they help them figure out who’s evil.

The Circle captures your attention by killing a character in the first chapter and the authors does an excellent job trying to keep you from stopping to read it. The book switches between the different characters point of view and it’s quite interesting to see everyone’s thoughts and it’s also very important for the storyline itself.

The book was released in English this June this year in Brittan and other English speaking countries. This book is the first one in a trilogy and it has received many awards in Sweden and I think it’s also set to be a movie.

It’s one of the best books I have red in a while and I would highly recommend it, especially to give to teens for school assignment’s and such since that’s how I discovered it.

I would definitely rate this book 9 / 10 and I’m looking forward to reading the sequels.

Swedish Cover

Make It Or Break It

Make It Or Break It was an American TV-show that begun airing in 2009 and ended 2012, giving the show 3 seasons in total. It’s a show about 4 gymnasts who aspire to compete in 2016’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. During the show we get to follow these gymnasts as they try to balance their around the clock training to compete in different competitions, making sure that they are always close to perfection while it comes to their gymnastics skills, while trying to grow up and all the personal problems that comes with it.

The first few episodes of the show are a bit strange, it’s not a typical show that I would watch, but I did find myself enjoying this different scenery. It gave you quite an insight in the life of professional athletes. You could follow their lives and see the upsides, with the many medals new accomplished skills and the love and devotion they share for the sport. However you also get to see the downsides of devoting so much time and effort into it. They show the characters failing, getting injured, getting anorexia and other things that could go badly when you practice dangerous sports.

The main characters all have stunt gymnasts but most of the skills they do in the show are very believable and they do a stunning job with the editing. The plot is great but some episodes are a more uninteresting than others. There is a character that suits everyone and the show is really thought through.

It was nice following a show like this and you don’t need to know anything about gymnastics to watch the show and it kept a good standard throughout. So I will give Make It Or Break It 9 / 10.


Iron Man 2

The second movie continues directly where the first one ended. This movie was a bit worse than the first one, but for a sequel it was still good and I liked it enough to be looking forward to the third one, once it hit the theaters.

This movie is about how Iron Man tries to create justice, while being in the public eye. While at a race track a man with a similar suite to Tony’s shows up and tries to kill him. The copycat is later shipped to prison, where he escapes with help from one of Tony’s business rivals. The escaped convict later develops a bunch of suites similar to Tony’s that are robots that are set out to take over the US army and kill Tony.

The plot in this movie is worse than the first one and it’s not as good. The special effects and all the green screening is still well made but this movie doesn’t capture you in the same way it still do. Luckily the future seems brighter for Iron Man 3 which rumor had it that it will be set in China.

The movie wasn’t all that great but as far as sequels goes I will still rate it 6 / 10 stars.


Iron Man

Iron Man begins with billionaire Tony Stark (CEO of Stark industries) visits Afghanistan to demonstrate a new weapon for the US army. Stark gets trapped in an ambush and being the genius he is he creates a body armor with built in weapons and escapes from his captivity, where he is later rescued. Once Stark gets back he decides that his company should stop developing weapons where he also discovers that a man in his company is trying to replace him. Tony decides to rebuild his suit making it a 100 times better with more weapons, strong durability and including the ability to fly. Later on we follow Tony’s path to do good in the world, using his suite and becoming Iron Man.

The actor who plays Tony Stark does a great job with portraying the character. Tony is a bit shallow, sarcastic and he thinks he is on top of the world. Therefore you might get pissed at the character in the beginning but soon enough you’ll love him and appreciate his sense of humor which bring a lot of funny moments into this action packed movie.

The movie has quite an interesting plot that differs slightly from this nice guy hero cliché and it creates a new image of it. The special effects are well made and there are many tiny things in this movie that makes it so much better e.g. the cool looking technology and the moments were Tony is trying to learn how to use the suite.

I found Iron Man to be a great movie and for me it gets 10 / 10 stars.

The Avengers

This weekend I had a movie marathon and the first movie I watched was The Avengers.  The movie is about 6 superheroes trying to save the world, by beating Lokie and his army. The superheroes are: Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye.  As you might know almost all of the heroes have other movies. I had only seen the first movie about Hulk and Thor, so I thought that was going to be a problem because I didn’t even know who Black Widow was.

Luckily I was wrong, you don’t have to see the other movies before watching this one which was great and there are no major spoilers for the other movies in this one either. But it might be good to know the fact that Thor’s adoptive brother is Lokie and they had a conflict in the movie Thor and therefore Loki now wants his revenge on earth while searching for a portal.

The movie in itself was very good and I thought the director really thought through the plot with these different superheroes instead of going with superman, batman, spider-man and other “normal heroes” who already have tones of comics and plenty of movies. The actors in The Avengers are really good at playing their characters and making them believable. With superhero movies you sometimes feel that you just get the same story over and over again but here they really tried to diminish that feeling as much as possible which made the experience better.

The technical aspects like the characters powers, stunts, special effects and the green screen footage sense were well made and you could see that the director had put some money into it. So it was a nice movie to watch with a lot of action and some funny parts in it as well and therefore this is a movie that I would definitely recommend you’d watch.

I would rate this movie 9 / 10 stars.



Yesterday I watched this movie called ATM, it’s a new horror movie from 2012. The movie is about three friends who decide to take out some cash after a party in an ATM. The ATM is inside a glass building with lockable doors. When the friends have taken out some cash they notice a man in a winter coat standing in the cold and dark parking lot. When another person walks by the man with the coat runs forward and kills him.

From the beginning it sounds like an interesting movie where you expect a lot of excitement… I’d say prepare for disappointment at it’s best. Pretty much the entire movie was about how the friends were going to escape from the ATM and the only interesting twist the plot held was that the killer seemed to reappear instantly after he was killed. This was supposed to scare the audience but the director didn’t even come close to it.

This was definitely an overrated movie with a good looking movie for one who only saw the trailer, but once the movie is started one will quickly become disappointed with the awful thing that is supposed to be acting and the disappointing plot and ending.

Therefore my rating for ATM is 2 out of 10.