Now you see me (trailer)

Firstly I would like to thank all my subscribers for helping me to reach the 100 subscribers mark. But now I will stop my little award speech and move on. We all have days where we want to do a bunch of things an my plan was to give you a nice Friday review of a family movie. Unfortunately I have a bad day and I’m feeling pretty dizzy. So instead I will introduce an upcoming movie to you.

Now You See me was one of the trailers I saw when I want to see Iron Man and I was pleasantly surprised. I had never heard about it and without the trailer I would probably never have seen it. The trailer really blew me away and it seems to be a quite special story about illusionists who robs banks and gives the money to their audience. Many of the actors are recognizable with Morgan Freeman probably being the most famous one. It will hit the theaters in the 31st of May and if you have not heard of it see the trailer, be amazed and I hope you tune in for that cute family movie review tomorrow.


Iron Man 3 (review)

This review won’t really talk about the plot so much, making it spoiler free and my summary will not give anything away as things are not what they seem to be…

Yesterday was the day! The Iron Man 3 premier! Gosh I am in love, the ones who said the trailer revealed much don’t know what they are talking about! It was perfect, even better than the first one. In fact, the best superhero movie I have ever seen! If you have been hesitant to watch it, don’t be because you will regret it.

This time Iron Man faces the Mandarin a fierce criminal who threatens America beyond anyone would have imagined. Will this be the destruction of Iron Man? Either way prepare yourself for extreme action, a marvelous fight scene, humor, tiny bit of romance or even an “aww” moment that is not romance related!

As I said before this movie was the best superhero movie I have seen so far! Why? Well I will try to explain this as well as I can. If we simply start with the visuals it felt like the camera quality had really improved, using vibrant colors and the action scenes were carried out beautifully. Naturally Jarvis program device looked awesome as well and his voice actor and hilarious ways was spot on.

What was really impressive for me was how the movie made me like characters I did not care for in the other movies. Iron Man’s side kick was not someone I was a fan of in the second movie, but in this one he became awesome and funny. The same with Pepper, she was not someone I cared about that much but in the last part of the movie I had to love her. A long with the woman who I thought was annoying in Melancholia was even great at her role in this movie, so great that her weird voice stopped bothering me.

If you add all this with a perfect balance of the genres this movie took its entire theme up to a new level. Other superhero movies really have to do something extraordinary to try to be as good as this one. The plot was awesome as well and we take a little nostalgic trip in the beginning of the movie with a certain song about being blue… Hehe, I will not say more about the plot but they did a stunning job.

If you became interested in my other Iron Man reviews or perhaps even the one about Melancholia, than hit the search bar and you will find them. Until next time I hope you loved the review! 10 / 10

Iron man 3 (teaser)

Today I have no time for updating, so I updated through the automatic publicizer and you will get a little not on what to expect. Hitting the theaters is not something I should prioritize, but I will do so anyways since it’s the premier of Iron Man 3! (Yay!) 🙂 So I will leave the trailer as a teaser for you and hopefully you will tune in tomorrow to look at my hopefully positive review of Iron Man 3.


Like I said in my previous post I am feeling nostalgic an tough I may not have time to see all the movies I wanted it was time for a re-watch of my favorite coming of age story. It is still as brilliant as the first times I saw it and I found it astonishing of how many new layers you can see and the things you can realize. I also got to learn an interesting thing about the movie today. It is actually semi-autobiographical since it is loosely based upon Nikki Reed’s (Evie in the movie) life during that age. This thrilling drama movie probably caused some debates when it came out back in 2003 and if you have not seen it I would, really recommend that you do so.

We meet our main character (Tracy). With a mother that is slightly unstable and a new school she learns that her life might not be as good as she originally thoughts. Tracy goes from a well accomplished student into the reckless girl who hangs out with the most popular kid in school (Evie). That causes traumatic turns in her life, from being happy and content, turning into drugs and self-harm. This is a story of a family in commotion as their lives turn upside down.

The story is gripping from beginning to end. Even though it might be rare that all this will happen to one person it is far from impossible. So even if it is unlikely all those events needs to happened for it to be a good movie and I think many can relate to at least some aspect of the movie, whether it’s the parent, the kids or someone else. Therefor this is a movie for everyone, but I would not advice it to people younger than ten, but at the same time if you are that young many aspects will most likely be lost and therefor the movie will hopefully not do any harm.

An interesting aspect was also the visuals. I never thought about them when I used to watch the movie before, but now I realize that they portray the story really well. For instance, when everything is fine the colors are pretty bright, but when the dramatic events happen the characters will look pale, representing their mental state of mind.

Those visual aspects might not be so obvious but I did notice them. The acting is great; I like the fact that there were not “adults” playing the 13-year-olds since because I think it makes everything more believable. The only thing I don’t actually like was the last five minutes of the movie, but it is nearly perfect and I do think it’s a must see.  9 / 10

A Need So Beautiful

I am feeling nostalgic and I want to post a bunch of movie re-watches this week. But school is bombarding me so we’ll see how many of them I will actually have time to watch. But for today you will get another YA review. Published in 2011 and written by Suzanne Young, A Need So Beautiful will give you a fantasy story about angels in a slightly unusual perspective.

I was shocked when I had finished the book. Why? Well the plot was not at all like I thought it would be so I guess that I somewhere along the line mixed up the book with another one. The actual plot as I discovered it was quite different than what I thought. We met our protagonist Charlotte. She is a pretty normal teenager except for her asthma attacks. Only they are not asthma attacks, they are a compulsory feeling that will cause Charlotte pain until she helps a random stranger.

As these compulsory feelings grows stronger Charlotte is getting weaker, she never wanted to be the one who helps strangers out but soon enough she find herself in a quite unusual inner struggle for good or evil and the consequences of choosing either sides are extremely final.

The book was very good, the plot was a bit odd in the beginning but the pace kicked up and it left you with an ending that was very rare. There were unfortunately some issues; Charlotte’s best friend was an annoyance, as was her family and her boyfriend. I can live with all those things but it did definitely drag the mood down a bit. Even though the good or evil struggle was well made in the book I sometimes felt that it was a bit too much mind games juggling Charlotte back and forth.

The compulsory feelings are a big part of the book but sometimes I found them annoying and I just wanted to skim through them to see what would happened to Charlotte. The ending did save a lot, it is an ending that I would not want on a regular basis but I was glad that it happened. The only thing that I find odd is the feeling afterwards. With a striking ending and an almost cliffhanger ending one would assume that I would throw myself over the book. Even though I liked it this is not my feeling at all, so I will wait until the pocket edition comes out in the autumn instead. Nevertheless the book was still pretty awesome. 7 / 10

When I first saw the cover I loved it, but now it seems kind of plain…

A State Of Mind (North Korea)

I’m sorry for my little absence and hopefully this awesome documentary will make up for it. The first time I watched it I was 11, and I did not really understand it at all. I have been searching for it and I found the entire documentary on YouTube (link below the post.)

A state of mind is a British documentary from 2004 that takes you in on the inside of North Korea. Of course they were not allowed to film everything and North Korea kept a strict supervision on what they could include and what they could not include in the documentary. You get to see glimpses of how North Korea is for average people and I learned quite a lot. Still the main focus is the North Korean Mass Games. The Mass Games is a tribute to their leaders and the way for people to show devotion to their country. We get to follow two young children as they train for the Mass Games and the things around the games.

This is the first documentary I have seen about North Korea, especially from the inside as I assumed that it would be totally forbidden to shoot anything there. Even though it’s not a political documentary I still think it’s a relevant one and it was interesting to see everything from an inside perspective. They do talk about propaganda a lot and that might irritate some people who the propaganda relates to, but for me it was fine and propaganda will always work in numerous directions and therefore it did not bother me at all.

The Mass Games themselves was astonishing to see, if you don’t think about the purposes of them and all the people that fell before the finish line it was an astonishing act to watch. Gymnastics was taken to a completely different level and I was amazed. I still think it’s a great documentary even if you don’t like gymnastics as you learn a lot in general. Unfortunately I liked it a bit better when I was younger because then I did not understand the seriousness of the situation and now that I do, I can’t really say that it was a pleasant feeling to be able to understand all the bad aspects of the life the gymnasts were living. 8 / 10

X-Men First Class

This was one of the better superhero movies I have seen. I have no clue on why I waited two years to watch it, I suppose I found the story line boring? Luckily the storyline was excellent and I’d say that this is the best x-men movie so far.

In this movie we get to see how it all started. Who were the first mutants and the society’s reaction towards the ones with the super powers? The people the movie focuses on most will be Magneto and Charles Xavier, but many interesting connections to other characters and the cold war will be made.

This movie definitely had the best plot, by making connections to the cold war and going back to old characters the movie was a joy to watch. It was really fascinating to see when the old characters appeared in their younger years and how everything started. It will probably be a worse movie if you have not seen the previous films. Therefore I’d recommend seeing the three first movies before this one (Wolwerine is not really necessary) but I do think that you can like this movie without the previous ones.

The visuals were really good, but I was not always a fan of how Mystique’s transformation looked but other than that everything was fine. I was quite shocked at some of the connections of how it all began. The characters were also good and some of them had more layers than I expected.

This really was the best x-men movie and a great popcorn movie. 8 / 10