Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This was pretty great. When the movie came out in 2011 I thought it would be a weird badly made ape riot. I was wrong…

After a substance that creates high intelligence is injected into a chimpanzee the apes starts a riot.

Everything about this sounds weird, the plot the title and the fact that they have a bazillion apes in the movie. The thing was that it was not weird at all when you were watching it. I did think that this would be some sort of b-movie but I was impressed with pretty much everything.

The movie had good acting, it had its funny moments, the sad ones too and the plot was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It did get a bit excessive at some points like the talking ape parts but overall this was a really good movie. I would not consider it a perfect movie but it is really good if you bring some popcorn to the couch while watching it. Without the right mood set to watch the movie I would probably give it a 7, but if you start the movie on an optimistic day and watch it to have fun this movie will actually be an 8 / 10.



Note: This week has been pretty much a book week because I haven’t really felt like doing anything since I came home from Croatia. Or well I did clean the house and put up some new paintings in my room, but there is no joy in that for you. Either way you will get a movie post (hopefully two) during the weekend. After that the plan is to finish of some of the book series I have started, play some PC games and watch some unknown and new movies. The Game part might be an issue because my laptop is not the best gaming platform, so I’ll steal my mother’s pc. But since it is my mother’s it might take some time to finish of those games. So that is the plan and now on to the review:

This is the book that is on everyone’s list to finish as soon as possible. With Margret Sthol, one of the Beautiful Creatures authors writing this one the hype has been huge and many seem to think that this will be the upcoming best seller. Unfortunately for the book itself it was more of a failure and an immense disappointment.

After an alien invasion all electricity has been wiped out and millions of lives have been lost. Dol and her friend Ro are not like everyone else, they can do things others can’t and they survived when their families died. After being captured they finally realize why they are different and they meet two more like themselves.

This was all so bad! The plot brought nothing new, the characters were mainly an unlikable mess and there were only two background characters in the book that I sort of liked. I did not like the way that to story carried out. I did not like the setting and I certainly did not like the ending. The descriptions of everything in the book were so strange, I did not really get the deal with the invaders and they were supposed to be a threat, but they were not described as it. Then you also had an embassy which was also supposed to be evil, which it did not really seem like.

Everything was just so out of place and blurry. I had expected something special, but this was mainly over hyped and not my story at all. This was just a huge failure in my eyes and I won’t be picking up the sequel. 3/10


This is a Swedish movie that was in the theaters about the same time as Les Miserables. (Could it have been in December?) This was the movie many people talked about so I decided it was about time that I would finally see it.

This is a story about the typical rich boy who hits on all the supermodel looking girls. Until he loses his sight and everything gets a new perspective and one day he falls for a girl who is not a supermodel-look-alike and just a normal girl, but he doesn’t know this of course.

For the fist twenty minutes I wanted to throw a baseball bat at my TV. Not only did the opening contain one of the songs I hate the most, it also showed me that the entire movie was going to be a big cliché! I mean I had already guessed it from the plot summary but I did not know it was going to be this bad! I carefully calculated in my head that I would probably get the worst headache ever if I kept hating every second of the movie so I decided to accept that this movie was going to be all about clichés.

Then I started to try and like the movie for what it was and then it got a bit better. This does not help the fact that we have all seen this movie before. But I guess people actually like the movie for that ridiculous love story that I hate so much. Then we have the whole I am a singer aspect that I did not really like either.

In the end this is a typical movie that we have all seen before. Still I have to say that it is pretty well done but this is not the type of movie that will ever be better than average due to the overused concept.  5 / 10



I have been looking into some stories that deal with amnesia so I was happy when I found this book in the library. The author is Cat Patrick, it is a contemporary young adult book and it came out in 2011.

Each night London forgets all her memoires of the previous day. After she wakes up the only memories she has are memories from the future. Therefore she relies on notes she writes before she falls asleep to get through her life. But then things start to change and she experiences bizarre dreams and memories from the future and as they become worse London decides to learn something about her past so it doesn’t destroy her future.

I thought I had read the backpage of this book before I read it but I must have done so very clumsily because I remembered nothing about London being able to see the future, but who knows, maybe I am the one with amnesia. The point was that I was not so impressed with the memories from the future in the book. Nor did I like the latter half of it. The beginning was fine, the character was lovely and I liked the memory notes she wrote every day. It was all very interesting to read about a person in that situation. Unfortunately I thought that it all went downhill when she started to explore her past. The story did not capture me like it had done in the beginning and the ending felt overused.

It’s such a shame because I really liked the beginning of the book and I thought it was going to be great, but now I am just disappointed and there is not really anything else to say about that. 6 / 10


Woho, I have finally read my first Stephen King book, this is something I planned on doing for a long time but I never really got around to actually do it. This thing that motivated me was the upcoming new movie version of Carrie with an actress I really like. If you have missed it I’ll give you the trailer and then you won’t even have to read my plot summary.

Now you technically won’t need the summary but I’ll throw it in here anyway. Carrie is a seventeen-year-old girl who is telekinetic (she can movie things with her mind) and lives with the religious extremist who is also her mother. Carrie has always been bullied and one day it all goes too far and it all ends in a disaster.

Now I can clearly see why Stephen King is so famous, his writing style is pretty special and even though I liked it in the beginning I fund all the different angles I got to read from a bit too much. An example of that would be the last fifty pages which would only have been ten if the perspective didn’t constantly shift. The ending moment or part three of the book is the peak of the plot and I tough that the plot shifts took away a lot of the built up tension even though you learned a lot about the story from them.

The plot on the other hand was really interesting, it was special and I liked how intense it got towards the end. Carrie, the mother and the rest of the characters were phenomenal as well. The mother was really an original individual that contributed to most of the horror elements. Personally I have never really grasped the horror elements in a book. Are they supposed to scare you? Because personally I am never scared, it’s exciting to read horror books tough I’m never scarred and in most cases I would not have known if the book I’m reading is a horror book simply by reading it. I don’t know if it’s just me who feels that way so throw me some responses in the comments so I can understand the horror genre in books better.

In the end Carrie was great in many ways but it failed in the perspectives aspects. I think that this is one of those books that will look great as movies so I am really keeping my fingers crossed when I hit the theaters in October. 8 / 10

My Summer of Love

This is a little treat for anyone who likes Emily Blunt. It’s a romance movie from 2004 starring Mona (Natalie Press) and Tamsin (Emily Blunt) who and just as the title suggests falls for each other during a summer fling.

This review will be very short because I just saw one hour and twenty minutes of utter weirdness that I can’t really make sense of. This is honestly too strange for me to even try to grasp. Nothing about this movie was normal! The characters and their interaction was all confusing and the relationship was all a big mess… if one could even call it a relationship? There were all these religious things going on in the background that seemed really strange to me. The plot made you disorientated, you could not quite understand the twists and the ending was extremely odd, I did actually like the ending since its so strange and pretty special if you ask me.

For the rest of the movie I don’t know what to say, it was so confusing so I can’t put my opinions together. So now I am curious if you have seen the movie and managed to get what the deal was and if you liked it or disliked it because I still don’t really know for myself. In the end I guess I’ll give it a 4 / 10 for the big mess it caused in my head.

Memoirs of a Geisha

I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me today but here I am… well in some countries it’s already tomorrow but you can’t always win… To turn my movie watching mode back on I decided to watch one of my favorite movies from my childhood that is actually not a kids movie. Memoirs of a Geisha is the first academy winning movie I ever saw that I can recall. Even before I saw Titanic for the first time I had already seen Memoirs of a Geisha more than once. I was captured by the beautiful DVD cover I immersed myself into an even more beautiful movie so that I would deeply recommend. The slightly over two hours of duration time is completely worth the watch.

This is the movie adaption from the same titled historical novel. It is a drama and romance movie that came out in 2005 and I should also mention that the spoken language is English. Just as the title suggests this is a story about a girl who becomes a Geisha. From being a young girl we get to watch Chiyo grow up to become a Geisha , with setbacks and success. It is all set before and after the Second World War, but it is a fictional story.

Stunning visuals, an outstanding story, a marvelous soundtrack and exquisite characters would be the words that sum up the entire movie. Over all miraculous would be the term. The movie is as culturally amazing and everything is made so beautiful that it is hard to describe it. I have always loved the countries in Asia and since I was very young I liked to hear about their cultures. This is a story like no other, capturing, gripping and executed perfectly.  You think one might get bored after about two hours of watching but they manage to fit a lot of things into the movie so that a dull moment never passes by. The visuals are insanely beautiful and the movie is full of colors.

With this being one of the best movies I have seen I should probably have a lot more to say, but the movie is so breath taking that I am at a loss of words, so if I were you I wouldn’t miss the movie for the world. I know some might criticize the romance part and I should be one of them since I usually got a negative aspect of it. But honestly … this movie is too perfect for me to care eve tough I get where they are coming from. 10 / 10