Now is good

The British movie was released this year and it’s about a 17-year old girl dying of leukemia. We get to follow her last month’s alive and see her trying to accomplish her version of the things you must do before you die.

The movie did have some potential but it did not feel believable enough. The parents’ behavior and most things about them were pretty believable. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the rest of them. Dakota Fanning was not acting well in this movie and that made it hard to believe the story.

Along with the main character’s weird friend and a younger brother with even stranger behavior the entire scenery became a bit to created and that part stopped you from seeing the movie as something that could actually happened.

Towards the last 20 minutes of the movie they really managed to pick it up. The movie became much better and it almost became a really good movie. The problem was that after the good parts had begun the movie ended shortly after.

In the end they did have a good ending but I had hoped that the movie would be a lot better than it was, but instead it got stuck on mediocre.  5 / 5 stars.


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