An Inconvenient Truth

The truth is very inconvenient indeed, and the truth is that I never had seen this documentary before. So I thought it was about time… Most could probably not have missed the documentary as it came out back in 2006, was made by the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Not to mention that the documentary has become extremely famous.

The documentary was a part of Al Gore’s project to make global warming a worldwide problem that people must realize. In the documentary we get to see Al Gore holding a lecture for an audience.

The problem is that today global warming is a very heated topic. Therefore I will not go in to deeply about my opinions on it in this review, I will instead try to judge what I actually saw. By doing this I hope everyone will be able to read this review and their opinions on the topic should not matter.

The documentary was made very well visually. Al Gore used graphs, videos, pictures and so on to make his point very clear. It made the documentary a bit more versatile and you did not get bored with it.

The documentary has the length of most movies. Even though it was varied in presentation forms it still has the long lecture feeling to it. This means that you lose your interest at parts and then the angle of the topic changes and you are suddenly fully attentive again. I do believe watching the documentary in 2006 would have been better. Nowadays the issue of global warming is everywhere, especially for the younger generations who lives in a more globalized society. Therefore many of these facts were not new at all and it made me a bit inattentive.

In the documentary you are listening to Al Gore and I am a bit conflicted about his rhetorical skills, he was occasionally funny, sometimes a bit moving and at other times a boring rambler with some facts and some fancy convincing words that are not always the best way to get the audience’s attention. This naturally has a lot to do with the fact that there was very little information inside the documentary that I did not already know.

In the end it was still a very good documentary, but if you know the most basic things about global warming you might not learn anything from watching it. I do however think it was interesting to see the documentary that changed the attitude of so many people. Even though you might not like Al Gore and you might not care at all about global warming I still think you should see it. 7 / 10


Tomorrow, when the war began

An Australian movie was quite refreshing to watch after all the ones from USA I usually watch. It was also nice to see that some of the former child stars from Australia actually became more than child stars in this movie. Even though it came out in 2010 it was almost better watching the movie a few years afterwards since a sequel is currently in production. Even though I suppose the novels are better I still watched the movie since I already have a big reading pile that I have to get through…

The movie is about a group of teenagers who goes out camping in the bush for a few days. When they return they see that a war has begun and after that we will see the characters trying to make the best out of the situation and survive.

The movie was quite average, it was still good but it could have been better. The actors did a good job most of the time and the visuals were fine. Quite a few explosions tough but it is a war so they were expected.

The plot was a bit slow in the beginning and I did not agree with the decisions that the characters made. In the end of the movie they decided to fight back and sure it made the movie fun to watch. But at the same time it felt a bit silly having a group of teens battling an army… It made the movie really unrealistic but at the same time the movie would have been extremely boring if the characters only focused on surviving and therefore I won’t complain about it too much.

In the end it was a good movie, it kept you interested but since I have seen many good movies recently it quickly faded into the background, but I will be nice today and hope that the sequel will be better. In my opinion the ending suggested that there is room for improvement.  7 / 10

Upside Down

Sometimes I get a bit tired of the movie industry; everything is either based on a book, is a sequel in some form and if it is none of the above the chances of recognizing the plot are sometimes a bit too big… Since it is a normal fantasy and romance movie from 2012 you would not expect it to be so different. Then suddenly you realize that there is something different about it and your faith in the movie industry is instantly restored. So what is special about this movie?  Like you probably guessed from the title the movie is upside down.

Fine, it is not all completely upside down. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. The earth is separated into two worlds that are extremely close to each other. They both have different gravity zones; meaning if you stand in one world and look up at the other one the world you are looking at is upside down. These parallel gravities have some rules: both gravity zones only pulls down matter from their own world and not the other one. The weight of an object can change when it comes into contact from another world and after the two objects have been in contact for a while the object in the “wrong” gravity burns. I will also mention that one world is richer than the other and the storyline is of course a man from the poor gravity zone who falls for a girl from the other one.

It’s safe to say that I’m not Kristen Dunst’s biggest fan but I was pretty impressed and the same goes for Jim Sturgess, tough I did not exactly fall for the characters. They were good, but I did not love them. Luckily there was this awesome small character from the rich world which made the movie a bit entertaining.

You can say whatever you want to say about the storyline and the romance, as always I was not the biggest fan of the romance but let’s face the truth here… My guesses are that a vast majority will watch this movie for the upside down factor. It is extremely interesting to watch. The visuals are not always great and I sometimes felt that they could have been better, though the visuals and the romance is more of a background thing in this movie. Almost your entire focus goes directly to try and understanding the upside down scenario. Trust me it can get strange, confusing and at parts I became really disorientated and I barely knew where on the screen I was supposed to look.

Luckily it is all worth it. I think that most won’t watch the movie for the plot or the genres but for and experience and I really think it provides you with one. If you don’t believe me you should watch the trailer, it certainly caught my attention. A strong 8 / 10

Charlie Bartlett

A movie my friend has practically forced me to watch. So I did and it is probably the weirdest high school movies I have ever seen. It is a comedy, drama and romance movie from 2007.

The movie is about the teen Charlie. He has ADD, is taking drugs for it and also has frequent therapy sessions. He gets suspended from his school and thrown into a school he does not fit into at all. Until he starts to sell drugs and holding therapeutic sessions with the kids in school inside the boys restroom…

It is all extremely strange, as you might have guessed by my summery. In the beginning it was so strange that I could not even decide if I liked it or not. But after half an hour I started to like it. That feeling kept improving and towards the last ten minutes of the movie I was amazed by a very dramatic scene.

Charlie and the principal are the two characters that really lift the movie. They take it to a completely new level and without them the movie would have failed big time. The actors behind them both do an outstanding job and they are the main contributor to the weird unusualness of the movie. Even though both of the main actors and many of the others also do a good job, the price must naturally go to Robert Downey, Jr. His efforts as the principal is outstanding and you will be really surprised by the last twenty minutes of the movie.

The plot seemed too weird at first but it got better and better until you loved it and it also ended excellently. I’m not really shore about how true it is to its genres tough. It has romantic elements, has some drama and the comedy aspects. In the end the movie has a little of each and that is also done in the best way possible.

The movie was so strange that I almost felt a little crazy myself as I was the one watching it, but it was also the thing that made it so good. If you think you have seen everything that the high school scenario has to offer in movies, think again. The only thing that disappoints me about the movie was the slow start, but as I said it is improving by the second and one scene towards the end almost stopped me from blinking, so now I am the nagging person who wants you to watch the movie. 9 / 10

Nectarine cake

Oven temperature: 200°C Time range: 40 minutes

Some of the first nectarines from this year have now landed themselves in our grocery stores and since it’s pretty unusual that nectarines are used in cakes I decided to make a simple one with a bunch of nectarines in it. When looking at the outcome of it I will say that not everyone will love this cake, personally I did not like the taste that the nectarines gave me, but everyone else in my family likes them so I’ll guess you have to figure that one out for yourself.


2 eggs

2 ½ deciliter of sugar

3 deciliter of wheat flour

1 teaspoon of baking soda / baking powder

2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar or some drops of vanilla aroma

1 deciliter of water

3 deciliters of finely chopped nectarines (you need around 2 -3 nectarines)

(For the baking pan you need some brown sugar, perhaps a table spoon or two. You also need some butter and breadcrumbs.)

  1. Grease a baking pan with butter and pour some breadcrumbs over the butter. Make sure that the breadcrumbs are widely spread over the grease so that the dough doesn’t attach to the pan. If you are like me and don’t really like a lot of breadcrumbs you can do what I did and mix the breadcrumbs with some brown sugar, otherwise you can just go with breadcrumbs only. The pan you use should be able to contain about 1½ liters.
  2. Then you start with the dough. Whisk the eggs together with the sugar.
  3. Then add all the other ingredients except the nectarines and whisk.
  4. Now you add the nectarines and whisk everything once more with a spoon. When that is done you simply pour the dough into the baking pan and then you put it into the middle of the oven for about 40 minutes.
Before the oven

Before the oven



after the oven

after the oven


High Fidelity

I rarely watch old or even semi-old movies but I knew that it was supposed to be a comedy from 2000 and it’s been a while since I saw a funny movie, so I gave it a shot. It was awesome and way different than I thought it would be and I would definitely recommend it.

The movie is about a man who owns a record store.  During the movie he re-tells the top five breakups of his life.

Short and simple summary, I quite like it because you will hopefully be suppressed of how good the movie actually was. I did not know much of the actors that were going to be in the movie so I was very happy when I recognized most of the main cast. For the first ten minutes the movie was a bit slow but suddenly Jack Black popped up being at his best and you got a slight indication that the movie would be hilarious.

It really was and it became funnier and funnier. You realized that the main character is actually telling a lot of his story directly to the camera. It is almost as if he is talking to himself but to the viewers instead. These sequences are usually extremely funny and when you add a bunch of other thing the characters do it quickly becomes one of the best comedy movies I have seen in years.

I knew based from the cover that the movie would have a lot to do with music. Even though I may not have liked all the songs I think many will appreciate the nostalgic experience of having all those old classics playing in the background. I also think that all the actors are doing a great job and along with the music and the unusual sequences of talking to the audience is the things I think makes people love the movie.

Even though you may not love the plot idea you will probably like the way they scripted it all, it was funny without being cheesy. I’m sure not everyone will agree with my grade but with expectations on an extremely low level like that I was extremely happy about how it turns out. So in the end I will give it a full score even though it’s a weak 10 / 10 the movie is almost flawless in my eyes.

Exotic Cupcakes

Cupcakes it not something that I usually make so I thought it would be fun to add some orange juice in them and have a lemon icing to make them less sweet. In this recipe you get about 12 cupcakes, depending on the size of your paper liners.  So if you like them I’d recommend doubling the ingredients in the future.

 Oven Temperature: 200°C Time Range: about 15 minutes


2 deciliter sugar

2 eggs

100 gram of butter

3 deciliter wheat flour

2 teaspoons of baking soda

½ deciliter of orange juice

½ deciliter of blood orange juice

Icing ingredients:

I don’t ever use much icing so by making this recipe I got some icing left but I think it will be enough for all the icing lovers.

200 grams of Philadelphia cheese

2 – 3 deciliters of powder sugar / icing sugar

½ – 1 lemon

You simply mix everything together, but make sure to taste the icing so it does not get too sour from the lemon.

  1. Melt the butter and let it cool down.
  2. Whisk the eggs and the sugar properly
  3. Add the squeezed orange juices into the dough and mix.
  4. Add all the dry ingredients and whisk while you are simultaneously adding the butter. Whisk properly.
  5. Put the paper liners on a tray. Then pour the dough into paper liners, and fill the paper liners half way.
  6. Put the tray into the oven in 200°C and take them out after about 15 minutes.
  7. Apply the icing on cupcakes and you are done.
Before the oven

Before the oven

After you have applied icing

After you have applied the icing