Blue Lagoon The Awakening

I rarely watch romance movies but I thought that I would give it a try and see if I could figure out why people seem to love them so much. Well I can say that this movie did not give me the answer. Before I tell you about it you need to know that I watched the movie from 2012 so do not confuse it with The Blue Lagoon from 1980.

The plot is about a class going on a school trip from USA to Trinidad. Once they reach their destination some students decide to have a party on a boat. After an encounter with the police two students find themselves stranded on an Island with the only things that they brought to the dingy they used to escape the police with. In the end the movie is about the love story with two people stranded on an Island.

As far as the romance went in the movie I did not believe it at all. The characters were predictable and so were the romantic moments. The actors did a mediocre job which made the movie even worse and you could really see that there were actors trying to get into character, which is not what you want to see at all, since you want to believe that they are real characters.

Instead they managed to hit all the basic stereotypes that made the plot predictable and boring. The only thing that saved this movie for me was the beautiful setting with a stunning exotic environment. Unfortunately the place where the movie is shot can really enhance the movie and make it better, but it can’t save an entire movie if the plot and the acting is on a level way below what it should be. 4 / 10, since I’m in a good mood today.


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