Into The Blue

Seeing the movie in 2005 it was one of the first movies I really liked that were meant for older audiences. I still think it’s a good movie but it’s not extremely good.

It’s about a group of divers striving to find an underwater treasure when they get involved with the Bahamas’s drug scene and betrayal.

The acting is pretty good and the visuals were great in my opinion. This was the first “diving” movie I saw so I was really impressed with the visuals and the scenery. The plot has its flaws and I’m not sure that I like the ending that much. Though they do throw in some great action sequences and the later part of the movie is really good.

Overall it may not be the best movie out there but I think it’s perfect if you want a movie that lightly touches all its genres and is set in a stunning tropical environment. 8 / 10




This may not be the best move James Cameron made but the visuals were outstanding and seeing it in 3D in 2011 was one of the better movies I saw during that year.

The plot for this adventure film is cave diving. A group of people has found a huge underwater cave that they are to explore. During their diving process much of the cave is destroyed due to flooding. This leaves people trapped and the only way out is to go deeper into the unknown territory.

The acting in the movie was pretty thin since they did not have many lines and there were not that much character depth. The main focus was the visual aspects and the trauma the flooding brought. Unlike many others I actually did not care so much about if the plot was good or bad because I was so focused on the stunning visuals.

I also liked how the movie was a bit unique, sure everyone has seen a movie where someone is stuck inside something but in this movie the whole aspect felt a lot more alive. I suppose not everyone will like it but I thought it was a really good movie and it was one of the most memorable once I saw in 2011. 8 / 10 stars.

Whip It

As her directorial debut in 2009 Drew Barrymore both acted and directed the movie Whip It. I was a bit skeptical since Ellen Page had the lead role but I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot is about a teenage girl who is sick of competing in pageants and doing other things her mother likes. She finally finds something she loves in the unusual sport called roller derby. It catches her attention and in the movie she tries to compete in it against all odds.

The movie sounds really common in one way but they really managed to make it different. This was better than similar movies because the sport has never been done in that way on a movie (not that I have seen at least) and that made it much better than the movies featuring the same story with common sports.

The characters in the movie were mainly good, though I was not to found of the characters that were not in the roller derby. The ones who were in it though were really kick-ass and had bold personalities. The toughness along with the funny scenes made it a great comedy movie.

If you think you have seen the teenager sport story, think again. I’m sure you will appreciate how different it was and even though I did not find the movie perfect it was still one of the most special one I have seen in its theme. 8 / 10 stars

Avatar the last airbender

Before I start my rant I would like to remind you of the fact that this is the animated show from nickelodeon and not the movie adaption of it and it should also not be confused with the movie Avatar. Like I mentioned this is an animated show and it was one of the best shows I saw as a kid since it aired between 2005 and 2008.

The series are about a world where people called benders can control the elements fire, earth, water and air and it’s all set in an Asian inspired theme. The people in this world are living in a pretty much non-technological society where they use bending to make the foundation of the society.

In the beginning of the show we are introduced to a time of war where the fire-benders are attacking the others. Only one person called the avatar can save the world since the avatar is the only one who can control all for elements. The problem is that the avatar has not been seen for 100 years and since bending is much like martial arts and needs to be taught, learnt and developed the fire-benders clearly has an upper hand over the others.

As a kid this show quickly captured me, it had all the things I wanted and it was constantly improving. The best thing about it was that the first season was a bit immature and the three kids occasionally felt way too corny. This kept improving making the characters mature as the seriousness of the ongoing war became more and more obvious as the seasons went along. Therefore the series kind of grew up with me and I still see an episode now and then to entertain myself.

With the comedy and action pact elements the show was perfect for kids. The world with amazing characters with stunning personalities made it one of the best kid shows I ever saw. Cherished worldwide and with an extremely high imdb rating I will definitely recommend it and I hope you find it as entertaining and awesome as I both did and still do.


The animated movie from 1998 was one of the strangest movies I saw as a kid, so I wanted to see it I would still like it. Like the title says the movie is about ants. How can one not love this movie? I bet all kids want to watch something about an insect they hate! So should you expect a disaster since it is about ants? –No, because the movie is actually really lovely.

The plot for this one is about an ant named Z. He does not like his life at all and want to change it around when he falls in love with a princess ant.

Watching the movie as an adult was extremely interesting. I quickly realized what a great movie for kids it really is. It features a titanic like love story with a class system, war and other history and society like terms, oppression in a way how dictatorships work. Therefore I think it’s an absolutely perfect movie for kid’s opportunity to see the real world instead of the falling in love with a prince theme. The best part about it is that it’s made in an animated format they will enjoy.

This movie is also great for adults as they will pick up on the underlying seriousness of the movie and se the difficult society for what it is, but also find more humoristic aspects than the kids. The plot in the movie is perfect and great for the children since it won’t be as serious. This might be one of the most educational yet fun animated movies for kids I have seen and it’s also good for adults, so I’d recommend you give it a shoot. 9 / 10

War Of The Worlds

The time has come; Steven Spielberg has finally disappointed me. Luckily things could have been much worse than this 2005 drama movie.

The plot for the movie is that suddenly a storm comes, which is followed by an alien invasion. During the movie we get to follow a family of three as they try to escape.

The beginning of the movie was pretty good but somewhere along the way it just dropped. The plot brought nothing special and the alien were not always visually likable. The rest of the visuals were pretty good but once again it was nothing special.

Those facts I’ve might been able to live with if the casting had been god. Don’t get me wrong nowadays I really like Dakota Fanning but this was 2005 and her main thing in this movie is being a screaming kid. They also used Tom Cruise which was really bad. He acted badly in this movie and along with Dakota they really brought this movie down.

War Of The Worlds is definitely not the worst movie I have seen but the sometimes really bad visuals and very bad acting made the movie average at best. The only thing saving the movie for me was the ending, since it was pretty open and a bit cliché it could not go wrong.  4 / 10

The House Of The Spirits

The drama movie from 1993 is based on a novel by Isabel Allende. The movie is set during the revolution in Chile and is therefore based on true events even though this movie has a lot of fiction elements in it. During the movie we get to follow a family’s lives during this time era.

Personally I am not a fan of history movie and that rule has only a few exceptions. The good thing about this movie was that there were not that much focus on the history but there were parts of it and therefore it’s probably one of those movies that are good to see for your overall knowledge.

The plot was not unexpected nor my style but because of the history link I would recommend the movie even if I didn’t like it. I will not criticize it more since it’s not really my scene to down grade these types of movies. There is a value in it though so if you like the “based on a true story” along with fictional elements and magic realism I would recommend you to see it and make up your own mind. 3 / 10