The sequel to Lullaby is here and my review will hopefully be better than the last one. I will try to be really brief about the plot so I don’t ruin anything. Gemma and everyone is currently living in a catch 22 situation. There is nowhere to run and there is nowhere to hide because the sirens holds something over all of them. Now they have to try to fight the immortal sirens, but is such a thing really possible.

And now the trilogy is over… WAIT A MINUTE! It was never a trilogy, can you imagine my surprise as Tidal finished in a cliffhanger and I thought the books were over!? Then I turned the pages and I found a “coming soon, the final installment in the series.” Luckily the 4th and final book comes out in just a few days (the 6th of August) and I will throw myself over it directly.

I just had to say all that because I was so shocked to find out that this never was a trilogy. Either way I am glad that there is a sequel to wrap the show up because Tidal was amazing, but there is still more to tell. The story has really picked up and about 90% of the series keeps improving even though I still don’t like Gemma’s sister and I don’t actually like Alex either, the rest of the characters are either good or have gotten better. I have also made my mind up that Thea is my new favorite character, complex and brilliant and exactly what I like.

The last three chapters were amazing and waiting for the sequel after the ending sequel is killing me! Tidal is definitely the best book in the series so far so my hope for Elegy is extremely high. Before I forget it I should probably add that reading the prequel Forgotten Lyrics was really helpful while reading Tidal so read the prequel and then pick up the amazing Tidal. 9 / 10



Here we have it, the sequel to Wake. As the biggest spoiler to Wake already is in the summary for that book and therfore I won´t consider it a spoiler. So Gemma being a siren (mermaid) is not a shock to anyone. The plot for Lullaby is that Gemma had to leave her family and her life behind to join the other sirens and thereby become a monster to protect the once she loves. The problem is that the rest of the family has not really gotten that part as her sister Harper will do anything to get Gemma back.

Bam! I knew Harper would be in the second book as well. It is a shame because I don’t like her nor the chapters from her perspective. Luckily she was not too bad and I got a new character that I like instead, namely the siren Thea. Gemma is pretty good as well so Harper is more of a little annoyance than an actual problem. Just like I had predicted the plot picked up and the ending was awesome.

Well this will be really short, but I have already read the sequel and the review of that will appear tomorrow and it will be longer and hopefully better than this one. All I can say is that Amanda Hocking has really managed to create a good thing with her Watersong series. 8 / 10


Weather vise this is the best summer I’ve had in years. Aside from yesterday I don’t think it’s rained anything in a month. The downside with that is that it’s not really the optimal movie watching situation. So week will be mainly book and perhaps a recipe and I might surprise you with Sharknado or / and Man of Steel depending on the weather.

So here we are with the sequel to Delirium by Laure Oliver. Even I loved her story in Before I Fall it feels like the Delirium series is written by a completely different person. Even though both books have been fairly good once I have been reading for a while and finished them. Tough I don’t actually like feel like reading the final installment in the trilogy because then I will have finished a series that I don’t really like, so I will just finish of some other books instead.

Okay, this time Lena has managed to escape the society who banns love. But her new life is not easy and being on the resisting side is not exactly a walk in the park.

Short summary, but it is at least pretty spoiler free. After the first book ended in a cliffhanger I was extremely positive, until I got disappointed. The book is sort of divided into then and now sections that I did not really like that much. The story in this one was not so good either, it was not that exciting and there were not many things I liked about it. I always thought I would love the series but “a society that sees love as a disease and cure people so they become a bit emotionally numbed” does not play out nearly as well as I thought it would.

With a story and characters I don’t really like I won’t be finishing the last book and I will just let the sequel Requiem fade into a black hole somewhere far, far away. 6/10 stars.

Sugar Squares

It’s Friday and there is nothing better than stealing your Grandmother’s recipe in a day like today. So I haven’t made up this recipe myself but it was the first time I made it myself. My grandmother has never really been one for the precise deciliter measurements so that’s why some descriptions are the way they are…

Oven temperature 175˚C Time range: about 15 minutes


125 grams of butter

2 coffee cups of sugar

2 coffee cups of wheat flour

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Icing ingredients:

Icing sugar and

  1. Mix the butter and the sugar first. Then you add everything else and mix properly.
  2. Pour the dough in a buttered pan that has high edges around it. Then let the pan be in the oven in 175˚C for about 15 minutes. You know the cake is done you will notice that the dough does not cling too tightly to the edges of the pan anymore. An advise would be that the smaller the pan is the thicker the cake will get, but if you have big / normal-sized pans I would actually recommending taking all the ingredients and multiply that with 2 since you might not have enough dough to cover a big pan unless you multiply everything…
  3. Once the cake is cold or at least cold enough so it won’t melt the icing away you just mix the icing sugar with some water. How much you need depends on how much icing you want but about 2 deciliters of icing sugar and a tiny dash of water should be enough.  After it has all been mixed properly you put the icing on the cake, top it off with some sprinkles and you later cut the cake into squares.


Short Stories and Novella Reviews

Gosh, I was supposed to have updated this days ago, oh well it is here now. This is the final review of the short stories I have for now. When the next one comes around is nothing I can be sure about because right now there are no short stories that I’m interested in.

Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)

I never really liked Warner in the series but I was hoping that this 111 paged story would change my mind. In this story there is a lot is a lot of foreshadowing to the sequel Unravel me as we dwell in to Warner’s world shortly after Juliette have escaped him. ´

Warner is the character everyone is supposed to love and yet after this book I still don’t. But it was fun to see how he saw things and there were a lot of great things happening in the story. I felt that the length was really good as well since it was not too long but you actually had the time to immerse yourself in the story without it being over in two seconds. Even though it’s a 1.5 story I would actually consider it equally good to read after Unravel Me as it was before because I did not think that having read the sequel before this one mattered at all. 8 / 10

Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong 0.5)

Here we have the prequel to Amanda Hocking’s bestseller. Here we get to see how the mermaid (or siren as the series call them) thingy started. So we get the back-story of the girl who left the other sirens and the girl that Gemma will be replacing in the following sequels.

When I was reading Wake I did not really pay attention to the back-story so I was not that interested while I was reading the first pages of Forgotten Lyrics. But during the later parts of the 60 paged story it improved and the last pages were amazing. Otherwise I can’t say that the hole story managed to make an impression on me, but that ending and the things you discovered during it is something I will remember for quite a while… 8 / 10

Short Stories and Novellas Review

Sorry about not updating this weekend. Today and tomorrow I will do some reviews of novellas connected to the series I am currently reading. This is the first time I have been reading these types of novellas and it was so fun that I finished five of them in the same day.  Now I would like to know if you like these type of reviews so I will be happy if I get some feedback in the comments.

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story (Divergent 1.5)

Veronica Roth is back with a tiny, tiny story. Well the title is pretty self-explanatory but Tobias tells the story from his point of view. It is all set in Chapter 13 of Divergent and it is only 13 pages long. So it all takes place in the knife throwing scene that happens during Divergent.

My thoughts: This was so short that there is not much to think about it. Tobias is one of the few guys I like in the book after hating pretty much every guy in the most famous series and books, like Twilight where I hate both guys and the same goes for Matched trilogy and Vampire Diaries. But I like Tobias and therefore I really liked this story even if we don’t get to know a lot it was still really good. But it is after all only 13 pages and if you don’t like Tobias I would skip this novella is I was you. 9 / 10

Glitchless (Lunar Chronicles 0.5)

Marissa Mayer sort of disappointed me with Scarlet, so I was glad to read the prequel to Cinder to see how it all started. With 32 pages we get to see how it was for Cinder as a newly made cyborg with no memories. We also got to see how she first ended up with her new family and how that quickly ended in a tragedy.

My thoughts: It’s great to have Cinder back and to see how the awesome character that I adore started out. It was a great prequel and I wished that I could have kept on reading it forever. It was interesting to see her figure out her new cyborg gifts and how her and her sister Peony had a great connection from the start. So if you like Cinder I would consider this a must read for you. 10 / 10

The Queen’s Army (Lunar Chronicles 1.5)

This is the 1.5 part of the series but I honestly thought it was a great read after you had finished Scarlet (book 2). Thereby the things happening in the second book were more surprising. In the 1.5 you will get to follow a kid who gets thrown into the queen’s army. There we get to see him train and fight for his life until he is good enough to please the queen.

My thoughts: I did not really like the new characters that appeared in Scarlet so it was great to get an insight into one of them and now I really like him. In Scarlet he is known as the street fighter I didn’t like at all. But now he is an awesome character after having heard his background story. I was not to pleased with the beginning but towards the end I really liked the 18 paged story and it’s great that I now like the character as he will return in the sequels. 9 / 10

Unravel Me

And the project to finish of some of the book series I have started continues. So next week there will be a lot of novella reviews that are connected to the series I’ve been reading and I will bunch them together so you will get 2 – 3 mini reviews. I will also start some new series as well.

After Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me comes Unravel me and as the first book was stunning I expected to be equally amazed here. That was not really the case but it is still a great dystopian series. Without ruining the plot for the first book I will explain the plot for the second book very briefly: Juliette got what she wanted and now it is time for revenge. But good and evil is not always so simple and who can someone who has spent her life ostracized really trust.

This was not what I had expected, I had wanted the “let’s start a war and kick some a**!” This was not what happened, instead the book felt like a build up to the next one. I did not like what happened in the romance aspect and the major issue for me in this book was the character Warner.

He was never a character I liked and he took a lot of space in the book. In the end I realized that I had to try to be indifferent about him. But I still don’t like the twist he gave the book and I still don’t like him. Luckily Warner is supposed to be the “special” complex character in the book that everyone loves and most people will probably like that a lot. It just didn’t cut it for me.

Everything else was good and all the things I liked in Shatter Me still appear here. The major problem is that the plot is just a buildup. But it looks like everything I wanted to go down in this book will happened in the next one so I keep my hopes up. 8 / 10