The Walking Dead

The post-apocalyptic horror show started airing in 2010 and has become very popular. The third season recently started airing so I figured it would be a good time to review the first two seasons. The seasons all have less than 15 episodes and the first season only has 6. This is a refreshing concept and they used their timespan wisely. Another upside with this is that you don’t have to devote too much time to be able to see all seasons. The main plots for all seasons are to try to stay alive during the zombie invasions in a society where almost all humans and animals have been wiped out.

Season 1:

In season one you get directly thrown into the action where you get to see the main character get shot. After a trip to the hospital the character named Rick wakes up into a world where he is the last man standing.  The plot for that season is for Rick to stay alive and find more survivor’s.

The first season was very action packed and the plot caught you attention from the start. The concept has been done many times but what I like about this show is that you can see character development and the surroundings instead of having the characters screaming “Zombies! What are we going to do?!” In this show you get to see how the world looks after the zombie invasion and it gives you time and reason to adjust yourself to the decisions that are being made.  They also kept the plot in a steady tempo that fitted the 6 episodes and the ending was a perfect cliffhanger.

First season rating: 9 / 10

Season 2:

The second season got a total of 13 episodes and the plot was a bit different than the first season. Rick and the others have to start over and try to find some place to stay. After some issues they eventually find a farm where they settle down. Since I always try to keep my spoilers to a minimum I will skip further information and go back to my opinion.

The second season was twice the length of the first one. This was a major mistake for me because the pace the plot kept slowed down and in the middle of the season most episodes were boring. Instead they decided to focus a bit on the character development in the second season.  I guess that part was could be both good and bad but for me it became a bit to much. What saved the season was that everything happened in the last episode which practically forces you to watch the third season as well.

Season 2 rating: 6 / 10

So far the third season is extremely good so I will be back with a review once it’s finished. I also want to encourage the people who stopped watch the show during the second season to see the final episode and then jump directly into the third season. The Walking Dead is a great show and I would certainly recommend it.



Mirror’s Edge

This first person game came out in 2008. It was developed by EA (Electronic Arts) and Dice. The plot of the game it set in an alternative future where you get to follow a rebel named Faith. Faith gets some different missions that she is supposed to preform and she usually has some unfortunate encounters with the police while she is on the run.  What makes this game special is that it focuses on parkour. You are constantly jumping from roof to roof and vaulting over fences in the game.

The main critique for this game is the trial and error sequences and they are many. It takes very little to instantly fall of a roof and having to start over again. It is incredibly easy to make similar mistakes over and over again and in some places on the game levels you quickly get stuck and the only way to get out is repeating the same thing over and over again until you want to slam your controller into a wall. Luckily it’s a bit easier to play in the beginning and if you devote some time into it I suppose closely to every players can manage to make at least some progress in the game.

The scenery and the visual effects inside the game is beautifully done and the effort the developers put into it is clearly seen. In between the game levels you get to see a short comic book style animated movie on the plot and an insight to why the characters do what they do.

This is one of those games that could be really interesting to watch when they turned into movies. The fact that the game was so different makes it interesting to me and therefore it will get a 7 / 10 from me.

In Time

In Time was definitely a movie suitable for me. You may say whatever you want to say about the main actors but I think they managed to pull their jobs off in a good way. Set in the year of 2169 a genetic modification has stopped humans from aging once they hit 25. On their 25th birthday they develop a ticking clock on their arms that says how much time they have left to live. Once it hits zero you’re instantly dead.

In this future everything money stand for today is replaced by time. You earn time by working and you lose time as it ticks away and also when you do daily things e.g. buying something. The society is divided in to a class system where the rich ones can live forever but the poor ones have to work daily to stay alive.

The protagonist of the movie is a factory worker named Will, who lives with his mother. He is sick of living the poor lifestyle and after a tragedy he finds a 105 year old from the richer parts of the world who offers Will all the time in the world. After that you get to follow Will’s journey in hope to create a better world.

This was a movie that suited me perfectly. The futuristic theme and the way everything was portraid was quite realistic and very interesting to watch. I was impressed with the way they created the different class systems and I loved the time system. The characters were well made and the movie is perfect for watching when you don’t want to figure out the movie by yourself but you still want a good storyline.

I felt that the plot was pretty groundbreaking and In Time was definitely one of the best movies I watched in 2011. 9 / 10


Private Practice

I just recently heard about this spin off. It takes the character Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy once she moves to LA and starts to work in a Private Practice. Unlike grey’s anatomy this show is not set in a typical hospital environment. There are on operation, rooms no scrubs and many other things that you have gotten used to see in grey’s anatomy are non-excitant here. In a way this is more of a diagnostics drama.

I loved the fact that you got to follow Addison’s life in these series since she was my all-time favorite character in grey’s anatomy. Luckily this spin off is very different and the elements that used to annoy me have all been removed.

The show felt like a fresh start with fewer characters and they are also very different from the ones in the grey’s anatomy. Fortunately the spinoff is not directly connected to the original show so you do not need to see the Grey’s Anatomy season to be able to watch private Practice. Though I guess some things could make a bit more since if you watch season 2 – 3 of grey’s anatomy.

The plot for the first season is mainly about Addison trying to adjust to her new life in LA. The season only has 9 episodes so there was not really room for much else but it was fun to follow Addison’s new life and the first season managed to make me believe that the next one will be even better.  9 / 10

Romeo and Juliet (1996)

I have now watched the 1996 version of one of the most famous love stories of all time. Since it’s extremely uncommon that people doesn’t know what it’s about I will be brief. Simply put: There are two families called Montague and Capulet and these families are nemesis. A son from one of the families falls in love with the daughter of the other family. I must also say that it’s originally a play by William Shakespeare, which means that this movie is also done in such fashion. With hopes and expectations I let the movie devour me.

Later on and extremely disappointed I watched the credits roll. The story is not really much complaining about. Unfortunately the way it was portrayed was awful and I almost felt that it was an outrage towards the original concept. Everything about the scenery and the filming locations was extremely unrealistic. The buildings looked like fake stage props and the same goes for so many other props they used. Even the cars looked like two plastic rectangles when you first laid your eyes on them.

The way it was filmed was really not that great either. The way the weather changes were shot was also done in a poor way. Same goes for the sequences where they pulled you with a big jerk and snatched you directly out of a scene and even faster into another one. The characters were sometimes dressed so ridiculously that it wasn’t even funny anymore. It left you confused and kind of disgusted. I was not a fan of the poem like lines that were used consistently throughout the movie either.

To say that this movie was a big disappointment would definitely not be the exaggeration of the year. I would definitely not recommend this version of Romeo and Juliet unless it was April fool’s day. 2 / 10


Soft Gingerbread Cake With Lime

Oven temperature: 175°C – 200°C.

Some sort of electric whisker would be advised to use.

Time flies by and Christmas is coming up soon. So I decided to introduce the western worldly famous gingerbread cookies. Only in Sweden we sometimes also make them in a cake format. I decided to do just that and add some lime into it.


3 eggs

3 dl sugar

3 dl wheat flour

2 teaspoons of minced carnations

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of baking soda / baking powder

1 dl boiled water

1 ½ – 2 teaspoons of pressed lime juice

  1. Grease a baking pan with butter and pour some breadcrumbs over the butter. Make sure that the breadcrumbs are widely spread over the grease so that the dough doesn’t attach to the pan. The pan you use should be able to contain about 1½ liters.
  2. Whisk the eggs and the sugar for a few minutes. (the color of the mix should be white when you’re done)
  3. Pour in the other ingredients, the order doesn’t matter.
  4. Whisk the entire dough properly.

    The dough just before it’s been in the oven.

  5. Put it into the oven for 30 – 40 minutes.

The finnished result!

Grey’s Anatomy season 4-8

The 4th season of the American surgeon show began airing in 2007. The main characters has become older and are getting closer and closer to becoming real surgeons as the days pass by. Unfortunately the show is not that good anymore.

They try to create new and exciting scenarios by killing different characters and adding action added sequences, like a shooting drama in the end of season six. They also replaced even more of the characters and giving them wider story’s to make it interesting.

The problem is that I really don’t think it’s working. The characters that I used to like in the beginning are becoming boring and annoying. The wise words in the beginning and end of each episode are now irritating me. Whenever I her them I think “I get it, I know you think you are extra special because you’re surgeons.”

It’s a shame that a show that used to be so great has ended up being so destroyed. Season nine premiered a few weeks ago and if they had not managed to make something so dramatic in the end of season eight I’m not sure if so many people would have stuck around to watch it. I knew that I certainly wouldn’t. So I’d recommend the previous seasons but not these ones because I felt that the show was a sinking ship. 4 / 10