Hello readers, it’s Sunday and I just woke up. This means that the weekend is almost over and I still don’t have any movie updates for you because I fell and got a concussion. It’s a light one but I’m kind of dizzy so there has not really been any time for movies because I also had a BBQ yesterday.

But I am hitting the theater tonight to watch WWZ so you will get a review of that one. Then I have a new recipe in mind that I will make and if it doesn’t fail completely and become discussing you can expect a new cake recipe soon. Today I’m pretty sure I won’t have time to watch a movie but you might get a movie or a cake recipe depending on if I have the time and energy to do it. So the concussion has kept me from writing anything this weekend, but you might get another post today and you will at least have the WWZ review tomorrow.



Tonight I will be going to Croatia for 11 days. I have 7 posts that will be published in the automatic publicizer. The days that won’t be updated are Saturday the 29th, Sunday the 30th, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th. The 7th of July is also the day that I will be home by. Tough I’m not sure if I’ll have a new update ready on the Monday or Tuesday after I have come home. So we’ll see about that.

Otherwise you will not really know that I’m gone since I have posts for all the days I did not mention in the upper paragraph. It will be mainly movies but also a game and a book. All posts will be published at the same time, just in different days. The time will be 8:00 AM in the London time zone, meaning that for the Swedish once will see it at 9:00 AM and so on.

I will be responding to comments and everything once I’m home, so comment as much as you feel like but don’t expect any replies before Monday the 7th.  That being said I’ll see you guys in 11 days, so go out and enjoy the sunshine, for those of you that can at least. For the others I hope you will find something fun to do in poor weather and I’ll see you soon.

/ Regards Analyzemaster  


Okey… I said that you would get the surprise on Monday, but I’m sick and I was bored so here you go! A new wordpress theme, a twitter page, a facebook page and better icons. Creating a facebook page was something I had been planning to do for a while but somehow I could not get myself to do it. I’m not that good at twitter yet but that is a part of the fun, since I’m still learning. It was not really a part of my plan to change the WordPress theme, but my old theme did not allow menus and I thought my widgets were getting a bit too crowded so I ended up changing it.

I still don’t really know if I like my new design or not, perhaps it is because I liked my old one a lot or maybe because everything looks so different. Either way, feedback is always appreciated so give me an input in the comments if you feel like it. The best thing about the new theme in my opinion it the width of the page, that way it might be easier to read what I’m writing.  Unfortunately I will not have time to update tomorrow but that will give you guys more time to tell me what you think.

The advantage for you, as my followers to be able to follow me on twitter and facebook will most likely be that you will be notified on updates easier. You will also be notified on some status updates like a new baking experiment that failed that I would never write about in my blog. The biggest advantage tough I guess would be the accessibility, so anyone can contact me if they feel like it.

Summary of the update:

Facebook page

Twitter page

A new blog e-mail: analyzemaster.wordpress@gmail.com

And a new design.

Hope you like it! 🙂

Ed Stafford Naked and Marooned

It was finally time for a documentary again. It recently aired on Discovery channel and I thought it was a nice concept.

Explorer Ed Stafford will be left abandoned on a deserted island where he will try and survive for 60 days. Mr Stafford is videotaping the entire thing by himself and is completely isolated from the outside world.

Things like this have naturally been done before, but I don’t recall that anyone has been shooting the entire documentary by themselves before. That caught my attention and three hours is not that much so I gave it a go and I liked it. It was really interesting seeing everything shoot by amateur hands. Luckily the cameras were not that shaky and the quality was very good.

It was interesting to see him figuring out how to survive, what not to eat and how to find shelter. It was a good thing that there were only three episodes tough, because a theme like this can become a bit boring to look at if it’s not on your all time favorite concepts list. So the short duration was very fitting.

This is not something that I’d like seeing replicated, but as a shorter documentary series it was pretty great. Not so fitting for a review tough, since there is not that much more to mention about a guy with three cameras, alone on an island. 8 / 10


By the way… they do censure him until he makes a Hawaii skirt out of leaves, haha

Book update

Easter is closing in and I have not had the time to update that much (sorry) and even though I have a lot’s of books and movies I want to write about I obviously have o finish reading or watching them before I can say write about them. In the past couple of days I have not had much time for anything at all and therefore there have been no updates.

So I decided to make a post of what to expect in the future, as the new books I bought have arrived… The only problem is that I have two Swedish books I must finish before Easter ends (school deadline) so you might not get a review of the new books this week. I might publish a review of the Swedish YA books, but I will let you decide that in a poll as they are not translated to English and it might annoy you if you find them interesting but can’t read them. So let me know; comment and vote, I will really appreciate it!


I decided to edit the post and show you the Swedish books as well:  Ett nytt Liv På Köpet (by Emma Granholm) = A new life for free, it’s on the right side. För Bra För Att Dö (by Christina Wahldén) = Too good to die, on the left side of the picture. These books are both about bullying so I bet you can find some similar books in English. The first book is only available in Danish or Swedish and the second one is in Swedish and Norwegian.


These are the three books I brought. I have big expectations for all of them. Otherkin reminds me of a similar shape shifting book I read when I was about nine, so it will be interesting to see if I will like a (hopefully) similar concept as a YA book. I don’t recall ever reading about fairies and I read a good review about Ash that caught my attention. I have found many similar books to A Need So Beautiful but as this was the first one with that kind of storyline I wanted to read A Need So Beautiful before I go after something similar. The covers for the books are pretty different but I like all of them a lot and I hope the inside will match my opinions on the outside.

So, give me your opinions about if I should review the Swedish books, stay tuned and you will eventually find some reviews of some brand new movies and hopefully awesome books!

Sorry and my funny day! :)

I know I said that I would have had a Reached review uploaded today, but sometimes days don’t go as planned. Therefore I will provide you with the story of my day that you might find a bit comical. My new plan will be to upload a movie review tomorrow or on Sunday and you will get the Reached review on Monday, since most of my readers visit my blog during the week days.

Now the fun parts begin.

I never ever no which date it is and today is 22nd of February. Naturally I did not know this…
So I’m all alone in the house and the phone rings. It’s my mother’s friend. Summary of what she said: “I know Ann is at work but since I will be working all day I want you to congratulate her, since it’s her birthday and I will call her if I can.”
So it is my mother’s birthday and I had no clue that it was today! I did totally fake my way through the phone call, by telling her friend that I would forward her message and I tried to appear normal, haha! I should be given an academy award!

This is where things get even worse (or in your case funnier.) I = me and D = dad G = grandma

My father get’s home so I ask him:
I: “Did you know it’s mums birthday?”
D: No I had no idea, but I was calling to check up on your grandma and she said “Isn’t it Ann’s birthday today?” My father was not as good as faking things as me (no academy award for him) and said something like: yeaaahnnnnooo… I don’t know.

D: “So after the conversation with her, I realized that it is her birthday and before that I had no clue either.”
I: “Dou you have a gift?”
D: “No I don’t, how old is she now anyways?”
I: “I don’t know…”
I: “Well obviously don’t so don’t just blame me…”
D: “You don’t have a gift do you?”
I: “No.”

The weird part

In the end we decided to make a cake. We had a limited time since my mother was arriving sooner than we thought. We made the dough and once all the ingredients were added we realized that we did not have enough dough. Drunk as my dad was he starts to crack new eggs into the same dough! I realized that he was too stubborn reason with so I let him move on to making the same dough on top of the dough!

Meanwhile I decided to make some whipped cream with boysenberries in it. I poured up the cream and I realized that there was barely anything left! We did not have much of anything else left so we went with the cream anyways. In the end we ended up with a really ugly cake made from ingredients we almost didn’t have and I had just lighted the last candle on our kitchen table when my mother busted through the door.

My moron to a father…

Sure the cake was ugly but it tasted pretty good, a bit dry due to the lack of whip cream but my mother was happy. I thought that this was great because now my mother never needed to know how clueless we were. My drunken dad obviously forgot about that fact and as we are eating he says “It’s really good we have phones these days, otherwise we would have no idea that it was your birthday today!” My mother does not look entirely happy with this so my father tells her our story and ends on a very subtle note (sarcasm intended) Besides how was I supposed to know that it was you birthday today when you didn’t say anything this morning!”

Perhaps not the best thing to say but my mother was fine with it anyway because she had her cake. This day went from a normal day to a hectic birthday surprise and therefore I apologize for the fact that I have no real update and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my strange day.

The ugly cake!

The ugly cake!

Leibster award!

Today I got my first blog award nomination. I would like to thank What Danielle Did Next for nominating me. The Leibster blog award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers. I will first answer the 11 questions I got and then list the questions for the 11 people I choose to nominate. Therefore you will be spoiled with two blog posts today and learn a bit about how crazy I really am…

The questions I got from: What Danielle Did Next

1.       If you had to live anywhere in the world and never leave where would it be?

–          The never leave part is where it get’s hard, I would say Palau but since I can’t ever leave I guess it will be in Helsingborg (Sweden)

2.       Three things you can’t live without?

–          My imagination, my sight and my friends.

3.       Favorite Book Hero/Heroine?

–          Ping, from the Dragonkeeper trilogy.

4.       What did you want to be when you grew up at age five?

–          I don’t remember much of my childhood at all so I have no clue, tough I do think my mother mentioned something about a baker.

5.       What music do you like?

–          Anything goes, except classical music (have exceptions), jazz and gospel.

6.       What would be written on your tombstone?

–          I don’t really know what tombstones say but I guess I would want the “in memory of beginning” and some nice following words.

7.       What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

–          Avoid fainting… (Low blood pressure…)

8.       What’s your favourite part about blogging?

–          To be able to reflect over the things I write about.

9.       Are you a PC or a Mac?

–          Never had a Mac and I don’t even really know how they work and what is so different about them. So I’ll go with PC familiar and simple.

10.   If your BFF was down in the dumps, what would you do to cheer him/her up?

I have never really dealt with the sad friend scenario, tough I guess I would drag her to my house and figure something out from there…

11.   Do you believe we’re alone in the universe?

–          Firstly one must define universe… Is it the earth, earth and space, personal universe like you and the people surrounding you? Do I even exist? Hard question to answer and since I’m not sure of how I would define the universe yet because I don’t have an answer.

My questions

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. If you could immerse yourself in a different world, from a book, movie, game another person or something similar which world would you choose?
  3. Top three of your favorite worlds in books, movies, TV-shows and games?
  4. Choose three places where you would want to live (town / country / place (e.g. the white house)
  5. Something you appreciate that others don’t seem to appreciate? (E.g. Mondays, people who stops the elevator doors, a color most seem to dislike, personality trait and so on.)
  6. What is you dream profession?
  7. What are you top three favorite animals?
  8. A place you would want to see in real life?
  9. You can pick any time era you want to live in, which one would it be?
  10. If you could invent something what would it be?
  11. You have the option to be the world’s dictator for three weeks. The countries must obey you during that time but no more. What would you change in the world? (E.g. world peace, equality.)

The ones I nominate for the award:

52 Books Project

Hearts, Stars, and Happiness

Forever YA

Ravenous Biblioworm’s Book Spot

William Jepma

Geekery and Books

Kate Ormand

Booky Thoughts and Me 


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Good luck folks! 🙂