Orange Is the New Black

After tones of commercials I finally gave in and decided to watch the TV show. I made the right decision and this comedy and drama show is absolutely fantastic.

We meet Chapman who has been sentenced to prison. We get to follow her life from inside the prison which is nothing like normal life. We also get to see flashbacks of how the convicts’ lives were before they ended up in the institution.

This was genius. Pure originality and I have never seen anything like it. The plot is amazing and the layout with having only thirteen episodes is great. It is a good concept since it’s enough time to figure out if you like the show and not to long for the show to become dull. The characters are incredible and the acting is really good.

The only bad things about the show is that I did not find it extremely entertaining. It is a lot of fun but I don’t exactly burst into a laughter fit every ten minutes when I watch it. The other bad thing is the flashbacks. It is interesting to see but at times I thought it was a bit too much and during the first episodes I found them slightly confusing. Either way this is a show that makes you immerse in it from the start and I will look forward to the second season. 9 / 10


Game of Thrones (season 3)

Summer is coming and most shows are finishing up their seasons, this time it was Game of Thrones turn to finish up the third season. The fantasy show is about noble families battling for power in a fictional world.

I decided to keep the summary short since I’m not good at explaining the plot for this show at all. The show is still equally good as it has been in the previous two seasons. I still don’t like half of the characters of the show bet the ones I like I like a lot. I do think that is what makes the show good; they have a character for everyone. Unfortunately that also means that I loose interest during half of the show since I don’t care about all the characters.

The plot is staying strong and even though I only care about 50% of it the show manages to be interesting enough so that I still want to watch it. I like that it is a fantasy show and it makes the show a lot more entertaining to watch. The big disappointment for me was that the cliffhanger from last season that went pretty much undeveloped in season 3. So far I still find the show to be really good, but it will be interesting to see for how long I will like it, since I only care about half of the show. 8 / 10

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

In October I said that I would return with a review of the ninth season. If you have missed the two previous ones and are interested you can always hit the search bar. As I felt that the show became Titanic during its final moments I postponed watching the season for a while. If you felt the same way I did then I recommend you to think again because now Grey’s Anatomy has finally become good again.

I’ll be brief on the overall plot but the show is about a group of interns training to become surgeons and as time passes they are getting closer and closer to their goal, but mixing a career while having private lives are not always so easy…  After the plane crash it’s time to deal with the aftermath and everyone in the hospital struggles to deal with what happened. As time paces new interns and new people are introduced and it is time for the former interns to advance in their careers, but the hospital have bigger problems than anyone though and those things are not always easy to fix.

Everything has improved everything. Sure there are some characters I miss but the new ones were a great addition. The first episodes were not so interesting but it kept getting better. So I really felt that the plot had improved as well and this time I actually cared about what happened while I was watching the show. Some episodes were actually really funny. They were hilarious and I’m not sure if it’s my bad since of humor or if it really has gotten better, or what do you guys think?

In the end all the improvements that were made actually saved the show and I will definitely be watching the 10th season once it’s out. 8 / 10

The vampire diaries

The series have so far been a major hit and it all started in 2009. With the 4th season finished of recently I thought that I would add a review of this drama and fantasy show.

The main character is Elena who falls for the new guy who has moved into town. She eventually also starts to like his brother and to make things worse both of them are vampires. As the mystery thickens in the town Elena realizes that the only problem in the town is not vampires, but witches, werewolves, ghosts, hybrids, a doppelganger and so much more.

This show has been great! Or it used to be about three years ago. Then something went wrong, but it cannot be all blamed on the show. The problem for me was that I outgrew it and I was no longer a part of the show’s target audience and if you are not a part of the target audience in a show like this then it instantly becomes really bad.

The second problem was that it got repetitive. Elena always seemed to be the exact same character. You already knew what her reaction would be to something before it happened. The other characters eventually took the same path, you have a neurotic person, a typical nice girl who can get really mad and the “good guy” brother and the “bad guy brother.” In the end it all becomes a bit to stereotypical to me.

They did spice things up in the latest season and it was the best one so far. But it did not fix the mediocrity of the previous seasons. In the end the show in itself is pretty good, but not for me… not anymore… 6 / 10

Game of thrones (season 2)

In my review of the first season completely forgot an aspect that may not be so important, but I still like it. Therefore I will quickly mention it before I do anything else. It is the amount of episodes there is in each season. It’s only ten and I like that format since I think that it’s a good range of time to build a plot on and there is no time for the pointless and boring episodes with is really good.

This season the seven kingdoms are at war, well not exactly at war… but I guess you can say that. Intrigues are bigger than ever and the fights are likewise so. The characters get some more depths and the story digs deeper and deeper until it the last episode decides to leave us with a cliffhanger.

Like you can tell my plot summaries for Game of Thrones are not the best and they probably never will be. I figure because the show is divided between vast amounts of characters, some naturally more interesting than others and the main theme of the series do not interest me so much. Therefore it’s hard to explain what actually happened since a lot of the storyline is less important to me.

In the first season I only liked a handful of the characters. This has gotten much better even though I’m not everyone’s biggest fan. A part reason to why the show is so successful is the characters and their different story line if you ask me. The problem with this is that they do not all interest me and I barely want to watch the show when they are showing the storyline of some characters. This makes me feel that about 15 minutes each episode feel a bit useless to me.

The fantasy element is stronger in this season and the character development is a lot better. I liked how they made more characters interesting by personal intrigues and things like that. So what was the best thing about this season? I’d say that it was in a way the ending. I almost felt like the last episode was a bit plain. Then suddenly the biggest plot twist appears, I should have expected it from some foreshadowing, but I did not and therefore it had me shocked. The twist was perfect and the push I need to want to throw myself over the next season.

I still don’t know what makes me like the show but I think the characters I like and the ending scene is are some of the reasons and the fantasy elements of course. I still don’t think that it is the best things I have seen due to the “bad characters” and that it is set in the time era it’s set in. But in the end this season improved and it is closing in to be “as good as everyone says it is”. 8 / 10

Game of thrones (season 1)

The show everyone seems to love. The little I knew (which was pretty much nothing) about the show still made me keep the show on hold. It is not as awesome as everyone says but it is pretty good. So do not postpone it as I did.

Even after seeing the first season I find it hard to explain the plot. I guess one could say that it is a little mix between fantasy in a realistic setting with medieval elements (history is not my thing but its set in the past.) It centers on different families and who has the power and such.

Yep, that was possibly the lousiest description ever and it made the show sound really boring. Well let’s move on to my thoughts instead and see if they can convince you. In the beginning there was only one character I liked, but towards the end I actually started liking a handful of them. I am not such a fan of the actual plot, but the show is different and the characters I like, I really like a lot.

I have never been a fan of things set far back in the past but the fantasy elements and other things creates another feeling and I am actually quite content with the setting. There is not so much suspense and action in the show, sure a lot of people die and there is fighting but I find it hard getting into the action show mood.

Technically this is not a show that I am supposed to like, but I like some characters and the plot around them and which each episode I sense a slight improvement. So for me to like this show it must be really good, not excellent but really good. So give it a shot and we’ll see if I have actually understood why I like it when I return with my review of the second season. 7 / 10

Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday the season finale of the best show for teens I have seen. The show is based from the novels by Sara Sheppard and so far there has been three seasons. The teen drama works a lot with mystery and suspense to capture the viewer’s attention.

The show is about four girls who have lost their friend Allison. In the first episode we see her disappear and one year later mysterious things are happening. The girls get’s threatening text messages about secrets that no one should know about. The text messages are from A, but if she is dead who are threatening the girls? Dramatic events will follow and the girls learn that you can’t trust anyone in their surroundings.

All the; “who threatens who” and “who will be the next victim” to A’s acts remind me of the Saw franchise. Just like A, Jigsaw has all the information and even though it’s mainly psychological threats set into action we see in Pretty Little Liars it gives you the same suspense feeling. This is something that I find extremely important for the show as it would be quite plain without it.

At the end of each episode we also get to see A, or more like A’s hands planning who to attack next, which creates even more suspense and you know what to look out for in the next episode. The four girls are very different characteristic vise and even though you can recognize the characters from other shows they work exceptionally good in a thriller show like this. The background characters are also perfect for adding to the suspense, as you never know which one of them to trust.

The story in itself is also quite unique and I really like it, I have not really been a mystery person but this show really brings out the best from that genre. Sure, not all episodes are perfect but it really is the best teen show I have seen, and surprisingly most critics seem to agree with me. 9 / 10