God I’ am so glad this book was released. It reminded me about a kid book by Swedish author Laura Trenter. That book was about a girl who transformed into a mountain lion and ever since I have been fascinated by “cat shape shifters.” Nina Berry gave me the same elements in Otherkin with a story so packed with events that it was hard to put the book away.

Otherkin was published in 2012 and it’s a young adult book with an awesome main character (Dez) that reminded min about Rose from Vampire Academy. Already on the fifth page (just after you got to know a bit about Dez) we find ourselves in a hostage situation. Dez learns that she is an Otherkin and a feline shape shifter and have to try and escape the Tribunals, shape shifters enemies and then try to come to terms with that she is not who she think she was.

Gosh, the book was awesome! Events after events happened and it felt like you were in the middle of a great action movie. I realize some people might not like that the book was so eventful and they might thing that the book moved a bit too fast. But for me this was a perfect exchange compared to all the books I have been reading in my literature course lately.

The main character was stunning and you just can’t hate her. She is the sort of person who has some guts and has some depth. The romance aspects did not even bother me at all since they were covered under the action and everything else that was going on. It was not a typical love at first sight but more of a Stockholm syndrome affect and psychology vise that works.

I think they set a great base for Othermoon and I will buy it as soon as I can. The shape shifting society seems interesting so far so I have big expectations for the next book. It feels strange to give a book full score but it almost seem as if it was written for me, so this book will be highly recommend and I hope I can get a hold of the next one before the end of this week. 10 / 10

I loved the cover since it showed me exactly the story I wanted to read. But now I thing her back looks a bit strange, but Othermoon has the same theme and it looks even better so I still love the cover.


Beautiful Creatures

I promised you guys some new movies, so her is one of them! It’s a novel adaption from the authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stoh. Unfortunately I have not read the book and I won’t be doing so after watching this movie.

We lay our scene in a small southern town. Ethan keeps having dreams about Lena, his classmate. Eventually he discovers that Lena is not normal and the rumors about her being a spell caster are true. The problem with falling for Lena is that on her sixteenth birthday she will be claimed to the good side or the evil one and together they have to make Lena be claimed to the light side, while having the town as their enemy.

With all the hype this movie had been getting I was immensely disappointed! The story did not connect with me and the characters did not do so either. Most of the characters seemed really fake and created. There was not a single character I liked throughout the entire movie. Combining that with a storyline that never caught my attention and there is a big problem.

I zoned out so much that I doubt I remember the entire movie which is extremely bad. I don’t really know what could have made the movie better but to be watching something for two hours that you want to forget seeing directly afterwards was not what I had planned at all.

I wanted to like the movie, I really did but in the end I felt nothing for it. I suppose I was in the wrong target audience with the completely wrong move. But if you like the book and think it’s a story for you, than go for it because I don’t think there are that many out there who became as disappointed as me. 2 / 10



Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday the season finale of the best show for teens I have seen. The show is based from the novels by Sara Sheppard and so far there has been three seasons. The teen drama works a lot with mystery and suspense to capture the viewer’s attention.

The show is about four girls who have lost their friend Allison. In the first episode we see her disappear and one year later mysterious things are happening. The girls get’s threatening text messages about secrets that no one should know about. The text messages are from A, but if she is dead who are threatening the girls? Dramatic events will follow and the girls learn that you can’t trust anyone in their surroundings.

All the; “who threatens who” and “who will be the next victim” to A’s acts remind me of the Saw franchise. Just like A, Jigsaw has all the information and even though it’s mainly psychological threats set into action we see in Pretty Little Liars it gives you the same suspense feeling. This is something that I find extremely important for the show as it would be quite plain without it.

At the end of each episode we also get to see A, or more like A’s hands planning who to attack next, which creates even more suspense and you know what to look out for in the next episode. The four girls are very different characteristic vise and even though you can recognize the characters from other shows they work exceptionally good in a thriller show like this. The background characters are also perfect for adding to the suspense, as you never know which one of them to trust.

The story in itself is also quite unique and I really like it, I have not really been a mystery person but this show really brings out the best from that genre. Sure, not all episodes are perfect but it really is the best teen show I have seen, and surprisingly most critics seem to agree with me. 9 / 10



I finally finished the last book of the matched series by Ally Condie. If you have missed my reviews of the previous books you will find them here: Matched, Crossed. As always I will try to keep my spoilers light from all previous books and this one tough some things from the past books will appear in my summary.

The chaos is a fact, the society is falling apart and people are deciding sides between the society and the rising. Then the unthinkable happens and a plague hits the dystopian world. Who will live who will die and how can the society be saved before it’s too late and most importantly, what will happened if the plague continues to spread.

I realize that this is not the summary most would give to this book, but I do always focus less on the romance parts and more on the action in itself. Now you might think that the book was a lot better than Crossed. Tough it wasn’t it was better, but not a lot.

There were a bit too much going on in the book. Even though the drastic happenings in the book are not really in your face it got a bit blurry when new things were introduced constantly. This time we got to read the from Cassia, Ky and Xander’s point of view. In the beginning I was not a fan of this since I only like Cassia, but I got used to it towards the end. This was particularly good since a certain thing happens to Cassia which made her point of view a bit less fun to read, tough I still like her as a character a lot.

I cannot really say the same for the plot. The conflict between the society and the rising was not something that I liked and that ruing a big part of the plot for me. The plague was a lot more fitting and it kept my interest along with the romance scenes that I thought I would not like. They did keep the romance on a low level like the first book and therefore the triangle drama did not bother me, as I hardly noticed it until the last part of the book.

Even though I may not have liked some parts of the plot and the point of view swaps that much the book got better and better. It did get so good that I was entirely content with the ending, I found it great for the book and it left me with a positive opinion on the book. It may not have been the best plotline for me but in the end the book was very good, tough I do still believe Matched is the best. 7 / 10

The covers for the series still look great; tough I did think that Cassia looks a bit animated and unrealistic in this cover.


Finally I am done with Hunger Games so I decided to start up a new trilogy, written by Rachel Ward. I am not sure if I can place all the genres in the book but my best guess is that it’s a romantic young adult book with drama and a whiff of sci-fi and tragedy.

The book is about 15-year old Jem who has been an outcast her entire life and does not look anyone in the eye. When she does look into someone’s eyes she sees their death date in them and therefore she avoids all personal contact and has never had a friend in her entire life. Until she meets Spider, a strange guy from her class. Suddenly the book takes a sharp turn and the disaster is upon them and against all odds they have to flee from their hometown London.

I liked the idea of the book and the main character was extremely interesting. Her life was unusual fascinating and her thoughts were fun to follow. I can’t really say the same for Spider though. He was fun in the beginning but in the end he got a bit too bubbly and his personality was very excessive. The decisions the two characters made together was sometimes stupid and a bit immature.

The romance parts where not really believable and as I am not a fan of romance I just felt like it was a poorly done addition to the book. Therefore I did feel that the book became a bit worse at the second half and the plot took some turns I did not really like. The epilogue was also not that good but the last sentence did save it. I did like the book but I read the summary and since they change the main character in the next book I am pretty sure that I won’t be reading the sequels, but I would recommend the first book. 7 / 10