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Before I Fall
was such a perfect book that I wanted to read other books that Lauren Oliver had written. Therefore I picked up the dystopian Delirium trilogy even though I was not so interested in it. My plan is still to finish of some series that I have started and now it’s just another series to add to the pile.

Soon Lena will be safe, she will soon get hare vaccine towards “the delirium”. The vaccine will keep her from falling in love and love is seen as a disease by the society. So as long as Lena has gone through the procedure she will be fine, right?

I’m not really sure why many have praised the series, sure it was okay but after reading the complexity Before I Fall contained I had hoped for more. The characters were good, but they did not really go beyond that until the end. I had thought that the plot would be a lot better since I don’t like romance is not really my think I had thought that this would be perfect.

I was not really a fan of the setting they were in either, it was kind of average, it was described in a good way and you completely get it but I had hoped for something more exciting. The book got a lot better towards the ending so I do think that the sequels will be better but so far I am not that impressed. Delirium was good, but that is pretty much where it stops if you exclude the ending which was great. But I did not want a good book! I wanted a great one, so I hope the continuation gives me that. 7 / 10



Mermaids, I did read a series for children about them, but I wanted to try a YA book with them as well. This fantasy book came out last year and it may not be the best book ever, but it was pretty good and I have big hopes for the rest of the Water Song series. Gemma is the perfect girl, she has everything and life always floats her way. But her late night swims leaves her sister Harper worried about her and one day she realizes that she was right to worry. Three strange tourists seem to want something from Gemma, something that will change her life forever.

This is one of those books that is really good, but never really goes beyond that. The major reason to why I like the book as much as I did is the ending, since it hints about a very different plot, or perhaps were the real story begins. Gemma was a good character, she is one of those characters that you don’t love but you have nothing against them at the same time.

Her sister Harper on the other hand is a different story. She was just above descent, and the ending suggested that we will be seeing more from her, which I’m not a fan of. She was just one of those characters you have seen before, the responsible one who takes care of everything and doesn’t really have a life of her own. Even though it was a well written story it never really peaked until the last pages and the characters did not make up for that. Luckily I’m still dying for the continuation so I will be picking that one up soon. 7/10


Just as I promised here is the review of the sequel to Cinder and the second book in the Lunar Chronicles. This time it’s not only a fairytale retelling of Cinderella, but also the red riding hood like the cover suggests.  As always I will try my best to avoid spoilers, but since it’s the second book it might be a bit harder.

In this book we meet Scarlet, a girl from France who’s on a mission to find her missing grandma. We also get to follow Cinder as she must deal with the consequences of what she learned the last time we saw her. She now needs to figure out which path to take and that somehow all connects back to Scarlet and her grandmother.

So, we got to met Scarlett. Well I am mostly mad about that, sure she was a well written character, but we got an abrupt ending in the last book and I wanted to follow Cinder’s story. Cinder is a much better character in every aspect and the whole time I was reading about Scarlet I just wanted to skim through the chapters. Luckily enough Cinder does get about 40 % of the book so it’s not a complete disaster. Sure it does all connect in the end, but I found it to be a bunch of annoying chapters with a plot that was way worse than the first book.

Cinder’s story and awesome character makes up for most of it. We do get some other interesting perspectives as well, namely Emperor Kai and Queen Levenas’.  There were just a few pages but it was fun to read through their eyes and it was certainly a lot better than Scarlet’s story. The book is still very well written and the world is interesting. The ending gave me a lot of promise for the next book. Seeing as the book titles represents persons I still don’t dare to hope to much since there are unfamiliar names on both the future book, which means new characters.

It’s still a good book but it was way worse than Cinder. So now I just hope that the others will be better because I will be picking them up once they are released. Luckily Marissa Mayer has made some short stories connected to the series, so if I can get a hold of them the wait for the upcoming sequels may not be too long. 7 / 10

Review of the previous book:



Hello everyone! I’m finally back and during my trip I finished four books. So you will get some book reviews this week and I will give you the review of the sequel to Cinder tomorrow. Cinder was a book I never really wanted to read, but a librarian convinced me to read it anyways, which was really good since I absolutely loved this book. It came out last year and it’s a fairytale retelling of Cinderella, set in a dystopian society.

Cinder is a cyborg who lives and works as a mechanic in New Beijing. One day the prince drops by asking Cinder to fix his android and then everything in Cinders life changes. The plague hits close to home, turning Cinders life into a mess and it later appears that Cinder may not be just a plain useless cyborg anymore.

Now this is wonderful, a sci-fi book with terrific characters that I absolutely loved. Cinder is amazing and her cyborg qualities make the book fun to read.  The other characters are great as well, the android in Cinders family is a nice addition to the book and I found her entertaining. Prince Kai and Queen Leveana are well written interesting characters as well. I liked the plot a lot and I liked the plot twists. Some of them were slightly predictable, but it did not really bother me since the characters made it fun to read those parts as well.

Everything was pretty perfect in this book, the setting the way they made the romance work so it was not the typical idiotic love at first sight, but more of a “he is a celebrity and I adore him” kind of romance. It does feel kind of strange writing a positive review when I’m not equally happy about the sequel, so I’m going to cut it short and say that Cinder is an amazing book and I would really recommend it. So in the end my skepticism was pretty dumb and I should have read this book sooner. 10 / 10

In the beginning I hated the cover, but it serves its purpose and the foot was implanted quite a few times in the book. Unfortunately I did not get the Cinderella shoe connection until the very end *makes a facepalm*.


This is a Swedish movie that was in the theaters about the same time as Les Miserables. (Could it have been in December?) This was the movie many people talked about so I decided it was about time that I would finally see it.

This is a story about the typical rich boy who hits on all the supermodel looking girls. Until he loses his sight and everything gets a new perspective and one day he falls for a girl who is not a supermodel-look-alike and just a normal girl, but he doesn’t know this of course.

For the fist twenty minutes I wanted to throw a baseball bat at my TV. Not only did the opening contain one of the songs I hate the most, it also showed me that the entire movie was going to be a big cliché! I mean I had already guessed it from the plot summary but I did not know it was going to be this bad! I carefully calculated in my head that I would probably get the worst headache ever if I kept hating every second of the movie so I decided to accept that this movie was going to be all about clichés.

Then I started to try and like the movie for what it was and then it got a bit better. This does not help the fact that we have all seen this movie before. But I guess people actually like the movie for that ridiculous love story that I hate so much. Then we have the whole I am a singer aspect that I did not really like either.

In the end this is a typical movie that we have all seen before. Still I have to say that it is pretty well done but this is not the type of movie that will ever be better than average due to the overused concept.  5 / 10



I have been looking into some stories that deal with amnesia so I was happy when I found this book in the library. The author is Cat Patrick, it is a contemporary young adult book and it came out in 2011.

Each night London forgets all her memoires of the previous day. After she wakes up the only memories she has are memories from the future. Therefore she relies on notes she writes before she falls asleep to get through her life. But then things start to change and she experiences bizarre dreams and memories from the future and as they become worse London decides to learn something about her past so it doesn’t destroy her future.

I thought I had read the backpage of this book before I read it but I must have done so very clumsily because I remembered nothing about London being able to see the future, but who knows, maybe I am the one with amnesia. The point was that I was not so impressed with the memories from the future in the book. Nor did I like the latter half of it. The beginning was fine, the character was lovely and I liked the memory notes she wrote every day. It was all very interesting to read about a person in that situation. Unfortunately I thought that it all went downhill when she started to explore her past. The story did not capture me like it had done in the beginning and the ending felt overused.

It’s such a shame because I really liked the beginning of the book and I thought it was going to be great, but now I am just disappointed and there is not really anything else to say about that. 6 / 10

My Summer of Love

This is a little treat for anyone who likes Emily Blunt. It’s a romance movie from 2004 starring Mona (Natalie Press) and Tamsin (Emily Blunt) who and just as the title suggests falls for each other during a summer fling.

This review will be very short because I just saw one hour and twenty minutes of utter weirdness that I can’t really make sense of. This is honestly too strange for me to even try to grasp. Nothing about this movie was normal! The characters and their interaction was all confusing and the relationship was all a big mess… if one could even call it a relationship? There were all these religious things going on in the background that seemed really strange to me. The plot made you disorientated, you could not quite understand the twists and the ending was extremely odd, I did actually like the ending since its so strange and pretty special if you ask me.

For the rest of the movie I don’t know what to say, it was so confusing so I can’t put my opinions together. So now I am curious if you have seen the movie and managed to get what the deal was and if you liked it or disliked it because I still don’t really know for myself. In the end I guess I’ll give it a 4 / 10 for the big mess it caused in my head.