Robot & Frank

Movies that bring something different are always extra nice to watch. Even if they fail you still like them for their originality, I’m glad to say that this movie was anything but a failure.

The movies main character is an old man with severe memory issues, well the word severe is definitely optional but one realizes that there is quite a lot that he does not remember. He lives alone and his kids are always miles away living their own lives. Therefore he gets a robot as company. In the beginning it is against his will, but he realizes that he can teach the robot one of his hobbies; burgling.

What could possibly go wrong, a senior and his robot walking around and stealing things? Even though I believe that it’s firstly a drama movie and secondly a comedy movie it got quite a few mental laughs out of me. It is not a movie that makes you laugh out loud until your eyes are watering but the scenario is extremely comical.

As it is also set in the future it almost instantly becomes likable to me. The movie also felt fairly realistic, there were no flying cars and I felt that the time era was done In a good way. It was quite easy to believe that humanity could be there in some decades.

There were some bad things tough; the daughter in the movie was annoying. That was intended but it still managed to irritate me… I think it was her voice and the way she talked that was the worst part. The second thing was the ending. With an awesome storyline it was a shame that I did not liked the ending. If I divide the ending into two parts I liked the first part, but I did not like the final conclusion. I know why it was there, to avoid the normal cliché but this was the kind of movie where I wanted a standard ending.

In the end it was not perfect, but it’s always fun to see something different, the story is pretty light and I think most can enjoy a movie like this. 8 / 10



Real Steel

Set in 2020, this movie is about a guy who makes his living by making robots fight in boxing matches. When his ex-wife dies he needs to take care of his 11-year old son for 3 months. The kid is not particularly fond of the idea since his father has never really cared for him at all.

The movie has a lot of great moments in it and they really managed to make the plot a bit unpredictable. It has great visual effects and they did a good job with making it not only a family movie but a movie many people can enjoy. It has some drama parts, funny moments, well-made fighting sequences and many feel good moments. Therefore it can be suitable for a lot of people and the acting definitely did not disappoint you.

The only bad thing one can really say about the movie was the ending because it came a bit abrupt. Otherwise it was a strong movie all through and it will get a 9 / 10 from me.