Triple Dog

I’ve said that I would watch some less known movie and here is one of them! If you want to watch the full movie on YouTube you can do so here, but trust me, you don’t want to watch this movie… Triple Dog is a drama movie that came out in 2010. There are no actors in this movie I recognize, except one. So this movie is full of unknown faces unless you watch Pretty Little Liars, because then you will get one familiar face.

This movie is about a group of girls being bored during a sleepover. They therefore decide to play triple dog, which is a truth and dare game without the truth part. The dares are pretty extreme and they also make the girls discover why a girl from their school killed herself.

Like I said this is something you don’t want to watch! I must give the director credit for the idea, but the dares were not really funny. But it could have been a great movie that could have been both fun and dramatic. This was neither. Bad acting and overacting that sends you chills down your spine in a bad way is what I call this movie. The plot was not much to cheer for either and it´s a shame because I had really hoped that the triple dog game would be fun to watch.

The first twenty minutes were pretty much like so many other movies out there and the same went for the ending. The characters were the typical school girls and we got to see a group of teens who don’t really like each other bunched together. Like I previously said this only caused overacting and it all came of very fake. The movie also featured a bunch of flashbacks with was not that necessary and mostly annoying. The thing that saves this one from a zero is two dares that made me crack a smile and the idea of the game. Like I said this is not something that you want to see and if you do see it you have been warned! 3 / 10



Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday the season finale of the best show for teens I have seen. The show is based from the novels by Sara Sheppard and so far there has been three seasons. The teen drama works a lot with mystery and suspense to capture the viewer’s attention.

The show is about four girls who have lost their friend Allison. In the first episode we see her disappear and one year later mysterious things are happening. The girls get’s threatening text messages about secrets that no one should know about. The text messages are from A, but if she is dead who are threatening the girls? Dramatic events will follow and the girls learn that you can’t trust anyone in their surroundings.

All the; “who threatens who” and “who will be the next victim” to A’s acts remind me of the Saw franchise. Just like A, Jigsaw has all the information and even though it’s mainly psychological threats set into action we see in Pretty Little Liars it gives you the same suspense feeling. This is something that I find extremely important for the show as it would be quite plain without it.

At the end of each episode we also get to see A, or more like A’s hands planning who to attack next, which creates even more suspense and you know what to look out for in the next episode. The four girls are very different characteristic vise and even though you can recognize the characters from other shows they work exceptionally good in a thriller show like this. The background characters are also perfect for adding to the suspense, as you never know which one of them to trust.

The story in itself is also quite unique and I really like it, I have not really been a mystery person but this show really brings out the best from that genre. Sure, not all episodes are perfect but it really is the best teen show I have seen, and surprisingly most critics seem to agree with me. 9 / 10