Scary MoVie (5)

Here we have it…. How do I put this in a nice way? The epitome of s**t! I thought that the original scary movie was mildly entertaining. Now they have made five movies of this parody movie franchise and the V in MoVie represents the digit 5.

If anyone has missed it Scary Movie is all about making parodies of well known movies, originally just horror movies. But we see parodies of movies in other genres as well. So it is technical like ten movie parodies in one and the cast are this time familiar faces who play awful stereotypical characters.

I was surprised to see how many celebs that actually joined this movie. This must be some kind of record for the movie franchise. How do you judge the acting skills when the actors are supposed to play characters with poor acting abilities? Well it turns out to be an ocean of badness. As for the plot I must say that it was the worst thing I have seen so far and it was not even remotely funny.

There is one exception. The sex scene? If you can call it one? Well either was Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen brought the only slightly amusing moment of the film for the viewers to see. Let’s now pretend that you have seen the movie. You have pretty much lost all of your intelligence so you might as well stick around for the credits. Then you will get a several minute bloopers. They were a million times funnier than the move but they are in the credits so I won’t include it in my score. Therefore I think this will actually be one of the lowest ratings I have done in a while… 1 / 10 stars.

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)


What to expect when you are expecting

I had heard quite a bit about this movie so I decided to check it out as I had heard that it would be quite funny. It seemed like it would be one of the better romantic comedy movies of 2012. With many famous persons like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison and some actors I would have expected it to be a success. Yet it turned out to be a waste of time.

The movie is basically about five couples who are expecting a baby under weird and twisted conditions. For an example, Cameron Diaz plays the leader of a biggest looser show and Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend in the movie was a guy she fell in love with during a similar show to “Dancing With The Stars.” We also get to see a group of dads walking around with their kids and discussing things.

This movie could have been a good comedy, but it was so cliché that it almost turned out to be an unofficial parody of all similar movies. It was predictable and the script contained boring humor. The plot brought nothing new and the characters were dumb and ridiculous. The only good thing about this movie is that you can actually see that it was shoot through a good camera.

In the end What To Expect When You Are Expecting turned out to be “expect what you think you will expect. 2/ 10

Iron Sky

This 2012 Finnish, Australian and German comedy movie is definitely special. The movie is a mix between comedy and sci-fi but it almost ended up being a parody of The Second World War.

Now you think I’m insane so I will briefly explain what the plot is about. In short Hitler survived and took a bunch of Nazis and an Einstein parody with him to live on the dark side of the moon. Now the year is 2018 and the German Nazis are now planning to continue the war…

Sounds crazy to you? Well it sure did to me. Otherwise the rumors are true because if you are not ready to take on this movie with humor then do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. All the visuals and green screening was good so there is nothing to complain about there. Sadly I can’t say the same for the concept. The first 15 minutes I was going mad wandering what’s wrong with the world! I did lose some intelligence while watching it because many things in the movie where just so tacky.

In a way the movie is a mockery to the history, sometimes it’s fun and other times the things are overacted and made ridiculous, in a bad way… It’s hard to set a grade for this movie but I’ll recommend it if you want to have your mind blown away. If it will be in a good way or a bad one I’ll leave for you to decide. Personally I don’t regret watching it and it’s definitely memorable… in both ways. 6 / 10