Now You See Me

Woho, I finally got to see this crime / mystery movie. It was released this year and even though I don’t really like crime movies this was great. I mainly decided to watch it because of the story and the visuals. I was not disappointed.

Amongst the cast there are many familiar faces, Morgan Freeman is the most famous one out of a few others. The story is about a group of magicians who rob a bank in front of a huge audience. Now it’s up to CIA to solve this strange phenomenon.

The visuals are great, the characters are all likable in one way or another, the plot has originality going for it and the acting is done well. Still it’s not a clear 10 / 10. This is because of the mystery part. I don’t really like movies where the viewer is supposed to solve the puzzle of the movie. It was done really well in this movie, but it is still not my style and towards the middle of the movie I just wanted for things to speed up.

Like many others (Life of Pi and Avatar) this is a movie that I think is partly worth seeing for the visual effects. The difference is that the movies I mentioned are extraordinary and Now You See Me is “just” a great ordinary movie. Still the plot is pretty special if you remove the puzzle solving bits. The problem was the ending. The movie kept building up tension and at the end I was kind of disappointed. I did not foresee the ending at all, but it still felt kind of plain to me. Tough I would say that this is a normal movie with extraordinary parts in it that makes the movie a must see. 8 / 10


Now you see me (trailer)

Firstly I would like to thank all my subscribers for helping me to reach the 100 subscribers mark. But now I will stop my little award speech and move on. We all have days where we want to do a bunch of things an my plan was to give you a nice Friday review of a family movie. Unfortunately I have a bad day and I’m feeling pretty dizzy. So instead I will introduce an upcoming movie to you.

Now You See me was one of the trailers I saw when I want to see Iron Man and I was pleasantly surprised. I had never heard about it and without the trailer I would probably never have seen it. The trailer really blew me away and it seems to be a quite special story about illusionists who robs banks and gives the money to their audience. Many of the actors are recognizable with Morgan Freeman probably being the most famous one. It will hit the theaters in the 31st of May and if you have not heard of it see the trailer, be amazed and I hope you tune in for that cute family movie review tomorrow.