Due Date

I have been awful. Yes I have been absolutely awful at updating lately. Since school started again your priorities change a bit and therefore I have not been able to devote so much time into doing things for my blog as I normally would have. But I hope I can find a rhythm soon again. To have some fun I decided to watch a comedy movie from 2010.

The story is about two insanely different men who after an incident on a plane find themselves on a road trip to make it home together. But will they survive each others company?

I did not expect this. I mean Robert Downey JR is in the movie! I had expected some kind of entertainment. But then, just as I thought this movie was going to be the most boring comedy ever made something happened. It happened so fast. The movie went from more boring than watching paint dry to a fight where I had a hard time keeping my eyes open because I was laughing so much. After that funny moment I felt that the movie never really exceeded from there, but it was now a very enjoyable film. It was entertaining and in the end I had to love it despite the very rocky start.

The plot is sort of perfect for a typical summer movie and it was a great way for me to say goodbye to this summer. The characters give the movie some originality and they are one of the key elements to why I ended up liking the movie. I even liked the ending, which was surprising considering the rollercoaster it had been for me. But the ending was simple yet pleasant. It may not been the best comedy I have seen but if you still have a hard time to say goodbye to summer, this will be perfect for you. 8 / 10


Scary MoVie (5)

Here we have it…. How do I put this in a nice way? The epitome of s**t! I thought that the original scary movie was mildly entertaining. Now they have made five movies of this parody movie franchise and the V in MoVie represents the digit 5.

If anyone has missed it Scary Movie is all about making parodies of well known movies, originally just horror movies. But we see parodies of movies in other genres as well. So it is technical like ten movie parodies in one and the cast are this time familiar faces who play awful stereotypical characters.

I was surprised to see how many celebs that actually joined this movie. This must be some kind of record for the movie franchise. How do you judge the acting skills when the actors are supposed to play characters with poor acting abilities? Well it turns out to be an ocean of badness. As for the plot I must say that it was the worst thing I have seen so far and it was not even remotely funny.

There is one exception. The sex scene? If you can call it one? Well either was Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen brought the only slightly amusing moment of the film for the viewers to see. Let’s now pretend that you have seen the movie. You have pretty much lost all of your intelligence so you might as well stick around for the credits. Then you will get a several minute bloopers. They were a million times funnier than the move but they are in the credits so I won’t include it in my score. Therefore I think this will actually be one of the lowest ratings I have done in a while… 1 / 10 stars.

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)


This is a Swedish movie that was in the theaters about the same time as Les Miserables. (Could it have been in December?) This was the movie many people talked about so I decided it was about time that I would finally see it.

This is a story about the typical rich boy who hits on all the supermodel looking girls. Until he loses his sight and everything gets a new perspective and one day he falls for a girl who is not a supermodel-look-alike and just a normal girl, but he doesn’t know this of course.

For the fist twenty minutes I wanted to throw a baseball bat at my TV. Not only did the opening contain one of the songs I hate the most, it also showed me that the entire movie was going to be a big cliché! I mean I had already guessed it from the plot summary but I did not know it was going to be this bad! I carefully calculated in my head that I would probably get the worst headache ever if I kept hating every second of the movie so I decided to accept that this movie was going to be all about clichés.

Then I started to try and like the movie for what it was and then it got a bit better. This does not help the fact that we have all seen this movie before. But I guess people actually like the movie for that ridiculous love story that I hate so much. Then we have the whole I am a singer aspect that I did not really like either.

In the end this is a typical movie that we have all seen before. Still I have to say that it is pretty well done but this is not the type of movie that will ever be better than average due to the overused concept.  5 / 10


Yes Man

Few can have missed this comedy movie that came out back in 2008. I have seen it quite a few times and I suppose I like it more than most people do.

This movie is all about a negative guy who makes a promise to answer yes to every single question for an entire year. So it’s not surprising that most unexpected things happened and ha huge personality transformation to go with that appears.

The movie might not give me the greatest laugh of all time. This is simply because any movie with Jim Carrey in the tend to go a bit overboard and this is one of them. Sure some moments are hilarious but there are major flaws where everything is just a bit too much. The story however has an originality that I appreciate. Saying yes to everything would cause quite comical situations and I think many wants to know what that is like and therefore the movie has become so popular.

I really do think it is the idea behind the movie that makes it so interesting and the comical situations that arises with it. But most importantly the thought you get afterwards: “Is saying yes to everything something I would want for myself:” It is always fun to see big character development but when the background characters are a bit plain and uninteresting the grade falls a bit.

It is still a fun movie and it is worth watching just for the concept behind it. 8 / 10

X-Men First Class

This was one of the better superhero movies I have seen. I have no clue on why I waited two years to watch it, I suppose I found the story line boring? Luckily the storyline was excellent and I’d say that this is the best x-men movie so far.

In this movie we get to see how it all started. Who were the first mutants and the society’s reaction towards the ones with the super powers? The people the movie focuses on most will be Magneto and Charles Xavier, but many interesting connections to other characters and the cold war will be made.

This movie definitely had the best plot, by making connections to the cold war and going back to old characters the movie was a joy to watch. It was really fascinating to see when the old characters appeared in their younger years and how everything started. It will probably be a worse movie if you have not seen the previous films. Therefore I’d recommend seeing the three first movies before this one (Wolwerine is not really necessary) but I do think that you can like this movie without the previous ones.

The visuals were really good, but I was not always a fan of how Mystique’s transformation looked but other than that everything was fine. I was quite shocked at some of the connections of how it all began. The characters were also good and some of them had more layers than I expected.

This really was the best x-men movie and a great popcorn movie. 8 / 10


I never liked Kirsten Dunst but after seeing her in the awsome movie Upside Down my viewpoint changed. Unfortunately the drama movie Melancholia (2011) ruined it all again.

During a wedding gone wrong things quickly change from depression to a new planet. This planet has been hidden by the sun and now it’s coming closer, closer and closer to colliding with earth.

This was not the plot at all, or well it was in a way but the feeling was completely different. To start of I should mention that the movie is about two hours long. For the first hour nothing happened, and the hour could have easily have been narrowed down to 15 minutes. It was almost pathetic how the characters were in the same place, doing the same uninspiring thing for half the movie. It got a bit better towards the second half but the movie still felt dragged out and boring. This is not supposed to be a feel good movie but I wished that they would have done something.

The main character is mentally unwell and in the beginning I bought it, but the longer I watched the movie the less convincing it became. Why? All the characters were plain, badly acted and the actions the main character did made you feel nothing for her and end up not caring about her at all.

The only thing I did like was the ending. I had been waiting for an ending like his for ages! Ages and when I finally got it, it felt good, tough not good enough to make me like the movie. Still it was the ending I needed to not absolutely despise this movie.

Seriously tough, I do think a lot of people will like this kind of movie. It has a subtle drama, an attempt to create complex characters even though I did not buy it and the plot line is pretty special in some aspects. Still I had expected a different story but the ending and being a movie about marriage but with no happiness was enough to raise my score by two points. 4 / 10


Dorian Gray

English literature classics. As a young girl I was repulsed by all the old literary works, thinking that I’d hate them and find them boring. I still have problems with reading old books but I think it’s a good common knowledge to know the classics so if you don’t want to read them you have to watch them.

Dorian Gray is a typical example of a classic novel set in Victorian London. It has been made in several adaptions but I watched the one from 2009.  It is about a young boy who keeps his exterior un-ageing, but a dark sole taking promise leaves his sole stuck inside a painting, a painting that shows his true side even though his exterior never changes.

I was impressed, I liked the concept and the acting was good. The story was pretty different and most of the characters were very likable. The movie was about two hours and at some moments I thought that the movie was a bit too long. I liked the setting and I thought that the way they portrayed the time era was very convincing.

The only thing I was not so found of was the ending; it was still good but not so unexpected. I also disliked some of Dorian Grays action, you are not supposed to like him but some of the scenes in the movie felt seriously wrong and I almost had to avert my eyes from watching them. Another thing I noticed was that the blood looked very fake in its color and consistency, but that’s one of those things that few movies seem to get right so I’m not really sure of what made it stand out in this movie.

So another classic accomplished watching in movie form and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure it’s a dark movie but I liked it and I’d recommend the version from 2009. 8 / 10