Yes Man

Few can have missed this comedy movie that came out back in 2008. I have seen it quite a few times and I suppose I like it more than most people do.

This movie is all about a negative guy who makes a promise to answer yes to every single question for an entire year. So it’s not surprising that most unexpected things happened and ha huge personality transformation to go with that appears.

The movie might not give me the greatest laugh of all time. This is simply because any movie with Jim Carrey in the tend to go a bit overboard and this is one of them. Sure some moments are hilarious but there are major flaws where everything is just a bit too much. The story however has an originality that I appreciate. Saying yes to everything would cause quite comical situations and I think many wants to know what that is like and therefore the movie has become so popular.

I really do think it is the idea behind the movie that makes it so interesting and the comical situations that arises with it. But most importantly the thought you get afterwards: “Is saying yes to everything something I would want for myself:” It is always fun to see big character development but when the background characters are a bit plain and uninteresting the grade falls a bit.

It is still a fun movie and it is worth watching just for the concept behind it. 8 / 10


We need to talk about Kevin

Some movies are meant to be watched solely upon their topics of interest, they may be very interesting and might make you see things differently. Still not all of them are well done. But this drama movie from 2011 was one of the good ones and I really recommend this movie to everyone.

This movie deals with family matters inside a family where not all is what it seems to be. A strange son manipulates and despises his mother so much it almost drivers her to insanity. But will Kevin only make his mother feel bad? As he grows up he manages to become stranger and stranger until something snaps and his actions are almost surreal…

I admit it, the first twenty minutes was annoying. The flashback was all a blur and I hated that. This is one of those movies where the plot starts a little slow and in the end you understand everything. I do not really like those kind of movies and therefore I hoped some mysterious person would show up and shoot the characters in their heads.

The story is really complex and it was interesting to see the story behind what leads to all those crime documentaries. I never like watching all the happy families with their perfect lives because that is not haw life works. So it was interesting to see the manipulation and the things Kevin did. For some reason I’m not sure I remember the last minute of the movie correctly but it was interesting to se how it all revolve itself in the last section of the movie.

As far as the acting goes I do not really have any comments, it was not great but it was certainly not bad.  Once again I would like to underline that this movie is a great look inside a dysfunctional family gone wrong and even if the beginning may be annoying it is worth watching it. 8 / 10