Iron Man 3 (review)

This review won’t really talk about the plot so much, making it spoiler free and my summary will not give anything away as things are not what they seem to be…

Yesterday was the day! The Iron Man 3 premier! Gosh I am in love, the ones who said the trailer revealed much don’t know what they are talking about! It was perfect, even better than the first one. In fact, the best superhero movie I have ever seen! If you have been hesitant to watch it, don’t be because you will regret it.

This time Iron Man faces the Mandarin a fierce criminal who threatens America beyond anyone would have imagined. Will this be the destruction of Iron Man? Either way prepare yourself for extreme action, a marvelous fight scene, humor, tiny bit of romance or even an “aww” moment that is not romance related!

As I said before this movie was the best superhero movie I have seen so far! Why? Well I will try to explain this as well as I can. If we simply start with the visuals it felt like the camera quality had really improved, using vibrant colors and the action scenes were carried out beautifully. Naturally Jarvis program device looked awesome as well and his voice actor and hilarious ways was spot on.

What was really impressive for me was how the movie made me like characters I did not care for in the other movies. Iron Man’s side kick was not someone I was a fan of in the second movie, but in this one he became awesome and funny. The same with Pepper, she was not someone I cared about that much but in the last part of the movie I had to love her. A long with the woman who I thought was annoying in Melancholia was even great at her role in this movie, so great that her weird voice stopped bothering me.

If you add all this with a perfect balance of the genres this movie took its entire theme up to a new level. Other superhero movies really have to do something extraordinary to try to be as good as this one. The plot was awesome as well and we take a little nostalgic trip in the beginning of the movie with a certain song about being blue… Hehe, I will not say more about the plot but they did a stunning job.

If you became interested in my other Iron Man reviews or perhaps even the one about Melancholia, than hit the search bar and you will find them. Until next time I hope you loved the review! 10 / 10