Game of thrones (season 2)

In my review of the first season completely forgot an aspect that may not be so important, but I still like it. Therefore I will quickly mention it before I do anything else. It is the amount of episodes there is in each season. It’s only ten and I like that format since I think that it’s a good range of time to build a plot on and there is no time for the pointless and boring episodes with is really good.

This season the seven kingdoms are at war, well not exactly at war… but I guess you can say that. Intrigues are bigger than ever and the fights are likewise so. The characters get some more depths and the story digs deeper and deeper until it the last episode decides to leave us with a cliffhanger.

Like you can tell my plot summaries for Game of Thrones are not the best and they probably never will be. I figure because the show is divided between vast amounts of characters, some naturally more interesting than others and the main theme of the series do not interest me so much. Therefore it’s hard to explain what actually happened since a lot of the storyline is less important to me.

In the first season I only liked a handful of the characters. This has gotten much better even though I’m not everyone’s biggest fan. A part reason to why the show is so successful is the characters and their different story line if you ask me. The problem with this is that they do not all interest me and I barely want to watch the show when they are showing the storyline of some characters. This makes me feel that about 15 minutes each episode feel a bit useless to me.

The fantasy element is stronger in this season and the character development is a lot better. I liked how they made more characters interesting by personal intrigues and things like that. So what was the best thing about this season? I’d say that it was in a way the ending. I almost felt like the last episode was a bit plain. Then suddenly the biggest plot twist appears, I should have expected it from some foreshadowing, but I did not and therefore it had me shocked. The twist was perfect and the push I need to want to throw myself over the next season.

I still don’t know what makes me like the show but I think the characters I like and the ending scene is are some of the reasons and the fantasy elements of course. I still don’t think that it is the best things I have seen due to the “bad characters” and that it is set in the time era it’s set in. But in the end this season improved and it is closing in to be “as good as everyone says it is”. 8 / 10