Due Date

I have been awful. Yes I have been absolutely awful at updating lately. Since school started again your priorities change a bit and therefore I have not been able to devote so much time into doing things for my blog as I normally would have. But I hope I can find a rhythm soon again. To have some fun I decided to watch a comedy movie from 2010.

The story is about two insanely different men who after an incident on a plane find themselves on a road trip to make it home together. But will they survive each others company?

I did not expect this. I mean Robert Downey JR is in the movie! I had expected some kind of entertainment. But then, just as I thought this movie was going to be the most boring comedy ever made something happened. It happened so fast. The movie went from more boring than watching paint dry to a fight where I had a hard time keeping my eyes open because I was laughing so much. After that funny moment I felt that the movie never really exceeded from there, but it was now a very enjoyable film. It was entertaining and in the end I had to love it despite the very rocky start.

The plot is sort of perfect for a typical summer movie and it was a great way for me to say goodbye to this summer. The characters give the movie some originality and they are one of the key elements to why I ended up liking the movie. I even liked the ending, which was surprising considering the rollercoaster it had been for me. But the ending was simple yet pleasant. It may not been the best comedy I have seen but if you still have a hard time to say goodbye to summer, this will be perfect for you. 8 / 10


Orange Is the New Black

After tones of commercials I finally gave in and decided to watch the TV show. I made the right decision and this comedy and drama show is absolutely fantastic.

We meet Chapman who has been sentenced to prison. We get to follow her life from inside the prison which is nothing like normal life. We also get to see flashbacks of how the convicts’ lives were before they ended up in the institution.

This was genius. Pure originality and I have never seen anything like it. The plot is amazing and the layout with having only thirteen episodes is great. It is a good concept since it’s enough time to figure out if you like the show and not to long for the show to become dull. The characters are incredible and the acting is really good.

The only bad things about the show is that I did not find it extremely entertaining. It is a lot of fun but I don’t exactly burst into a laughter fit every ten minutes when I watch it. The other bad thing is the flashbacks. It is interesting to see but at times I thought it was a bit too much and during the first episodes I found them slightly confusing. Either way this is a show that makes you immerse in it from the start and I will look forward to the second season. 9 / 10

Openly Straight

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll be really brief today. This ya book was released in March and I thought Bill Konigsberg really thought out of the box with this book. It’s also a humorous book and since I seldom read funny books I thought I would have a blast. The main character is also a guy and it’s extremely rare that I read a book with a guy as the main character.

Rafe is the pretty much in the position every gay kid wants to have. He is accepted, not teased, he has been out for years and he is a role model to many. But Rafe is tired of all this so when he movies across the country Rafe decides to keep his sexuality a secret and not be the gay guy anymore.

This seemed like a fun book with a cool perspective, it had a few ups and it gave me some chuckles. Other than that the book did not impress me. I disliked the characters, it was no way near as funny as I had hoped and the plot sounded a thousand times better than it actually was. In the end the novel has a really great idea and I did not think that the book did that idea any justice. 5 / 10

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This was pretty great. When the movie came out in 2011 I thought it would be a weird badly made ape riot. I was wrong…

After a substance that creates high intelligence is injected into a chimpanzee the apes starts a riot.

Everything about this sounds weird, the plot the title and the fact that they have a bazillion apes in the movie. The thing was that it was not weird at all when you were watching it. I did think that this would be some sort of b-movie but I was impressed with pretty much everything.

The movie had good acting, it had its funny moments, the sad ones too and the plot was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It did get a bit excessive at some points like the talking ape parts but overall this was a really good movie. I would not consider it a perfect movie but it is really good if you bring some popcorn to the couch while watching it. Without the right mood set to watch the movie I would probably give it a 7, but if you start the movie on an optimistic day and watch it to have fun this movie will actually be an 8 / 10.

Yes Man

Few can have missed this comedy movie that came out back in 2008. I have seen it quite a few times and I suppose I like it more than most people do.

This movie is all about a negative guy who makes a promise to answer yes to every single question for an entire year. So it’s not surprising that most unexpected things happened and ha huge personality transformation to go with that appears.

The movie might not give me the greatest laugh of all time. This is simply because any movie with Jim Carrey in the tend to go a bit overboard and this is one of them. Sure some moments are hilarious but there are major flaws where everything is just a bit too much. The story however has an originality that I appreciate. Saying yes to everything would cause quite comical situations and I think many wants to know what that is like and therefore the movie has become so popular.

I really do think it is the idea behind the movie that makes it so interesting and the comical situations that arises with it. But most importantly the thought you get afterwards: “Is saying yes to everything something I would want for myself:” It is always fun to see big character development but when the background characters are a bit plain and uninteresting the grade falls a bit.

It is still a fun movie and it is worth watching just for the concept behind it. 8 / 10

Iron Man 3 (review)

This review won’t really talk about the plot so much, making it spoiler free and my summary will not give anything away as things are not what they seem to be…

Yesterday was the day! The Iron Man 3 premier! Gosh I am in love, the ones who said the trailer revealed much don’t know what they are talking about! It was perfect, even better than the first one. In fact, the best superhero movie I have ever seen! If you have been hesitant to watch it, don’t be because you will regret it.

This time Iron Man faces the Mandarin a fierce criminal who threatens America beyond anyone would have imagined. Will this be the destruction of Iron Man? Either way prepare yourself for extreme action, a marvelous fight scene, humor, tiny bit of romance or even an “aww” moment that is not romance related!

As I said before this movie was the best superhero movie I have seen so far! Why? Well I will try to explain this as well as I can. If we simply start with the visuals it felt like the camera quality had really improved, using vibrant colors and the action scenes were carried out beautifully. Naturally Jarvis program device looked awesome as well and his voice actor and hilarious ways was spot on.

What was really impressive for me was how the movie made me like characters I did not care for in the other movies. Iron Man’s side kick was not someone I was a fan of in the second movie, but in this one he became awesome and funny. The same with Pepper, she was not someone I cared about that much but in the last part of the movie I had to love her. A long with the woman who I thought was annoying in Melancholia was even great at her role in this movie, so great that her weird voice stopped bothering me.

If you add all this with a perfect balance of the genres this movie took its entire theme up to a new level. Other superhero movies really have to do something extraordinary to try to be as good as this one. The plot was awesome as well and we take a little nostalgic trip in the beginning of the movie with a certain song about being blue… Hehe, I will not say more about the plot but they did a stunning job.

If you became interested in my other Iron Man reviews or perhaps even the one about Melancholia, than hit the search bar and you will find them. Until next time I hope you loved the review! 10 / 10

Robot & Frank

Movies that bring something different are always extra nice to watch. Even if they fail you still like them for their originality, I’m glad to say that this movie was anything but a failure.

The movies main character is an old man with severe memory issues, well the word severe is definitely optional but one realizes that there is quite a lot that he does not remember. He lives alone and his kids are always miles away living their own lives. Therefore he gets a robot as company. In the beginning it is against his will, but he realizes that he can teach the robot one of his hobbies; burgling.

What could possibly go wrong, a senior and his robot walking around and stealing things? Even though I believe that it’s firstly a drama movie and secondly a comedy movie it got quite a few mental laughs out of me. It is not a movie that makes you laugh out loud until your eyes are watering but the scenario is extremely comical.

As it is also set in the future it almost instantly becomes likable to me. The movie also felt fairly realistic, there were no flying cars and I felt that the time era was done In a good way. It was quite easy to believe that humanity could be there in some decades.

There were some bad things tough; the daughter in the movie was annoying. That was intended but it still managed to irritate me… I think it was her voice and the way she talked that was the worst part. The second thing was the ending. With an awesome storyline it was a shame that I did not liked the ending. If I divide the ending into two parts I liked the first part, but I did not like the final conclusion. I know why it was there, to avoid the normal cliché but this was the kind of movie where I wanted a standard ending.

In the end it was not perfect, but it’s always fun to see something different, the story is pretty light and I think most can enjoy a movie like this. 8 / 10