The Bling Ring

I’m pretty sure this is the worst cold I have ever had in my life and it’s been going on for nearly two weeks. But it’s not all bad because I got to watch The Bling Ring. I had been looking forward to watching it for months so I was glad that I finally got to do so.

The movie is based on actual events that some teens did. The group of teens is extremely fame obsessed and they start to rob the homes of celebrities’ houses as a hobby.

This may not be worthy of a bunch of trophies but I think it makes a statement while it still manages to be a movie that you watch for fun. It deals with the relevant topic that is obsession in material things. What the movie portrays is a bit of every teens dream. To have money, fame and the feeling that you can do whatever you want. Since it’s a movie they show the extreme sides of this by making the characters rob the houses. So the movie is something you watch for fun, but what you can read out between the lines is actually quite intriguing.

But this is still the movie that is perfect to watch with a chocolate bar and a relaxed mood. The movie is slow at parts and I think it’s perfect to lighten up a rainy Sunday evening. The characters are stereotypical and the acting is not exactly academy award material. But it is fun and I really enjoyed watching it. The only disaster of the movie was the ending. I found it to be pretty horrible and that took down my score with a point. Otherwise this is a fun movie even though it’s not a comedy and the subtext makes a statement. 8 / 10


This Is the End

Here we have what I thought would be the next part movie like Project X… Unfortunately this was all a disaster that nearly led to a mental breakdown on my part…

This was supposed to be a party movie with James Franco, Emma Watson, Rihanna, and basically a bunch of celebrities who are at a party at James Franco’s place. The big plot twist is that during the party the apocalypse arrives.

The trailer looked like a fun party scene movie and it was, the first twenty minutes. I laughed a lot and got my hopes up. After the end of the world began the movie had the biggest downfall I have ever seen in my life. It became a Scary Movie with celebrities acting ridiculous. It was so bad that words can’t explain how awful it really was. Even the ending was extremely horrible and just so strange… So strange that even the re-appearance of a famous little boy band song was not surprising at all.

I would honestly not have been surprised if I would have gotten Rick rolled at the credits. Now the only thing I think is sad is that I actually liked the beginning of the movie… But in the end This Is the End almost was the end, of my mental sanity! 3 / 10

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I’m back and I brought a review of a movie I had big anticipations for. It is based on the same titled novel by Stephen Chbosky and it’s a coming-of-age movie from 2012. The movie gained a lot of hype because of the fact that Emma Watson has one of the major roles in the movie and it’s one of the few movies she is in that aren’t Harry Potter related. Surprisingly I found myself recognizing most of the major cast which made the movie a bit extra fun to watch.

Like I said it’s a coming-of-age movie and it centers on a high school freshmen who is very introverted and ends up befriending two seniors. In the movie we get to follow his development from having a negative view of life and eventually ends up in a strange group of friends. The problem is that the main character is not completely well and therefore we also get to see how his mental health affects the plot a bit.

Seeing so many actors I recognized playing their parts very well made the movie fun to watch. I also liked the Idea of the main character having a bit of a blurry past connected to his mental issues. It made you more attentive on what was going on during the scenes you expected flashbacks, blurriness and otter things to pop up.

Unfortunately this also caused an uncertainness for the viewer as you were sometimes confused when a quick scene would paper and then suddenly end, leaving you wondering if it was all in his head and if it was important for the storyline.

For me the actors saved the movie and the plot was only slightly above good. This was something I did not expect at all so I was slightly disappointed.

In the visual aspect there is not much to complain about since everything looked clean. I would recommend the movie because of its potential and its good reviews but not really because of what actually happened in the movie. I also feel that if you do not find book repulsing I think it would be better for you to read the book, even though I have not done so.

In the end the plot was an interesting idea, I liked some parts of it more than others, but by the way the plot was carried out a really promising movie turned out to be not so great after all. 6 / 10