Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This was pretty great. When the movie came out in 2011 I thought it would be a weird badly made ape riot. I was wrong…

After a substance that creates high intelligence is injected into a chimpanzee the apes starts a riot.

Everything about this sounds weird, the plot the title and the fact that they have a bazillion apes in the movie. The thing was that it was not weird at all when you were watching it. I did think that this would be some sort of b-movie but I was impressed with pretty much everything.

The movie had good acting, it had its funny moments, the sad ones too and the plot was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It did get a bit excessive at some points like the talking ape parts but overall this was a really good movie. I would not consider it a perfect movie but it is really good if you bring some popcorn to the couch while watching it. Without the right mood set to watch the movie I would probably give it a 7, but if you start the movie on an optimistic day and watch it to have fun this movie will actually be an 8 / 10.


The Descendants

There are some movies that you just postpone for years and this is one of them. The Descendants is a drama movie that came out in 2011. This is a family drama where a father must deal with the consequences of having his wife injured in a boat accident.

This was not the story I was looking for at all! I felt like this was just a bad drama movie that you could have guessed everything about.  Luckily the movie does have some things that manage to make it unique. One of those things is the soundtrack, the Hawaiian music gives the movie character even though it was not my style.

The second thing was the bitterness of George Clooney’s character. It kind of reminded me of Tony Stark (Iron Man), with its sarcastic humor and some rage moments. It was not as good as Tony Stark but it did keep the movie from being completely horrible.

The plot in the movie was never good and the ending made no statement at all. If I were you I would honestly skip this movie.

World War Z

Yesterday I hit the theaters and I thought I would be watching a well made zombie movie that was slightly scary. I also thought that I would not be impressed with Brad Pit as I have never really seen a movie with him that I liked or remembered. In the end only less than half of those statements were true and this is how the story goes.

After the zombie breakout Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) must resume his work for the UN and try to stop the zombies.

A tiny plot summary, but do you know why that happened? There is not much more to say and we have seen this movie before. It has the same plot that pretty much any war movie have with the typical ending. Another thing that I was not so impresses with was the last part of it. Somewhere during the last 30 minutes the plot speed picked up and it felt hurried and lucky coincidences that are so movie-like happened.

Now you think I hate the movie but I don’t. Everything it was extremely well made, from the acting, to the sound effects to the visuals and there were some aspects that made it feel a bit less like the story you have seen before namely trips outside the States. I was amazed that I found myself liking Brad Pits acting, tough I was disappointed with his on screen family and especially the wife’s character, it was a bit stereotypical and slightly overacted.

This is NOT a scary movie and I have no clue why it’s in the scary section, there were no jumpscares whatsoever and if you can watch the Walking Dead or Zombieland then this will feel like a normal war movie. I also found that the funny moments that these types of movies have in form of sarcastic remarks were never funny. It’s not supposed to be a comedy but I felt that they could have tried to make those moments good.

But so what if you have seen the story before, the movie was really well made and good in many other aspects and therefore I am still widely positive. 8 / 10

Triple Dog

I’ve said that I would watch some less known movie and here is one of them! If you want to watch the full movie on YouTube you can do so here, but trust me, you don’t want to watch this movie… Triple Dog is a drama movie that came out in 2010. There are no actors in this movie I recognize, except one. So this movie is full of unknown faces unless you watch Pretty Little Liars, because then you will get one familiar face.

This movie is about a group of girls being bored during a sleepover. They therefore decide to play triple dog, which is a truth and dare game without the truth part. The dares are pretty extreme and they also make the girls discover why a girl from their school killed herself.

Like I said this is something you don’t want to watch! I must give the director credit for the idea, but the dares were not really funny. But it could have been a great movie that could have been both fun and dramatic. This was neither. Bad acting and overacting that sends you chills down your spine in a bad way is what I call this movie. The plot was not much to cheer for either and it´s a shame because I had really hoped that the triple dog game would be fun to watch.

The first twenty minutes were pretty much like so many other movies out there and the same went for the ending. The characters were the typical school girls and we got to see a group of teens who don’t really like each other bunched together. Like I previously said this only caused overacting and it all came of very fake. The movie also featured a bunch of flashbacks with was not that necessary and mostly annoying. The thing that saves this one from a zero is two dares that made me crack a smile and the idea of the game. Like I said this is not something that you want to see and if you do see it you have been warned! 3 / 10



This is a Swedish movie that was in the theaters about the same time as Les Miserables. (Could it have been in December?) This was the movie many people talked about so I decided it was about time that I would finally see it.

This is a story about the typical rich boy who hits on all the supermodel looking girls. Until he loses his sight and everything gets a new perspective and one day he falls for a girl who is not a supermodel-look-alike and just a normal girl, but he doesn’t know this of course.

For the fist twenty minutes I wanted to throw a baseball bat at my TV. Not only did the opening contain one of the songs I hate the most, it also showed me that the entire movie was going to be a big cliché! I mean I had already guessed it from the plot summary but I did not know it was going to be this bad! I carefully calculated in my head that I would probably get the worst headache ever if I kept hating every second of the movie so I decided to accept that this movie was going to be all about clichés.

Then I started to try and like the movie for what it was and then it got a bit better. This does not help the fact that we have all seen this movie before. But I guess people actually like the movie for that ridiculous love story that I hate so much. Then we have the whole I am a singer aspect that I did not really like either.

In the end this is a typical movie that we have all seen before. Still I have to say that it is pretty well done but this is not the type of movie that will ever be better than average due to the overused concept.  5 / 10



I have been looking into some stories that deal with amnesia so I was happy when I found this book in the library. The author is Cat Patrick, it is a contemporary young adult book and it came out in 2011.

Each night London forgets all her memoires of the previous day. After she wakes up the only memories she has are memories from the future. Therefore she relies on notes she writes before she falls asleep to get through her life. But then things start to change and she experiences bizarre dreams and memories from the future and as they become worse London decides to learn something about her past so it doesn’t destroy her future.

I thought I had read the backpage of this book before I read it but I must have done so very clumsily because I remembered nothing about London being able to see the future, but who knows, maybe I am the one with amnesia. The point was that I was not so impressed with the memories from the future in the book. Nor did I like the latter half of it. The beginning was fine, the character was lovely and I liked the memory notes she wrote every day. It was all very interesting to read about a person in that situation. Unfortunately I thought that it all went downhill when she started to explore her past. The story did not capture me like it had done in the beginning and the ending felt overused.

It’s such a shame because I really liked the beginning of the book and I thought it was going to be great, but now I am just disappointed and there is not really anything else to say about that. 6 / 10

Betrayed at 17

This is a pretty unknown movie that came out in 2011. If you are going to watch the movie I suggest you stay away from the trailer as it reveals every single thing that happens in the movie in about 30 seconds. The movie also features a few seconds of an opening sequence where the director makes a Shakespeare and tells you a lot about the movie in form of some black and white flickering images. This was something that I found really bad, not only did the trailer ruin a lot, the first seconds of the actual movie were ruining things as well and I don’t like knowing everything before watching it.

Therefore I will strive to be better at explaining the plot than the trailer and the spoiler alert in the beginning. This is a very realistic movie following a 17-year-old girl. As she loses her virginity the guy secretly taped the whole thing to brag to his best buddy. Things quickly descend and the video leaks out. Then a dramatic consequence will follow and after that the movie spends it’s time dealing with the aftermath.

This is one of those movies that are good for everyone to see, perhaps not for parents as they might not be too happy about what actually happens to the girl. The message of the movie is strong and the plot occasionally gets really intense. I thought that the movie would become boring after a certain thing happened, but it actually didn’t and I really liked that. The actors are all unknown faces but I thought they did a pretty good job. The characters are stereotypical, but in a realistic way that makes the plot work.

The only bad things were the ending, it was too typical (but most people will probably like it) and I also did not like the setting. The setting works and everything but sometimes I feel that it’s all or nothing from the movie industry in USA. Either we have poor characters succeeding or we have the ridiculously rich once with fancy hoses and fancy cars. For this movie it was the rich community theme we were faced with and I am getting tired of it. That was just a little reflection and now I am kind of wondering if I am the only one feeling this way?

In the end I would say that this is a really good movie with just a few minor setbacks and sometimes that is the best thing about unknown movies because they can easily become a pleasant surprise. 8 / 10