The Bling Ring

I’m pretty sure this is the worst cold I have ever had in my life and it’s been going on for nearly two weeks. But it’s not all bad because I got to watch The Bling Ring. I had been looking forward to watching it for months so I was glad that I finally got to do so.

The movie is based on actual events that some teens did. The group of teens is extremely fame obsessed and they start to rob the homes of celebrities’ houses as a hobby.

This may not be worthy of a bunch of trophies but I think it makes a statement while it still manages to be a movie that you watch for fun. It deals with the relevant topic that is obsession in material things. What the movie portrays is a bit of every teens dream. To have money, fame and the feeling that you can do whatever you want. Since it’s a movie they show the extreme sides of this by making the characters rob the houses. So the movie is something you watch for fun, but what you can read out between the lines is actually quite intriguing.

But this is still the movie that is perfect to watch with a chocolate bar and a relaxed mood. The movie is slow at parts and I think it’s perfect to lighten up a rainy Sunday evening. The characters are stereotypical and the acting is not exactly academy award material. But it is fun and I really enjoyed watching it. The only disaster of the movie was the ending. I found it to be pretty horrible and that took down my score with a point. Otherwise this is a fun movie even though it’s not a comedy and the subtext makes a statement. 8 / 10


Now You See Me

Woho, I finally got to see this crime / mystery movie. It was released this year and even though I don’t really like crime movies this was great. I mainly decided to watch it because of the story and the visuals. I was not disappointed.

Amongst the cast there are many familiar faces, Morgan Freeman is the most famous one out of a few others. The story is about a group of magicians who rob a bank in front of a huge audience. Now it’s up to CIA to solve this strange phenomenon.

The visuals are great, the characters are all likable in one way or another, the plot has originality going for it and the acting is done well. Still it’s not a clear 10 / 10. This is because of the mystery part. I don’t really like movies where the viewer is supposed to solve the puzzle of the movie. It was done really well in this movie, but it is still not my style and towards the middle of the movie I just wanted for things to speed up.

Like many others (Life of Pi and Avatar) this is a movie that I think is partly worth seeing for the visual effects. The difference is that the movies I mentioned are extraordinary and Now You See Me is “just” a great ordinary movie. Still the plot is pretty special if you remove the puzzle solving bits. The problem was the ending. The movie kept building up tension and at the end I was kind of disappointed. I did not foresee the ending at all, but it still felt kind of plain to me. Tough I would say that this is a normal movie with extraordinary parts in it that makes the movie a must see. 8 / 10

We need to talk about Kevin

Some movies are meant to be watched solely upon their topics of interest, they may be very interesting and might make you see things differently. Still not all of them are well done. But this drama movie from 2011 was one of the good ones and I really recommend this movie to everyone.

This movie deals with family matters inside a family where not all is what it seems to be. A strange son manipulates and despises his mother so much it almost drivers her to insanity. But will Kevin only make his mother feel bad? As he grows up he manages to become stranger and stranger until something snaps and his actions are almost surreal…

I admit it, the first twenty minutes was annoying. The flashback was all a blur and I hated that. This is one of those movies where the plot starts a little slow and in the end you understand everything. I do not really like those kind of movies and therefore I hoped some mysterious person would show up and shoot the characters in their heads.

The story is really complex and it was interesting to see the story behind what leads to all those crime documentaries. I never like watching all the happy families with their perfect lives because that is not haw life works. So it was interesting to see the manipulation and the things Kevin did. For some reason I’m not sure I remember the last minute of the movie correctly but it was interesting to se how it all revolve itself in the last section of the movie.

As far as the acting goes I do not really have any comments, it was not great but it was certainly not bad.  Once again I would like to underline that this movie is a great look inside a dysfunctional family gone wrong and even if the beginning may be annoying it is worth watching it. 8 / 10

Fast Five (Fast and furious 5)

Even though they named it fast five; you can’t escape the fact that it’s another fats and furious movie. Honestly I was quite sick of the concept before I even watched the movie, but since the trailer for the sixth movie just came out I realized that I had been postponing the movie way too long.

This time the main characters are “Dom”, Brian and Mia. The movie starts out with Dom being rescued by the other characters. They flee the country and end up in Rio de Janeiro. There they face Federal agents and drug lords that are not entirely happy with them…

You can see that the movie came out in 2011. The visuals are a lot better and clearer this time and the actors are doing their best performance so far in the series. Yet in the beginning I was not so pleased. I felt like I had seen enough of the franchise and it was the same thing all over again but with a different plot.

Luckily I started to change my mind in the middle of the movie. Sure it was the action scenes that were almost too much, the jokes you have heard before, the common fights and the hole I am so proud over my new car thing. It did all feel pretty stupid in the beginning, but once I started to embrace the mindlessness you need to watch the movie and just have fun with what I was actually seeing it became a lot better.

I started to appreciate the movie a lot; the old characters, the main characters and the new characters suddenly became really liked on my part. I also started to like the fact that they were in Brazil as well and the Spanish parts that came with it. I know that they speak Portuguese in Brazil but somehow the second language in the movie turned out to be in Spanish. Luckily I loved that since Spanish is a language I am currently studying. I did not really get why they used actors that spook Spanish instead of Portuguese it was still lovely to listen to.

Overall this was the best fast and furious movie they have made so far. I hope they make something even better in the upcoming movie, but until that one is released you will have to settle for this one. 8 / 10

Wallander (Franchise)

Originally this franchise consists of 26 Swedish movies and there are more in production. In one way the movies are a huge set of series similar to the 007 series but instead of agents and action Wallander features Swedish police men and the genre for this one is crime instead of action. The Swedish movies became very famous in UK so BBC made a TV- – Show adaption of it in the English language.

Even though I have not seen all the episodes I would still recommend them since they have received many awards and the one I saw was very good even though the Swedish ones are better. Whether you choose the movies with subtitles or the TV series this franchise will not disappoint you.

The characters are great and the fit in almost all the genres except horror and sci-fi and some other genres that aren’t sensible for a franchise where the main theme is crime. That is something I really like since they have the drama, the romance, the action and sometimes you will be laughing quite a lot when something ridiculous happens.

When I was younger I thought that only boring 40+ people watches this but I gave it a shot and as it turns out I really liked it. I hope you guys will to when you give the movies or the series a try. Naturally some movies and episodes will be better than others but overall it is a great concept and therefore it will get a pretty high grade. 8 / 10

One of the swedish movies

One of the swedish movies

The english show

The english show