Openly Straight

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll be really brief today. This ya book was released in March and I thought Bill Konigsberg really thought out of the box with this book. It’s also a humorous book and since I seldom read funny books I thought I would have a blast. The main character is also a guy and it’s extremely rare that I read a book with a guy as the main character.

Rafe is the pretty much in the position every gay kid wants to have. He is accepted, not teased, he has been out for years and he is a role model to many. But Rafe is tired of all this so when he movies across the country Rafe decides to keep his sexuality a secret and not be the gay guy anymore.

This seemed like a fun book with a cool perspective, it had a few ups and it gave me some chuckles. Other than that the book did not impress me. I disliked the characters, it was no way near as funny as I had hoped and the plot sounded a thousand times better than it actually was. In the end the novel has a really great idea and I did not think that the book did that idea any justice. 5 / 10