Due Date

I have been awful. Yes I have been absolutely awful at updating lately. Since school started again your priorities change a bit and therefore I have not been able to devote so much time into doing things for my blog as I normally would have. But I hope I can find a rhythm soon again. To have some fun I decided to watch a comedy movie from 2010.

The story is about two insanely different men who after an incident on a plane find themselves on a road trip to make it home together. But will they survive each others company?

I did not expect this. I mean Robert Downey JR is in the movie! I had expected some kind of entertainment. But then, just as I thought this movie was going to be the most boring comedy ever made something happened. It happened so fast. The movie went from more boring than watching paint dry to a fight where I had a hard time keeping my eyes open because I was laughing so much. After that funny moment I felt that the movie never really exceeded from there, but it was now a very enjoyable film. It was entertaining and in the end I had to love it despite the very rocky start.

The plot is sort of perfect for a typical summer movie and it was a great way for me to say goodbye to this summer. The characters give the movie some originality and they are one of the key elements to why I ended up liking the movie. I even liked the ending, which was surprising considering the rollercoaster it had been for me. But the ending was simple yet pleasant. It may not been the best comedy I have seen but if you still have a hard time to say goodbye to summer, this will be perfect for you. 8 / 10


Orange Is the New Black

After tones of commercials I finally gave in and decided to watch the TV show. I made the right decision and this comedy and drama show is absolutely fantastic.

We meet Chapman who has been sentenced to prison. We get to follow her life from inside the prison which is nothing like normal life. We also get to see flashbacks of how the convicts’ lives were before they ended up in the institution.

This was genius. Pure originality and I have never seen anything like it. The plot is amazing and the layout with having only thirteen episodes is great. It is a good concept since it’s enough time to figure out if you like the show and not to long for the show to become dull. The characters are incredible and the acting is really good.

The only bad things about the show is that I did not find it extremely entertaining. It is a lot of fun but I don’t exactly burst into a laughter fit every ten minutes when I watch it. The other bad thing is the flashbacks. It is interesting to see but at times I thought it was a bit too much and during the first episodes I found them slightly confusing. Either way this is a show that makes you immerse in it from the start and I will look forward to the second season. 9 / 10

The Bling Ring

I’m pretty sure this is the worst cold I have ever had in my life and it’s been going on for nearly two weeks. But it’s not all bad because I got to watch The Bling Ring. I had been looking forward to watching it for months so I was glad that I finally got to do so.

The movie is based on actual events that some teens did. The group of teens is extremely fame obsessed and they start to rob the homes of celebrities’ houses as a hobby.

This may not be worthy of a bunch of trophies but I think it makes a statement while it still manages to be a movie that you watch for fun. It deals with the relevant topic that is obsession in material things. What the movie portrays is a bit of every teens dream. To have money, fame and the feeling that you can do whatever you want. Since it’s a movie they show the extreme sides of this by making the characters rob the houses. So the movie is something you watch for fun, but what you can read out between the lines is actually quite intriguing.

But this is still the movie that is perfect to watch with a chocolate bar and a relaxed mood. The movie is slow at parts and I think it’s perfect to lighten up a rainy Sunday evening. The characters are stereotypical and the acting is not exactly academy award material. But it is fun and I really enjoyed watching it. The only disaster of the movie was the ending. I found it to be pretty horrible and that took down my score with a point. Otherwise this is a fun movie even though it’s not a comedy and the subtext makes a statement. 8 / 10

Scary MoVie (5)

Here we have it…. How do I put this in a nice way? The epitome of s**t! I thought that the original scary movie was mildly entertaining. Now they have made five movies of this parody movie franchise and the V in MoVie represents the digit 5.

If anyone has missed it Scary Movie is all about making parodies of well known movies, originally just horror movies. But we see parodies of movies in other genres as well. So it is technical like ten movie parodies in one and the cast are this time familiar faces who play awful stereotypical characters.

I was surprised to see how many celebs that actually joined this movie. This must be some kind of record for the movie franchise. How do you judge the acting skills when the actors are supposed to play characters with poor acting abilities? Well it turns out to be an ocean of badness. As for the plot I must say that it was the worst thing I have seen so far and it was not even remotely funny.

There is one exception. The sex scene? If you can call it one? Well either was Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen brought the only slightly amusing moment of the film for the viewers to see. Let’s now pretend that you have seen the movie. You have pretty much lost all of your intelligence so you might as well stick around for the credits. Then you will get a several minute bloopers. They were a million times funnier than the move but they are in the credits so I won’t include it in my score. Therefore I think this will actually be one of the lowest ratings I have done in a while… 1 / 10 stars.

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)

Sex scene? Or the weirdest gymnastic odd thing I have seen to an epic soundtrack? (The screen capture looks bad, I know, sorry about that.)

Spring Breakers

It’s time for some brand new movies again. This is a drama and a comedy movie (tough most won’t find it funny at all because there is nothing funny about it.) Due to the actors (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) this movie caused a lot of controversy so I was interested to see what all the fuss was about. We also get to see James Franco looking really unlike himself…

The plot is about four girls who go on their spring break. It all is fun to begin with until things start to get uncomfortable and by uncomfortable I mean jail run-ins and a meeting with a special person who makes the dream spring break into the girl’s worst nightmare.

Judged by the trailer I thought this was going to be pretty Project X like, just another party movie. It was, for the first 25% or something like that. Then the movie get’s a lot more complex and it is not a party movie anymore. I found that to be confusing at first and for the first ten minutes I did not like the new twist at all. Then it keeps improving and the movie turns in to a dark and almost sadistic movie since the characters have put themselves in a situation they are not comfortable with at all.

I found the ending to be amazing and after having finished the movie I was actually pretty happy with the plot. The visuals were also very good, we get to see a lot of vibrant neon colors that I liked since they make the movie a little more special. I’m not really sure about the characters other than I think that they match the plot.

Even though the movie could have been really bad due to the twist, it all turned around for the better, it’s not a revolutionary movie but if you were looking for something outstanding when you were watching it you might have been a tad to positive. So over all it was pretty good and you get a different perspective on the party scene when it takes a turn for the worst. 8 / 10

Stick it

Sometimes you come across an unusual movie that is not so well known. This one is a special treat for all gymnasts out there, but others can of course enjoy it as well and the movie also raises an interesting topic concerning all sports that are judged through points. It sound serious but it is more of a chick flick, mostly suited for the younger teens out there and it is a comedy from 2006.

This is about a former gymnast who gets herself into some trouble with the law and is thereafter forced to start up her gymnastics career again. Like the typical rebellious teenager flick she is extremely against this, so against it that she does not want to do it at all, but will she have a choice?

This is not the kind of movie that will win any academy awards, the characters are pretty stereotypical and the comedy is not so great. It has its funny moments but most of the time the comedy aspect fails. The plot is fairly strong, I may not be too happy about the beginning and I don’t see the logic in her being forced to do gymnastics again.

It is however fun to see her reluctantly pic up her training again and it teaches you a thing or two about the commitment an athlete must have. Furthermore the plot develops a bit more and gets some layers when it’s time for a competition.  The ending is pretty standard and there is nothing really revolutionary about it.

So this may not be a groundbreaking movie but I think it’s fun to see people do things I can’t do myself. Whether it’s dancing, gymnastics or some karate I really do like watching it. This is one of those movies you only watch once, during a rainy boring day and you will find it pretty decent. But it’s not a movie you spend weeks planning to watch because if you do disappointment will hit you. 6 / 10

Yes Man

Few can have missed this comedy movie that came out back in 2008. I have seen it quite a few times and I suppose I like it more than most people do.

This movie is all about a negative guy who makes a promise to answer yes to every single question for an entire year. So it’s not surprising that most unexpected things happened and ha huge personality transformation to go with that appears.

The movie might not give me the greatest laugh of all time. This is simply because any movie with Jim Carrey in the tend to go a bit overboard and this is one of them. Sure some moments are hilarious but there are major flaws where everything is just a bit too much. The story however has an originality that I appreciate. Saying yes to everything would cause quite comical situations and I think many wants to know what that is like and therefore the movie has become so popular.

I really do think it is the idea behind the movie that makes it so interesting and the comical situations that arises with it. But most importantly the thought you get afterwards: “Is saying yes to everything something I would want for myself:” It is always fun to see big character development but when the background characters are a bit plain and uninteresting the grade falls a bit.

It is still a fun movie and it is worth watching just for the concept behind it. 8 / 10