Spring Breakers

It’s time for some brand new movies again. This is a drama and a comedy movie (tough most won’t find it funny at all because there is nothing funny about it.) Due to the actors (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) this movie caused a lot of controversy so I was interested to see what all the fuss was about. We also get to see James Franco looking really unlike himself…

The plot is about four girls who go on their spring break. It all is fun to begin with until things start to get uncomfortable and by uncomfortable I mean jail run-ins and a meeting with a special person who makes the dream spring break into the girl’s worst nightmare.

Judged by the trailer I thought this was going to be pretty Project X like, just another party movie. It was, for the first 25% or something like that. Then the movie get’s a lot more complex and it is not a party movie anymore. I found that to be confusing at first and for the first ten minutes I did not like the new twist at all. Then it keeps improving and the movie turns in to a dark and almost sadistic movie since the characters have put themselves in a situation they are not comfortable with at all.

I found the ending to be amazing and after having finished the movie I was actually pretty happy with the plot. The visuals were also very good, we get to see a lot of vibrant neon colors that I liked since they make the movie a little more special. I’m not really sure about the characters other than I think that they match the plot.

Even though the movie could have been really bad due to the twist, it all turned around for the better, it’s not a revolutionary movie but if you were looking for something outstanding when you were watching it you might have been a tad to positive. So over all it was pretty good and you get a different perspective on the party scene when it takes a turn for the worst. 8 / 10


Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday the season finale of the best show for teens I have seen. The show is based from the novels by Sara Sheppard and so far there has been three seasons. The teen drama works a lot with mystery and suspense to capture the viewer’s attention.

The show is about four girls who have lost their friend Allison. In the first episode we see her disappear and one year later mysterious things are happening. The girls get’s threatening text messages about secrets that no one should know about. The text messages are from A, but if she is dead who are threatening the girls? Dramatic events will follow and the girls learn that you can’t trust anyone in their surroundings.

All the; “who threatens who” and “who will be the next victim” to A’s acts remind me of the Saw franchise. Just like A, Jigsaw has all the information and even though it’s mainly psychological threats set into action we see in Pretty Little Liars it gives you the same suspense feeling. This is something that I find extremely important for the show as it would be quite plain without it.

At the end of each episode we also get to see A, or more like A’s hands planning who to attack next, which creates even more suspense and you know what to look out for in the next episode. The four girls are very different characteristic vise and even though you can recognize the characters from other shows they work exceptionally good in a thriller show like this. The background characters are also perfect for adding to the suspense, as you never know which one of them to trust.

The story in itself is also quite unique and I really like it, I have not really been a mystery person but this show really brings out the best from that genre. Sure, not all episodes are perfect but it really is the best teen show I have seen, and surprisingly most critics seem to agree with me. 9 / 10