Robot & Frank

Movies that bring something different are always extra nice to watch. Even if they fail you still like them for their originality, I’m glad to say that this movie was anything but a failure.

The movies main character is an old man with severe memory issues, well the word severe is definitely optional but one realizes that there is quite a lot that he does not remember. He lives alone and his kids are always miles away living their own lives. Therefore he gets a robot as company. In the beginning it is against his will, but he realizes that he can teach the robot one of his hobbies; burgling.

What could possibly go wrong, a senior and his robot walking around and stealing things? Even though I believe that it’s firstly a drama movie and secondly a comedy movie it got quite a few mental laughs out of me. It is not a movie that makes you laugh out loud until your eyes are watering but the scenario is extremely comical.

As it is also set in the future it almost instantly becomes likable to me. The movie also felt fairly realistic, there were no flying cars and I felt that the time era was done In a good way. It was quite easy to believe that humanity could be there in some decades.

There were some bad things tough; the daughter in the movie was annoying. That was intended but it still managed to irritate me… I think it was her voice and the way she talked that was the worst part. The second thing was the ending. With an awesome storyline it was a shame that I did not liked the ending. If I divide the ending into two parts I liked the first part, but I did not like the final conclusion. I know why it was there, to avoid the normal cliché but this was the kind of movie where I wanted a standard ending.

In the end it was not perfect, but it’s always fun to see something different, the story is pretty light and I think most can enjoy a movie like this. 8 / 10



The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I’m back and I brought a review of a movie I had big anticipations for. It is based on the same titled novel by Stephen Chbosky and it’s a coming-of-age movie from 2012. The movie gained a lot of hype because of the fact that Emma Watson has one of the major roles in the movie and it’s one of the few movies she is in that aren’t Harry Potter related. Surprisingly I found myself recognizing most of the major cast which made the movie a bit extra fun to watch.

Like I said it’s a coming-of-age movie and it centers on a high school freshmen who is very introverted and ends up befriending two seniors. In the movie we get to follow his development from having a negative view of life and eventually ends up in a strange group of friends. The problem is that the main character is not completely well and therefore we also get to see how his mental health affects the plot a bit.

Seeing so many actors I recognized playing their parts very well made the movie fun to watch. I also liked the Idea of the main character having a bit of a blurry past connected to his mental issues. It made you more attentive on what was going on during the scenes you expected flashbacks, blurriness and otter things to pop up.

Unfortunately this also caused an uncertainness for the viewer as you were sometimes confused when a quick scene would paper and then suddenly end, leaving you wondering if it was all in his head and if it was important for the storyline.

For me the actors saved the movie and the plot was only slightly above good. This was something I did not expect at all so I was slightly disappointed.

In the visual aspect there is not much to complain about since everything looked clean. I would recommend the movie because of its potential and its good reviews but not really because of what actually happened in the movie. I also feel that if you do not find book repulsing I think it would be better for you to read the book, even though I have not done so.

In the end the plot was an interesting idea, I liked some parts of it more than others, but by the way the plot was carried out a really promising movie turned out to be not so great after all. 6 / 10


Since today is the day that we are all doomed, well according to the Mayans.  Therfore I decided to write about this movie now, even though it came out in 2009.

The movie follows an American family as they try to figure out a way to survive when the entire world is quickly reaches its dooms day.

This movie has received an average rating and I must say that I agree. The plot was decent and the visuals and everything were awesome. It had many funny and interesting characters which brighten up the mood in the movie a lot.

Yet I felt like it sort of backfired. The more time you spent watching it the less believable it felt, especially the ending and the astonishing technology, that were supposed to secretly have been developed over a very short time. To some extent this technology this already existing but with the short time range they had it all felt a bit ridiculous to me that some unrealistic technology were supposed to save the world.

For me the characters and the excellent visuals saved the movie, but the ending were disappointing and predictable. With unlikely events happening along the course the movie it turned out to be just above decent.   6 / 10


This Sci-Fi movie from 2012 is shoot through found footage which I felt contributed to me liking the movie as much as I did. The plot is about three teenagers who develop superpowers. Unlike similar movies they are not interested in being heroes and they do not always get along with each other.

I liked the idea of the different superpowers. The characters were fun to watch since they brought another aspect to the superhero world instead of the strong world saving heroes. I also liked the fact that you got to see their backgrounds a bit, but because of the found footage aspect a lot of it was also hidden and left for you to make up your mind about.

The movie was perhaps not great but I liked the fact that it was a bit different. I loved how the movie was perfect for one of those rainy evenings. 8 / 10

The Amazing Spider-Man

This 2012 movie is a remake of the first spider-man movie, without being too much of a remake. With new actors I was very excited to watch the movie since I dislike some of the characters from the first movie.

The plot sticks mainly to the same things as in spider man but they happened in different ways with different twists.  So you can expect the things you have seen from the original movie:  namely a young boy who develops spider like abilities.

The Amazing Spider-Man was better for me in every aspect for me. The main character vas a lot more badass and way batter than the one in the original movie. This movie had a lot more action and was way funnier, especially in the beginning of the movie. The also focused more on the background in this movie and instead of focusing on photography they focused on science and therefore had a completely different villain.

The only thing I slightly disliked was the ending, but it is also an ending a bit open to interpretations if you wish to have them. The developers took a movie that I slightly liked and when they remade it they managed to add things that were even above my expectations. Therefore I would highly recommend this movie. 9 / 10