Top 3 Worst Movies of 2013

School has just started and I already have a cold. Because of that there has not been that much time of me to do anything so I decided to make a little post about the top 3 worst movies of 2013 so far. There is a special place for these movies in the future and it’s not in heaven… So do you agree or disagree and what are the worst movie you have seen this year?

3. After Earth.

I thought It would be this cool sci-fi movie, but an unbelievably poor plot and Jaden Smith with his bad acting as the main actor made this movie a flop in my mind.

2. Sharknado

The first time I watched it I must have been in a strange mood because I could laugh at how bad it was. Then I forced my friend to watch it with me recently and the second time around it was not so much fun anymore and the poor visuals were awful and not funny at all. Not to mention the horrible plot. It really is a must see because of how bad it actually is…

1. Apocalypse Earth

“The winner takes it all” Is what the ABBA song said. Well this winner does take it all because it is the first movie in months that I have actually turned of because it was so bad. I usually Finnish all kinds of bad movies but this one was so bad that I could not watch more than 15 minutes. Stay away people, stay away!



A horror book with a male protagonist that was released in June this year. We meet Parker who has not been able to sleep for years. How he is still alive is a mystery but he keeps getting weaker and it’s only a matter of time before he dies. Then he finds a way to sleep, but this leads to obsession on his part that is almost similar to a drug addiction. His thoughts blur his memory is failing him and soon enough he don’t know anything at all, or does he?

Confusing ,yes? Well there was a lot going on in the book so many twists and turns that before you could make your mind up on whether you liked or disliked the event a new one came up. The main character is really good and even though the others were okay too, none of them really stood out to me. There is so much going on in the book that it becomes overwhelming at times but in the end I liked the weirdness and how strange everything was. It stood out to me in mostly a positive way.

I found that the setting was really good as well. With so many things happening it was nice to have a solid realistic place that everything happened in. This book is really strange tan extremely unbelievable so I really liked that R.J Johansson kept a normal setting and didn’t throw in some even weirder things.  Tough this is an author I will keep my eyes on and I will be picking up the sequel when it comes out because Insomnia was a really unique book. 8 / 10

Remember Me

Here we have a game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is set in future Paris  (Neo-Paris) and you play as Nilin, a woman with no memories who after escaping a facility must fight to get her memories back. The biggest thing this game got going for it is the originality. The plot very is different tough at times it can get confusing.


The gameplay usually have a great flow. Tough awkward camera angles are a reoccurring annoyance and even though the game is usually clear about where you are supposed to go the camera angles can sometimes make it hard to see these directions. Another thing that is quite of a struggle is the combat, I found it to be pretty hard and even though it looked good it was not so fun to play those sequences. The main reason is because of how much time it took, some boss fights lasted almost 30 minutes and I think that is a bit excessive.

The game does have originality and like I said it is the best thing about the game, the graphics are great, the setting for the game is marvelous and they manage to incorporate many different styles throughout the game. The highlights of the game are defeating the bosses in many different settings and the remixes you do on people’s memories in the game. Remixing a memory is a little bit like Surgeon Simulator except it is in someone’s mind. They look great and they effectively make you know more about the plot.

Memory remixing

So even though the game has its up’s and downs I think it is a must have and the game is a lot of fun, unless you get into that long time consuming fight… 8 / 10


Finally the last book of the Watersong series landed in my mailbox. It took quite a while considering that I ordered the book before the release date (6th of August.) I have no idea how Amanda Hocking’s last book in the series ended up being about 200 pages thicker than the other book but it was awesome. I will not consider the plot summary to be a spoiler since the biggest spoiler is already on the backpage of the first book and that is the fact that Gemma is a siren (mermaid) and she does not like it.

So Elegy is all about the final showdown. Gemma and her sister Harper think that they might have the answer to break the siren curse. But Penn (the siren leader) is as evil as it gets and her plans to have power over everything leads to the ultimate showdown.

The first book was just okay and after it all the books have kept improving and Elegy left the series at its peak. Even though I still don’t like Harper she was out shadowed by all the awesomeness. The plot is the best one so far and I really think the fact that the book was longer than the other ones helped a lot. There were time for so many things to happen but with enough space in between so it did not feel rushed.

Aside from me disliking not liking Harper the rest of the characters were the best they have been so far. We also got to meet a new character who is interesting to say the least… To sum up the amazing showdown Elegy was the best book in the series, greatly written, with a perfect exciting plot and wonderful characters and some of them I will really miss now that it’s all over. 10 / 10

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The Wolverine

I told you I would watch the Wolverine. This time Wolverine is having a personal crisis, he is tired of being how he is, but after a trip to Japan things start to change as he gets stuck in the middle of a fight for power.

I don’t know what it is about the Wolverine movies that always end on a bad note because the last one was pretty bad too. Don’t get me wrong Hugh Jackman is great at his role and the background actors and characters were good as well. The visuals were good but the problem that fails the movie is the plot. It was not up to the standard of the x-Men movies. It was not all bad but the big flaw was that I did not find the plot to be immersive at all.

This meant that I had to force myself into paying attention to the movie at times which is really bad. Not to mention the typical scenes like the dream sequences, we have all seen things like that before, so if they have to be done the standard on the sequences should be pretty high, which they weren’t in this case.

There is not really much more to say, only that this was a disappointment plot vise and if I were you I would wait for the DVD release to spend money on the movie. 7 / 10

A Dance of Shadows

Three books in a row, tough I will give you a game review sometime this week and I think I will watch the Wolverine and perhaps even Elysium this week as well. Until then this is a paranormal book that was released this year and it is almost like Black Swan but a book instead of a movie.

Vanessa get’s accepted into the elite ballet school that her sister went to before she mysteriously disappeared. Vanessa never thinks she can be as good as her sister in ballet, but is she wrong? And will she solve her sister’s disappearance while training at the school seems to do mysterious things to her mind?

This really was Black Swan the book version, well at least towards the ending.  The book did not make a particularly big impression on me. The plot seemed interesting in the beginning, to then blend out and become plain in the middle and to break out in a huge twist towards the end.  I liked the end but it was a bit too strange and a bit too much.

The main character was good, not great but good. All the other characters did not make any impression on me. In the end this book was just average and as interesting as I had originally thought the book would be it turned out to be anything but special and I really doubt I will be picking up the sequel. 5 / 10