Top 3 Worst Movies of 2013

School has just started and I already have a cold. Because of that there has not been that much time of me to do anything so I decided to make a little post about the top 3 worst movies of 2013 so far. There is a special place for these movies in the future and it’s not in heaven… So do you agree or disagree and what are the worst movie you have seen this year?

3. After Earth.

I thought It would be this cool sci-fi movie, but an unbelievably poor plot and Jaden Smith with his bad acting as the main actor made this movie a flop in my mind.

2. Sharknado

The first time I watched it I must have been in a strange mood because I could laugh at how bad it was. Then I forced my friend to watch it with me recently and the second time around it was not so much fun anymore and the poor visuals were awful and not funny at all. Not to mention the horrible plot. It really is a must see because of how bad it actually is…

1. Apocalypse Earth

“The winner takes it all” Is what the ABBA song said. Well this winner does take it all because it is the first movie in months that I have actually turned of because it was so bad. I usually Finnish all kinds of bad movies but this one was so bad that I could not watch more than 15 minutes. Stay away people, stay away!


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