Finally the last book of the Watersong series landed in my mailbox. It took quite a while considering that I ordered the book before the release date (6th of August.) I have no idea how Amanda Hocking’s last book in the series ended up being about 200 pages thicker than the other book but it was awesome. I will not consider the plot summary to be a spoiler since the biggest spoiler is already on the backpage of the first book and that is the fact that Gemma is a siren (mermaid) and she does not like it.

So Elegy is all about the final showdown. Gemma and her sister Harper think that they might have the answer to break the siren curse. But Penn (the siren leader) is as evil as it gets and her plans to have power over everything leads to the ultimate showdown.

The first book was just okay and after it all the books have kept improving and Elegy left the series at its peak. Even though I still don’t like Harper she was out shadowed by all the awesomeness. The plot is the best one so far and I really think the fact that the book was longer than the other ones helped a lot. There were time for so many things to happen but with enough space in between so it did not feel rushed.

Aside from me disliking not liking Harper the rest of the characters were the best they have been so far. We also got to meet a new character who is interesting to say the least… To sum up the amazing showdown Elegy was the best book in the series, greatly written, with a perfect exciting plot and wonderful characters and some of them I will really miss now that it’s all over. 10 / 10

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