The Wolverine

I told you I would watch the Wolverine. This time Wolverine is having a personal crisis, he is tired of being how he is, but after a trip to Japan things start to change as he gets stuck in the middle of a fight for power.

I don’t know what it is about the Wolverine movies that always end on a bad note because the last one was pretty bad too. Don’t get me wrong Hugh Jackman is great at his role and the background actors and characters were good as well. The visuals were good but the problem that fails the movie is the plot. It was not up to the standard of the x-Men movies. It was not all bad but the big flaw was that I did not find the plot to be immersive at all.

This meant that I had to force myself into paying attention to the movie at times which is really bad. Not to mention the typical scenes like the dream sequences, we have all seen things like that before, so if they have to be done the standard on the sequences should be pretty high, which they weren’t in this case.

There is not really much more to say, only that this was a disappointment plot vise and if I were you I would wait for the DVD release to spend money on the movie. 7 / 10


2 comments on “The Wolverine

  1. I saw the trailer and decided to wait till the DVD came out. Looks like I made the right decision 🙂

    • I really think you did a movie night with some friends on a couch would make the movie a lot better. But seeing it on the big screen, I just don’t think it was worth it no matter how hard Hugh Jackman tried to save the movie with his awesomeness. 🙂

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