A Dance of Shadows

Three books in a row, tough I will give you a game review sometime this week and I think I will watch the Wolverine and perhaps even Elysium this week as well. Until then this is a paranormal book that was released this year and it is almost like Black Swan but a book instead of a movie.

Vanessa get’s accepted into the elite ballet school that her sister went to before she mysteriously disappeared. Vanessa never thinks she can be as good as her sister in ballet, but is she wrong? And will she solve her sister’s disappearance while training at the school seems to do mysterious things to her mind?

This really was Black Swan the book version, well at least towards the ending.  The book did not make a particularly big impression on me. The plot seemed interesting in the beginning, to then blend out and become plain in the middle and to break out in a huge twist towards the end.  I liked the end but it was a bit too strange and a bit too much.

The main character was good, not great but good. All the other characters did not make any impression on me. In the end this book was just average and as interesting as I had originally thought the book would be it turned out to be anything but special and I really doubt I will be picking up the sequel. 5 / 10


2 comments on “A Dance of Shadows

  1. Sounds disappointing. I’ve really been interested in this one. I want to read it but something’s holding me back. That said – the cover is gorgeous!

    • The cover lured me in as well. Amazing, roses and dancers what could be better? 🙂 But I the background characters failed me and half of the plot was disappointing. Sure it ended on a high note but if you read it I suggest you borrow it from a friend or hitting a book sale because it was pretty disappointing.

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