This Is the End

Here we have what I thought would be the next part movie like Project X… Unfortunately this was all a disaster that nearly led to a mental breakdown on my part…

This was supposed to be a party movie with James Franco, Emma Watson, Rihanna, and basically a bunch of celebrities who are at a party at James Franco’s place. The big plot twist is that during the party the apocalypse arrives.

The trailer looked like a fun party scene movie and it was, the first twenty minutes. I laughed a lot and got my hopes up. After the end of the world began the movie had the biggest downfall I have ever seen in my life. It became a Scary Movie with celebrities acting ridiculous. It was so bad that words can’t explain how awful it really was. Even the ending was extremely horrible and just so strange… So strange that even the re-appearance of a famous little boy band song was not surprising at all.

I would honestly not have been surprised if I would have gotten Rick rolled at the credits. Now the only thing I think is sad is that I actually liked the beginning of the movie… But in the end This Is the End almost was the end, of my mental sanity! 3 / 10


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