Sometimes you see a movie that is a gripping masterpiece. This is a “based on a true story movie” that was released this year. In the movie we get to follow a young girl as she is being kidnapped and thrown into the brutal world of human trafficking.

I found this movie to be amazing. It was equally heart breaking as it was well made. The portrayal of the world the girl is thrown into is brutal in many aspects. It is not just physical violence but there is so much more. There was also the portrayal of the outside world even if it was only in slight glimpses the thought of how many people involved in everything was horrifying. The acting was well made and the movie had some very interesting characters.

In the end this is one of the best movie I have watched so far during this year and it is definitely a must see. If you want to watch the trailer first I would actually recommend that you stop the trailer after the first 30 seconds because after that I feel like it is giving away to many spoilers. 10 / 10


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