It’s time to raise your glasses for this awesome book that came out last year. Ever thought a little about how much people actually say? Well I certainly do after fishing this book. Chelsea is the popular girl who likes gossiping; one day her flaw to keep her mouth shut causes something horrible. She thereby takes an oath to be silent and she will therefore remain Speechless (could I have a round of applause for my extremely intended title pun please?)

A book where the main character does not have any direct dialogue?! I am flabbergasted! This is so awesome that even I almost became speechless when I heard about it. Just as you can imagine this opens up for a lot of character development and I was not disappointed there. The in tire idea of the the oath to silence is marvelous and I even liked where Chelsea got her idea from in the book.

Hanna Harrington is a genius for writing this. It was so fun to read, the background characters, the character development, the all around reaction to Chelsea oath and what it meant for her, the consequence of her previous gossiping and how you just sat around and wounded when she was actually going to speak again.

That last part was actually the only bad thing about the book. After remaining silent I would have hoped for something slightly better the first time she opened her mouth. But The book was almost too good for me to even notice that. So I would say that Speechless is a must read, so pick up the book to read about the oath to silence. 10 / 10


2 comments on “Speechless

  1. I am always looking for a good read!! Have a great day! Laurie.

  2. Thanks! I really hope yours will be great to. This was a perfect read, so different and the oath to silence idea is amazing. 🙂

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