Keeping You a Secret

In Sweden it is currently Stockholm Pride and therefore I figured that I would match the theme book wise. So here we have it, the LGTB book that most seem to be reading and therefore I thought it might be good… Wrong! Oh well. Keeping You a Secret came out in 2003 and it’s written by Julie Anne Peters. The popular girl Holland and her boyfriend is trying to decide where to go for college. But then CeCe shows up and the romance begins.

Stupid, typical and bad characters sums it all up. The only thing I like about the book is that it is not the typical happy and bubbly story. Tough I have never really liked the “let’s forget about the boyfriend and go for a girl instead” so I was not impressed. Sure it does happened in real life so it is believable, but I did not like how the main character justified everything.

I pretty much disliked all characters except for the two most evil ones, namely the mother and the friend just because they make sure that the typical happy story never happens. The plot was just bland, I did not really care about it and I was not too fond of the author’s way of describing things. The ending was just like the book, it did not work out for me at all even though the later parts of the book were a bit better.  If the word “meh” would be described by a book, it would definitely be this one. 4 / 10


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