Man of Steel

I am surprised, I have pretty much been able to do all the things I wanted to do this week. This will mean some more movie posts this week, or well next week since the week is almost over. But I actually have weekend updates this time that will consist of a movie and a book.

The thing about superman is that I don’t really have to explain what it is about. We have pretty much all seen the concept in one form or another. But it is basically about a kid who came to earth as a child and grew up to have superpowers and once he has reach adulthood the inhabitants of the planet he came from want to destroy earth.

I have never really been such a fan of superman. But this was something else. The movie was extremely well made visually. The sound effects were really good to, along with the acting. Tough there were some background actors that I did not really like that much. As tired as I am of the superman concept this was really well made, so if superman is your thing as this is a must see. 8 / 10


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