Sun Cake

Here is another one of my grandmother’s recipes. The only thing I changed was the butter because I don’t like greasy things. So if you like me take a low fat butter or cut the amount down like I did.

Oven temperature 175˚C  Time range: 25 – 30 minutes


2 eggs (+ 1 albumen)

2 deciliters of sugar

2 deciliters of wheat flour

2 teaspoons of baking soda

1 deciliter of hot water

  1. Whisk the eggs and the butter
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix.
  3. The pan you use to pour the dough in must have high edges and be around 35 centimeters in length and 25 in width. If yours is a lot larger than that you might need to double all ingredients. Now you have two options, one is to grease the pan or you can do what I did and just take a baking paper that covers the pan. After that choice is mad you just pour the dough into the pan and throw it into the lover parts of the oven.

Icing ingredients:

100 grams of butter (I used 50 and it worked since my pan is so small. But even tough 50 were enough it was barely enough so if you want to cut down on the butter I suggest you go with 75 grams.)

1 deciliter of sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

1 egg yolk

1 deciliter of coconut flakes

  1. After the cake is fairly cold (slightly above room temperature) it is time to make the icing. Start by melting the butter and the sugar together until it boils.
  2. Add half of the coconut flakes and the rest of the ingredients. Let the icing cool down a bit before you put it on the cake.
  3. After you have put it on the cake you quickly add the rest of the coconut flakes and then you are done.



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