The sequel to Lullaby is here and my review will hopefully be better than the last one. I will try to be really brief about the plot so I don’t ruin anything. Gemma and everyone is currently living in a catch 22 situation. There is nowhere to run and there is nowhere to hide because the sirens holds something over all of them. Now they have to try to fight the immortal sirens, but is such a thing really possible.

And now the trilogy is over… WAIT A MINUTE! It was never a trilogy, can you imagine my surprise as Tidal finished in a cliffhanger and I thought the books were over!? Then I turned the pages and I found a “coming soon, the final installment in the series.” Luckily the 4th and final book comes out in just a few days (the 6th of August) and I will throw myself over it directly.

I just had to say all that because I was so shocked to find out that this never was a trilogy. Either way I am glad that there is a sequel to wrap the show up because Tidal was amazing, but there is still more to tell. The story has really picked up and about 90% of the series keeps improving even though I still don’t like Gemma’s sister and I don’t actually like Alex either, the rest of the characters are either good or have gotten better. I have also made my mind up that Thea is my new favorite character, complex and brilliant and exactly what I like.

The last three chapters were amazing and waiting for the sequel after the ending sequel is killing me! Tidal is definitely the best book in the series so far so my hope for Elegy is extremely high. Before I forget it I should probably add that reading the prequel Forgotten Lyrics was really helpful while reading Tidal so read the prequel and then pick up the amazing Tidal. 9 / 10


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