Here we have it, the sequel to Wake. As the biggest spoiler to Wake already is in the summary for that book and therfore I won´t consider it a spoiler. So Gemma being a siren (mermaid) is not a shock to anyone. The plot for Lullaby is that Gemma had to leave her family and her life behind to join the other sirens and thereby become a monster to protect the once she loves. The problem is that the rest of the family has not really gotten that part as her sister Harper will do anything to get Gemma back.

Bam! I knew Harper would be in the second book as well. It is a shame because I don’t like her nor the chapters from her perspective. Luckily she was not too bad and I got a new character that I like instead, namely the siren Thea. Gemma is pretty good as well so Harper is more of a little annoyance than an actual problem. Just like I had predicted the plot picked up and the ending was awesome.

Well this will be really short, but I have already read the sequel and the review of that will appear tomorrow and it will be longer and hopefully better than this one. All I can say is that Amanda Hocking has really managed to create a good thing with her Watersong series. 8 / 10


2 comments on “Lullaby

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