Weather vise this is the best summer I’ve had in years. Aside from yesterday I don’t think it’s rained anything in a month. The downside with that is that it’s not really the optimal movie watching situation. So week will be mainly book and perhaps a recipe and I might surprise you with Sharknado or / and Man of Steel depending on the weather.

So here we are with the sequel to Delirium by Laure Oliver. Even I loved her story in Before I Fall it feels like the Delirium series is written by a completely different person. Even though both books have been fairly good once I have been reading for a while and finished them. Tough I don’t actually like feel like reading the final installment in the trilogy because then I will have finished a series that I don’t really like, so I will just finish of some other books instead.

Okay, this time Lena has managed to escape the society who banns love. But her new life is not easy and being on the resisting side is not exactly a walk in the park.

Short summary, but it is at least pretty spoiler free. After the first book ended in a cliffhanger I was extremely positive, until I got disappointed. The book is sort of divided into then and now sections that I did not really like that much. The story in this one was not so good either, it was not that exciting and there were not many things I liked about it. I always thought I would love the series but “a society that sees love as a disease and cure people so they become a bit emotionally numbed” does not play out nearly as well as I thought it would.

With a story and characters I don’t really like I won’t be finishing the last book and I will just let the sequel Requiem fade into a black hole somewhere far, far away. 6/10 stars.


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