Sugar Squares

It’s Friday and there is nothing better than stealing your Grandmother’s recipe in a day like today. So I haven’t made up this recipe myself but it was the first time I made it myself. My grandmother has never really been one for the precise deciliter measurements so that’s why some descriptions are the way they are…

Oven temperature 175˚C Time range: about 15 minutes


125 grams of butter

2 coffee cups of sugar

2 coffee cups of wheat flour

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Icing ingredients:

Icing sugar and

  1. Mix the butter and the sugar first. Then you add everything else and mix properly.
  2. Pour the dough in a buttered pan that has high edges around it. Then let the pan be in the oven in 175˚C for about 15 minutes. You know the cake is done you will notice that the dough does not cling too tightly to the edges of the pan anymore. An advise would be that the smaller the pan is the thicker the cake will get, but if you have big / normal-sized pans I would actually recommending taking all the ingredients and multiply that with 2 since you might not have enough dough to cover a big pan unless you multiply everything…
  3. Once the cake is cold or at least cold enough so it won’t melt the icing away you just mix the icing sugar with some water. How much you need depends on how much icing you want but about 2 deciliters of icing sugar and a tiny dash of water should be enough.  After it has all been mixed properly you put the icing on the cake, top it off with some sprinkles and you later cut the cake into squares.



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