Short Stories and Novella Reviews

Gosh, I was supposed to have updated this days ago, oh well it is here now. This is the final review of the short stories I have for now. When the next one comes around is nothing I can be sure about because right now there are no short stories that I’m interested in.

Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)

I never really liked Warner in the series but I was hoping that this 111 paged story would change my mind. In this story there is a lot is a lot of foreshadowing to the sequel Unravel me as we dwell in to Warner’s world shortly after Juliette have escaped him. ´

Warner is the character everyone is supposed to love and yet after this book I still don’t. But it was fun to see how he saw things and there were a lot of great things happening in the story. I felt that the length was really good as well since it was not too long but you actually had the time to immerse yourself in the story without it being over in two seconds. Even though it’s a 1.5 story I would actually consider it equally good to read after Unravel Me as it was before because I did not think that having read the sequel before this one mattered at all. 8 / 10

Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong 0.5)

Here we have the prequel to Amanda Hocking’s bestseller. Here we get to see how the mermaid (or siren as the series call them) thingy started. So we get the back-story of the girl who left the other sirens and the girl that Gemma will be replacing in the following sequels.

When I was reading Wake I did not really pay attention to the back-story so I was not that interested while I was reading the first pages of Forgotten Lyrics. But during the later parts of the 60 paged story it improved and the last pages were amazing. Otherwise I can’t say that the hole story managed to make an impression on me, but that ending and the things you discovered during it is something I will remember for quite a while… 8 / 10


2 comments on “Short Stories and Novella Reviews

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