Short Stories and Novellas Review

Sorry about not updating this weekend. Today and tomorrow I will do some reviews of novellas connected to the series I am currently reading. This is the first time I have been reading these types of novellas and it was so fun that I finished five of them in the same day.  Now I would like to know if you like these type of reviews so I will be happy if I get some feedback in the comments.

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story (Divergent 1.5)

Veronica Roth is back with a tiny, tiny story. Well the title is pretty self-explanatory but Tobias tells the story from his point of view. It is all set in Chapter 13 of Divergent and it is only 13 pages long. So it all takes place in the knife throwing scene that happens during Divergent.

My thoughts: This was so short that there is not much to think about it. Tobias is one of the few guys I like in the book after hating pretty much every guy in the most famous series and books, like Twilight where I hate both guys and the same goes for Matched trilogy and Vampire Diaries. But I like Tobias and therefore I really liked this story even if we don’t get to know a lot it was still really good. But it is after all only 13 pages and if you don’t like Tobias I would skip this novella is I was you. 9 / 10

Glitchless (Lunar Chronicles 0.5)

Marissa Mayer sort of disappointed me with Scarlet, so I was glad to read the prequel to Cinder to see how it all started. With 32 pages we get to see how it was for Cinder as a newly made cyborg with no memories. We also got to see how she first ended up with her new family and how that quickly ended in a tragedy.

My thoughts: It’s great to have Cinder back and to see how the awesome character that I adore started out. It was a great prequel and I wished that I could have kept on reading it forever. It was interesting to see her figure out her new cyborg gifts and how her and her sister Peony had a great connection from the start. So if you like Cinder I would consider this a must read for you. 10 / 10

The Queen’s Army (Lunar Chronicles 1.5)

This is the 1.5 part of the series but I honestly thought it was a great read after you had finished Scarlet (book 2). Thereby the things happening in the second book were more surprising. In the 1.5 you will get to follow a kid who gets thrown into the queen’s army. There we get to see him train and fight for his life until he is good enough to please the queen.

My thoughts: I did not really like the new characters that appeared in Scarlet so it was great to get an insight into one of them and now I really like him. In Scarlet he is known as the street fighter I didn’t like at all. But now he is an awesome character after having heard his background story. I was not to pleased with the beginning but towards the end I really liked the 18 paged story and it’s great that I now like the character as he will return in the sequels. 9 / 10


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